Medunamun. Use melee attacks to make short work of them, and after you kill the third and final hyena you will get credit for completing this quest. Prisoners in the TempleSuggested Level: 4Reward: 500XP. Hepzefa attempted to eliminate them both was quickly subdued and killed. Not only will it complete the Mountain of the Dead location quest, but it will get you a bonus Ability Point for doing so. [5] Bayek then began a quest of vengeance against the Order, leaving the village and his Medjay duties to hunt them down. You need to find the Tomb of the Dead in mountains and locate Chinzara who is hiding inside. In this room, there are two shelves blocking two different hallways. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The table informs you about a quest's type and an area in which a particular quest can be unlocked (side quests). Before you start escorting him out, check out the large tablet in the back of the room. After completing The Oasis, you can find The Healer quest near the entrance to Siwa. Go through the past the opening in the wall, and then turn left the first place you can. Make your way through camp, using stealth to avoid detection. Share Share Tweet Email. Once you have found and completed all 12, return to the Stone Circle in Siwa one last time. I'm sure the fact Bayek has all these wistful flashbacks about his son and that his son himself is never around in any of the scenes in the present is a great sign. Use Senu to locate any of these animals in the area and hunt them down. However, a garrison commander ordered all his tools confiscated, effectively closing his shop. There will be a lot of wildlife here, and Senu will help you track them. They were interrupted by the arrival of the village healer, Rabiah, who tended to Bayek's injuries. The fourth and fifth prisoners are in here together, actually, in a cell to your left. Siwa In the map of Assassin's Creed: Origins, Siwa comprises one of the regions of Egypt. Assassin’s Creed: Origins gave us a compelling protagonist in Bayek, a man driven to seek revenge for the losses he’d gone through. Follow the indicators to find where they're at, and after you grab all three head back to the surface. We’re here to help you find it easily with our complete guide walk-through. This is another quest you can get from Hepzefa's desk after The Oasis. When he won the race, the standing of the Siwan Oracle was enhanced. Break the vases and then move the shelf to the right, out of the way of the doorway. You may regret doing so though, because not only is Teremun dead, you find out his whole family was slaughtered while he was away. Not only will you strengthen your armor to give you more health, but it also serves as a tutorial both for crafting and for hunting. Obviously, you cannot do all of that now, but you can at least get this one. There is not need to get into an all out brawl here, so use stealth and your arrows you make your way to the cage. You can put the body down if you need to to fight off any guards that wandered into your way, and try to use the tall grass to your advantage while sneaking out. just to the right of where the Ptolemy statue is. This makes things a lot easier, because even though back here is still a restricted area, there are far fewer guards wandering around back here to actually do anything about it. Do not take the main stairs leading up to the temple, and instead follow the area to the left of this. Take the road up from town, and then when the path branches go to the right to find the entrance to the cave. Hooray! [6], In 48 BCE, Bayek returned to Siwa, having assassinated his first target, Rudjek. Siwa also was the home of the Medjay-turned-Hidden One Bayek during the reigns of the two last Pharaohs of Egypt, Ptolemy XIII, and Cleopatra. This will alert the other ones down here, but as long as you have done a couple of other quests and have some halfway decent weapons, the enemies here are weak enough that it won't much matter. Bayek then began a quest of vengeance against the Order, leaving the village and his Medjay duties to hunt them down. Speak with the farmer’s wife and head to the marked location on the map. Head inside and find Chinzara to bring him back. This mission is actually much easier if you wait until after you complete the The False Oracle quest as almost all of the guards will be gone at that point. There are a lot of guards in here, and do not rush out into the open as that is a good way to draw the attention of all the guards in the temple. Experience a new way to fight while exploring the Great Pyramids and hidden tombs across the country of Ancient Egypt There are 12 of these that you need to align with the stars. Historical information Interact with the door to free both of them. After you complete The Oasis main quest, go to the desk at Hepzefa's residence and you will get two new quests, one of them being Family Reunion. The enemies here are all fairly weak as well, so if you want to you could also take a direct approach. You'll want to kill gazelle for their soft leather, and you can either loot dead ones if you find them or kill them yourself and check their corpses afterwards. [10], A year later, the Order of the Ancients members Flavius Metellus and Lucius Septimius travelled to Siwa, with both the Apple and Alexander's Staff of Eden in their possession. You can earn XP, get gear, rewards, that will help you complete the main quests. After, go to the edge of the lower platform and dive on down to get the guy just below you. Make sure no one is around, then open the cage to let the farmers out. This will be your first of the Stone Circles quests. After, a question mark icon will appear on the hill on your map, and if you go to it you can start this side quest. Siwa's in-game name during Bayek's memories is anachronistic. Greek geographers and historians called it Ammonium. In ancient Egypt, Siwa's name was Sekth-am. Except for Teremun, sadly, who died of his wounds. There are five priests that are captured in here, and if you go up and talk to them you can free them. Ptolemaic Kingdom (305 BCE–30 BCE)Roman Empire (30 BCE–641 CE)Ottoman Empire (1517–1867)Republic of Egypt (1953–present) Greek geographers and historians called it Ammonium. [6], Returning to Hepzefa's home, Bayek began making preparations to hunt down his next target, despite Hepzefa requesting him to rest. Egypt To start this quest, you will first need to go to the hill just outside town near Bayek's home. He will be just inside here.2) From the first priest, head back towards the main temple area. Early Arab geographers termed the place as Santariyyah, and the modern name "Siwa" didn't appear until the 15th century CE. You can take a break from the main quests and focus on leveling up via side quests. Assassin’s Creed Origins Siwa side quests guide will discuss all of the side activities players can do. 0. Time to deal with them. However, the cave you want to go to is actually a special location and is thus marked on your map with a question mark icon. Follow the prompts to switch over to Senu, and once you're in control of your bird companion, head to the west outside of town.

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