Check the comments, they might give you some ideas. report. Cookies help us deliver our Services. and anything organic we have very litle choices in organic products. And "what Mexicans want" will again vary from economic group to economic group and from region to region. Taco Bell..........................thanks God!!!!!

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(I've lived here three years as an expat and know that sometimes it is just a matter of time before the product for which you are searching just "turns up"!).

Price is also a consideration, some locals go across the border to buy paper products (Huggies) which are higher in the region. Which one would you like to visit: Brazil or Mexico? edit: Oh and regional shit, like Beaver Nuggets from Buc-ee's. share. I think Urban Outfiters would do well in Mexico City. It seems that home building products are needed by Mexican builders as evidenced by the number of Baja license plates at the Chula Vista Home Depot. Please be serious. That's what makes the US brands fail to take hold in Mexico, like that of the Taco Bell, which charged for a taco at least four what it costs one in Mexico. I want her to be able to try something new, something not sold in Mexico.

I want to send my friend a care package, but I am not sure what kind of candy/snack she already has where she lives. What's the best thing to take out of mexico. I want her to be able to try something new, something not sold in Mexico. hide. There are LOTS of things that are not particularly easy (or cheap) to get in Mexico, so for your paper I will give you one example - vitamins and other diet supplements are virtually unheard of here.

AskMexico. It's just that it may not be there at that moment, or the same brand, or in the place you are living. Because the main problem is the cost of the gringo brands to put a similar setrvicio, a McDonalds in Mexico, normally costs 1/3 of what it costs in the US.

Here in Torreon, the wealthier Mexicans have been thrilled to get three Starbuck's locations! The best way to research this is to find an online forum with a large ex-pat community from the US. | FAQs | ^Mods | Magic ^Words.

My best suggestion is to pick ONE region, ONE economic level, and ONE product group and then do some investigation online, checking Mexican online websites to see what they carry and at what price point. What I can purchase here in Torreon is significantly different than what one might be able to find in a tiny town perched high in the Sierras. Most people can't afford a legit 40 dollar Godfather DVD (that only costs 15 dollars in the US...). - Trader Joe's branded things - Chipotle's Restaurant - Taco Bell - Chick Fil a - In n Out 16 comments.

I've lived in both countries, and some brands not available are brands that either are too American, or have no business competing with the local market: - There are basically only two root beer brands (A&W, IPA), any other brand is just non existent.

If you're from the Northeast, Tastykake, man I miss those snacks, coffee cake, eclairs, pies, butterscotch krimpets... you get the point! Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. 2019-09-27T18:37:11Z The letter F. A ghost. I live near Guadalajara and have seen most brands of American candy. Gabbi Shaw. Will also delete on comment score of -1 or less. I can go to Bass Pro and grab 500 rounds of Ammo for my AK in a matter of minutes. Dr. Pepper can still be obtainable if you look hard enough, but I've rarely seen Yellow Mellow, Mr. Pibb, Mountain Dew or Root Beer sold here no matter how hard I look. Close to the US border most products are available. Why not make an article about why in the hell are DVD's so damn expensive in Mexico?

They have pop rocks but it comes as a sucker.

Send me a care package too please!

You will also need to do signifcant investigation into the demographics and cultural/social desires of that specific target audience. And are hotels safe now? US brands? In a smaller town, something like skittles may not be available. Gushers, Tapatio Doritos, Fruit Rollups (the real thing not the Value brand), Payday Candy, Jelly Belly Jelly beans, Nowandlater, please skip the Hot Tamales, Gobstopper, Sour Patch (OMG Sour Patch! P.D. Tony Chachere´s, i need some of this, you won't get it in México.

It symobilizes a website link url. Famous Dave’s or Panera Bread. They don't sell them here anymore. And "what Mexicans want" will again vary from economic group to economic group and from region to region. Do most Latino / Hispanic-Americans view Islam positively or negatively? What are some U.S brands that are not yet available in Mexico that you think should be? Cookies help us deliver our Services. The first thing you need to do is narrow down your question! Apple products are everywhere in the U.S.: iPhones, iPads, iBooks, etc. Products available in Mexico can vary widely depending upon where you are living.

Taco Bell has already been here but was a total failure, shell tacos are not really a thing most mexicans want to eat.

What I can purchase here in Torreon is significantly different than what one might be able to find in a tiny town perched high in the Sierras.

Les Schwab Tire Centers that kind of customer service in this country is never been seen.

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