In fact, Native Americans have been making herbal tea from this herb and using it as a natural medicine for thousands of years. This plant has striking lavender-like flowers which start blooming in the early summer. not only for us but also for pollinators It produces abundant blooms and attracts bees and other pollinators, making it a lovely addition to the pollinator garden. Anise hyssop has lovely spikes of purple and Yield Per Unit 3-6 lbs/week . before the last frost. Edible parts of Anise Hyssop: Leaves and flowers - raw or cooked. As a result, they’re great for curing wounds applied directly onto the skin or made into a salve. It’s always advisable to consult a doctor before consuming this herb. Looking to add easy-care, edible plants to your front yard landscape? Society Garlic, Anise Hyssop, Black Locust, Gardenia, Fragrant Water Lily, Strawberry, Marsh Mallow, Maypops, Milkweed, Hollyhocks It’s clearly not wild. Cut just above the two small nodes, about halfway down the plant. These flowers are what made them a popular favorite for both bees and gardeners. Cut at the same point as you would the leaves, just above the nodes. Select from conventional and organic seed. Required fields are marked *. Bushy, perennial herb that produces anise-flavored leaves and blue-purple flowers, both of which are edible. The flowers have a milder anise flavor than the leaves and they look great as an Your email address will not be published. The short answer is yes. Commonly known as anise hyssop or simply Agastache (Agastache foeniculum), this perennial herb is part of the mint family. This plant tastes and smells almost like its namesake, anise. This herb possesses a wide range of medicinal benefits, including healing burn, relieving stress and congestion, pains from excessive coughing and … Her educational background in natural science and social issues has given her a broad base to approach various topics with ease. It produces abundant blooms and attracts bees and other pollinators, making it a lovely addition to the pollinator garden. and then transplant them to your garden after the last frost. Native Americans use anise hyssop as a herbal medicine ingredient. By clicking ALLOW or clicking on any other content, you agree that cookies can be placed. Rosemary: A fragrant blessing in herby disguise, Partridge Berry, a Nutritious Trailside Treat, Wild Mint, Fragrant Leaves and Digestive Aid, Pineapple Weed, Edible Flowers with a Fruity Flavoring, Common Mallow, a Wild Edible Often Found in Lawns, Bugleweed, Wild Edible and Alternative Herbal Remedy, Peppergrass, Abundant and with a Delicious Peppered Flavor, Wild Lettuce, Tasty Greens and Valued Herbal Remedies, Bee Balm, Great for Bees and Humans Alike, - Foraging Tours, Classes and Groups Near You, - Wild Edible Tea Index, and Preparation Methods, Partridge Berry, a Nutritious Trailside Treat, Black Walnut, Grandiose and Medicinally Valuable, Cow Parsnip, Crisp Greens and a Surprisingly Aromatic Herb, Jerusalem Artichoke, Bold Flowers and Flavorful Tubers, Honey Locust, Menacing Thorns Protecting a Sweet Treat, Ash, a Wild Edible with a Threatened Future, Cleavers Bedstraw, an Edible Weed with a Diverse History, Wild Strawberry, an Age-Old and Fruitful Favorite, Fireweed, Love it or Hate it, a Bold and Versatile Herb, Persimmons, Succulent and Sweet Winter Fruits, Chufa (Nut Grass), Sweet, Nutty and Nutritious Tubers, Hazelnuts, A Wild Favorite for Many Foragers, Foraging Tours and Classes in South Dakota, Foraging Tours and Classes in North Dakota, Day Flower, A Dainty and Overlooked Wild Edible, Spring Beauty, Dainty Flowers and a Tasty Potato Alternative, Ox-eye daisy, Simple Beauty with Edible Leaves and Flowers, Foraging Tours and Classes in Mississippi, Thistle, Nutritious and Beautiful on the Inside, Foraging Tours and Classes in South Carolina.

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