It's one of the wealthiest, safest, and cleanest countries in the world. The living standard and safety is of the same high level as in Germany, but the people are partially more chilled and down to earth. Account active 18 in the best countries ranking for raising a child. We don't have the biggest population and that is one of the factors of why it is so low on this list. Moreover, tax money contribute significance role in the social value as well. In France we love our friends from Portugal and their country. Well in Germany you can go to a University for practically nothing. They are kind and nice as well in their own way. Now people have started to extend their horizons a bit more and have discover our little gem at the bottom of the world. I was there about 20 yrs ago and I still remember vividly how great the Japanese. Is a country with great food and a varied healthy diet (more Michelin Star restaurants than anywhere else in the world! Why, why, why isn't this number 1? High tech transportation and buildings great environment!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Perhaps not unexpectedly, Switzerland has continued its reign as the best country in the world, according to the 2020 Best Countries report by US News Report. 1), Canada (No. I currently live in the US, but I've visited London, Manchester, and some other cities (and the Cotswolds). I've lived there once and I will come back to stay definitely. Although you pay high taxes but wages are well paid. Well look Greece I dunno if you hate us or something butt even do even if you did back in the time of Alaksandar the Great we forgive you look I agree that maybe Greece was kinda mean to us butt I gotta be honest Greece is a great countery and it is really beautiful and amaizing so yeah and the EU is helping her and she Greece is pretty I am from Macedonia and I gotta say that so what if you did something in the part I mean right? Everybody in the world takes great risks to come here---I live right on the Mexican border and thousands get through every day. My country is very awesome(India),but this country UK is even better.Because it has tasty food,super resorts and beaches, submarines and beautiful places like big ben.This is my favourite country. We get 100% free medical care- which includes all operations etc. Subscriber We forgive other nations and pay our debts quickly and efficiently. There is just something terribly wrong with this list when high quality countries like Iceland, Finland, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands etc. Thanks.

Mindy Wright is CEOWORLD magazine's Deputy Commissioning Editor, and leads global newsroom coverage and management. We have good gun control laws.

So please do root for SG! But, we are getting better, and we are a great country. The people are happy to give a helping hand, and it's by far, one of the most pleasant places to see. One more thing, Singapore Is one of the best Asian countries to live in. Rural areas of Austria like Tirol and Pinzgau are incredible. It doesn't needs too much just like happiness needs few not too much. Beaches are the best as it has many surfing girls, relaxing people, nice sand and volleyball ladies. The prominent one been German. Well for long time living I prefer USA and even new york city the best city ever but it's a worth place for visit. Singapore is such a safe place to live. I myself are on the border of being handicaped.

We're neutral and have friendly associations with most countries. First time when I visited Netherlands, I felt like a fairy land. 4), and Australia (No. I like every country of South America! We need a president who puts American citizens' needs first before special interest groups or foreign nations.

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