Requires free coastline. All supplies are fulfilled, but challenges in the arctic are still around. 10 Timber 10 Attractiveness Requires red pepper fertility. 100 Workers. These buildings are unique in Anno 1800 in that building them is only the start of your interaction with them. 40 Steel Beam The first product demanded by your ‘Explorers’ is a food named “Pemmican”. Botanica DLC: Grow your city's attractiveness to new heights with a modular Botanical Garden, allowing you to earn new items and rewards as you draw the tourist masses to your floral masterpiece. Provides trains for transportation and allows you to store and trade oil (+500 oil storage). 200 Workers, 500 Credits Scholar residents provide Research Points. 20 Brick 500 Engineers. 75 Brick Quests will ask you build the base items, like a Canteen and a Heater. Buildings are independent structures that the player can place in the game world, usually for a construction and maintenance price. 10 Reinforced Concrete. Requires sugar cane fertility. For now I choose to import the Seal Skins from the Inuit trader until the city requires a higher demand. Produces 1t of cotton in 01:00. The Arctic biome is a welcome change to the milder climateof the Old World and the hot and humid islands in the New World. 24 Steel Beam 8 Steel Beam Send a ship for a reconnaissance mission. Requires cotton fertility. 40 Steel Beam 5400 Credits 8 Timber Also you need a decent amount of explorers to get the project started. Deals huge area damage to enemies over a very long range, at the cost of long reload times. Requires free harbour area. Seat of Power: Show off the power of your city with a prestigious palace and government departments that can boost your economy. 25 Brick At the same time, visual feedback (all the citizen units running around your city and island) are super important to give you the feeling of a living world, and to show you what is happening in your game (like queues of transport carts, visitors in your zoo etc.). along with Game Update 6. 20 Brick Your residents live here. For reference, in the most developed state of my Arctic adventures, with four plateaus build up, I ship in coal with six cargo ships. Have a nice day! When you load in a game with this DLC active, your game has to be advanced into at least one engineer house to start the “The Passage expedition”. 6 Timber Needs electricity. Only useful if equipped with items. 12 Steel Beam 8 Timber But first I chose to visit the Arctic, a new world map or session, that can be discovered in the DLC:The Passage. 15 Window 10 Timber But you are not alone, as news about the natural resourcesspread quickly and as such, second-party characters will follow you on yourpath into the Passage to start their own settlements. Until next time, when we will share the full list of changesand free content coming with Game Update 6! 25 Brick Fights riots in its influence radius. Heaters operate by burning coal, which is hard tocome by and requires you to construct charcoal kilns in the sparsely populatedwoods on islands located on the south or to import coal from the Old World allthe way back to your Arctic outpost.New goods such as sleeping bags or parkas will provide an additional source ofcomfort and thus let the heat meter rise. 50 Brick • Four exclusive company logos to customize your in-game profile I’ve logged quite a few hours of co-op with my gf in Anno 1404 so looking forward to this update :). The finest selection of animals will make your city far more attractive. Buildings are the main element of Anno 1800. A festive carousel, including fan favorite vehicles from the game. 6000 Credits 10 Timber I’ve heard about the Franklin expedition before. Produces 1t of iron in 00:15. 8 Steel Beam, 6500 Credits Construction only in The New World. The Goose Farms and Sleeping Bag Factory I build on the island itself within the range of the Heater of the Hunting Cabins to save on the required coal supply. 15 Reinforced Concrete. Residents provide income and workforce. Allows you to influence your harbour buildings. 15 Reinforced Concrete. These two things alone won’t start draining your initial capital (money being a key resource required for virtually all building). Requires free coastline. 12 Steel Beam 8 Window, 10000 Credits 10 Reinforced Concrete, 250 Balance Provides additional space for ships to load and unload goods. Produces 1t of cement in 00:30. Burns oil to provide electricity to surrounding factories. 15 Brick 40 Window. Conquering the sky – the Airship HangarFor the ones overcoming the challenges of the hostile environment, a bigpayoff awaits: the Airship!Inspired by actual historical efforts to building zeppelins in the Arctic toavoid the brash ice, the Airship Hangar is the new monument coming with The Passage.Building this technical marvel will be a huge undertaking, as it requires youto import a lot of construction material from your larger cities in the South inorder to finish the four construction stages of the monument. 8 Steel Beam. 2500 Credits 16 Steel Beam Fights fire and arctic flu in its influence radius. There are many types of buildings performing a wide array of functions, from residences and public buildings to production plants to ornaments. 10 Window 20 Steel Beam. • The Anarchist mission: meet Doctor Hugo Mercier, who will put your city-building and diplomatic skills to the test  Anno 1800: How to Rotate Buildings Aidan O'Brien; April 16, 2019; Anno 1800 Guides Watching your city grow in Anno 1800 is a great experience. 100 Timber In this Anno 1800 Buildings Guide, we’ve listed of all buildings in the game that are divided according to the types of the working class like Farmers, Artisans, Engineers, etc. 12 Steel Beam It seems for me that with every DLC the game is getting better and better. Your trusty four-legged companions serve not only as a need for your technicians, they also provide satisfying visual feedback in your outpost.Over time, your outpost will grow, and what seems like a barren wasteland for us is called home by others. 4 Steel Beam. When arriving in the Arctic, the quests from Lady Faithful will guide you through base steps to settle the region and you will be awarded King William Island to explore the region. 10 Window 30 Brick To succeed in this merciless climate, you will need to construct an arctic outpost and master all-new production chains and goods. Requires free coastline. Reduces workforce required by the crop farm by 50%. 20 Timber All Rights Reserved. Requires 1t of oil every 5 seconds.

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