It is a Fiber provider, which means they deliver service faster than most other types of service by using an optical fiber rather than a copper wire. In East Brainerd. @KevinWestWGOW PowerOutage.US is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the united states., Via I've also cleared cookies/etc from browser. on Twitter, Details about brand prices, speeds, and other features may not be readily available for all brands and are always subject to change. The EPB app isn’t working either. Fi-Speed NextNet promises no buffering pauses, even with multiple devices on one network. Outage reported, please help!! Thanks @CenturyLink for failing for no reason at all and not answering service tech call line. @EPB_Chattanooga why has my internet been down for the past two days? @EPB_Chattanooga Why can I continue to stream YouTube and load Google even when my router reports no internet connection, and I can’t access anything else? We are your 1-Gig service provider! Smart Grid re-routed power restoring service to most customers. @EPB_Chattanooga Outage in Suck Creek/Signal Mountain area. @KaelArts Did the power outage affect website connectivity? Did the power outage affect website connectivity? Hulu, Sling TV, PS network, EA servers & more are having nationwide outages right now. Awesome company. @gkm33773 EPB is working as quickly as possible to address an issue that may be impacting internet & other fiber services for some customers. @EPB_Chattanooga having major interference on my television. @EPB_Chattanooga hi folks! The GPhC does it all the time. Google Map seemed to be the right course of action. @ProsperPortia The issue is resolved now. EPB also says that a most of the customers should have power restored in the next few hours, however, there is a section along Lake Resort Dr where “a very large tree fell, resulting in 4 broken poles” and customers in this area may not have power until tonight @newschannelnine. @EPB_Chattanooga having major interference on my television. @EPB_Chattanooga outage appears to be back. With your service now. Hospitals do it - I don’t think there’s a technical issue here. I’ve already submitted an outage report. The issue is resolved now. © Ookla, LLC. @EPB_Chattanooga yo. @EPB_Chattanooga Great customer service last night during a brief power outage - great company to work with! No luck! @ChrisKloc I called in with fiber issues around 6:00AM, you guys had a tech out by 8am. Thanks for your patience & we apologize for the inconvenience this external issue caused. Would it be an idea to have a separate @EPBstatus Twitter account for this kind of outage info? Running really slow today. Since 2010 EPB also provides high- speed internet. Facebook I hope you are all having a good start to the week. @JAWalker211 @EPB_Chattanooga Same issue here on the Apple TV app. And now they're the same complaining about the delay in counting. Make sure to report and "downvote" such posts. Thanks to my Internet provider @EPB_Chattanooga for getting things resolved. @themarkpace Satellite issues? Are you having a bad day? The EPB app isn’t working either. One possibly having to do with DNS? A EPB outage tracker. @JamesMcKissic @melodyshekari @TurnthePage14 @cjacuff Damaged equipment caused a power outage around 9 pm. @EPB_Chattanooga why has my internet been down for the past two days? @EPB_Chattanooga Internet problems on Ridgeland Rd. Yaaay, Thank you @EPB_Chattanooga for resolving the issue with the internet! @sheltonbwork You can also find EPB in and many others. Since 2010 EPB also provides high- speed internet.

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