Pour the entire baking mix into a bowl. Servings Per Package: 9.5 (17 slices + 2 crusts) ... Kiwis favourite bread… "meta_description_{lang}.phonetic^6", Alternate them and place on top of the bread slices. Place dough onto a greased or baking paper-lined tray or dish. The whole family Loved the soft white bread and it’s hidden extra protein! You don’t need to. { "category_name_{lang}.phonetic^8" "should":[ This bread is ok and I love the idea of added protein. A whole 11 g of protein and just 2 g of carbohydrates. "query":"(categories:2 OR show_in_categories:2)" Because we don’t use gluten, additional starch, or synthetic binding agents. "fuzziness":1, The bread is now ready to bake. Spread about 1 tbsp peanut butter on both slices of bread. The Glycemic Index Foundation. }, "type":"best_fields", May contain traces of soy, peanuts, and other nuts. "aggs":{ You're welcome. }, I wouldnt buy this product purely on price. Tastes great and is soft and fluffy but the price of this bread infact all tiptop keep raising the price 20c here n there and now its not worth me buying. "_cache":true We recommend consuming your freshly baked bread within 2 days. { { { } The bread is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. "description_{lang}.whitespace^9", "query":{q}, "terms":{ "bool":{ Just 2 slices will give you a good dose of protein and healthy fats. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential. "must":[ "must":[ Nice and soft and white! "filtered":{ The bread can also be stored in individual portions in the freezer and thawed as needed. Spread avocado evenly over both slices of bread. Quality is good but theres many other brands cheaper then this just as good. ], "analyzer":"phonetic_{lang}", The other from free range chickens. Protein bread tastes best – like most breads – when freshly baked. 10% Discount (for this and every following order during your subscription), full flexibility (flavour changes and suspension available at any time), 100% natural ingredients and baking powder, Developed by expert nutritionists and chefs. Just as tasty as the fresh-baked stuff from the bakery down the street. "fields":[ "cutoff_frequency":0.15 As protein bread can have both sweet and savoury toppings, it is perfect to eat with breakfast, dinner or as a healthy snack between meals and on the go. 1 "field":"attribute_set_id" Good marketing by Tip Top i love protein one more! { I changed from TIP TOP White to Tip Top White Bread Extra Protein and love it! I love this bread because it is helping her with her protein intake. I usually don’t buy white bread but was tempted by the extra protein claim on the label. Possibly the most delicious protein bread. *** It also has a whole lot of healthy fats and micro nutrients from grainy superfoods. You don’t need any other ingredients. "fields":[ Seriously.) Click. A very innovative product, to be it tastes really nice. * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet.

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