Tribal society Different sociologists and anthropologists have given importance to different aspects or characteristics of tribal society and there is no universally accepted definition of a tribe. If we explore the web of relations which surround an arranged marriage entered into at the time of initiation of a young male, we find that at least three generations are implicated.[11]. Some tribal people has the idea that daughter marriage will deprived them from a working member and that price is the work compensation for the bride family. An apt illustration occurs in Dr La Fontaine's paper. Tribal marriage is a marital convenience. Some anthropologists use the word ‘bestowal’ in preference to ‘betrothal’, eg Maddock, Hiatt. The salient roles of the male, therefore, would be that of brother and uncle instead of husband and father. Life in a tribal society is simple and integrated.

There are established family traditions in regard to marriage, religion, recreation and occupation. The maintenance of order depends more on folkways and mores rather than upon the power of the tribal leaders. Aboriginal Customary Laws: Aboriginal Child Custody, Fostering and Adoption, Questions of Principle and Implementation, Federal, State and Territory Forums for Issues of Aboriginal Child Custody, Recognition of Customary or De Facto Adoption, Social Security and the Care and Custody of Aboriginal Children, 17.

The earliest men lived in relatively small bands, formed on the basis of family and blood ties. So, the sister of their mother can perform this work very well for they know her form beginning and can give proper affection to them.

Working within a structural-functionalist framework—which viewed social structures such as institutions, relationships, and norms in terms of their roles in the functioning and continuance of a society—Richards was puzzled by the position of men in matrilineal societies. Aboriginal Customary Laws and Sentencing, Aboriginal Customary Laws and Sentencing: Existing Law and Practice, The Recognition of Aboriginal Customary Laws in Sentencing, Aboriginal Customary Laws and the Notion of ‘Punishment’, Sentencing and Aboriginal Customary Laws: General Principles, Taking Aboriginal Customary Laws into Account, Incorporating Aboriginal Customary Laws in Sentencing, Related Questions of Evidence and Procedure, 22. A man gives his daughter, sister or any other relative girls to any other person and in exchange toke a girl from the other side. They are surrounded by complex and heterogeneous rules of behaviour laid down by various agencies which impose an enormous number of constraints on human behaviour. According to Oxford Dictionary "A tribe is a group of people in a primitive or barbarious stage of development acknowledging the authority of a chief and usually regarding themselves as having a common ancestor. Divorce, therefore, takes place by simple -procedure. In the practice of virilocal residence (in which a woman moves into her husband’s home), the in-marrying wife will presumably adapt to a dependent role (as in a patrilineal society) but also occupy a significant role as the mother of children, particularly of sons who will perpetuate the patriliny. Aboriginal Societies: The Experience of Contact, Changing Policies Towards Aboriginal People, Impacts of Settlement on Aboriginal People, 4. The secondary character of association, the multiplicity of occupations, the specialization of functions and areas and competitiveness narrow the attachments and detract the individual from a feeling of identification with the entire society. [19] However, if a wife eloped or otherwise left a husband without his consent, he might try to bring her back by force, seek to punish her or her lover, or seek compensation. And even so thoroughly explored a terrain as marriage in, tribal society may yield unexpected theoretical surprises to a new approach.

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