The USP of the 6P – like all other ESEE knives – is that it comes with a lifetime repair and replacement warranty. Blade Length: 4.1″ The sheath is genuine handmade leather from Spain and it has the ability to carry all the included goodies such as a sharpening stone and a Firesteel. Learn more. That absurdly resilient blade is mated to an ergonomic G10 handle and the whole package measures up at just 7.23″ in total. If your plan includes the bear, maybe you should bring a survival firearm as well. Their latest foray into the category is certainly one of the best. We had the black version on the testing and really liked its design and the overall look and feel. Best Neck Knife: 10 Stellar Options at Your Disposal for 2020, Best Pocket Knives Under $100: Budget Friendly Options For 2020, Best Camping Knife: 10 Excellent Options For 2020, Best Pocket Knife Brands: From High-end to Affordable Quality Knives for EDC, Best Rescue Knife for 2020: Top Picks for First Responders, The 10 Best Zero Tolerance Knives in 2020: Tough Blades for Demanding Users, The 10 Best SOG Knives in 2020 for EDC and Survival, The 10 Best American-made Folding Knives for 2020. Total Length: 11.72 Inches When you come out of your survival situation and your gear is in tatters, you can simply send your Benchmade Bushcrafter back in for the LifeSharp program where they will completely restore your knife back to its factory specifications. If you exert too much pressure while splitting or chopping wood, the joint might snap or break. And it’s not just a throwback classic, either, as it’s still one of the best survival knives out there. The last thing you want in a survival situation is for your sheath to rip apart or break, leaving your knife exposed. It’s essentially an all-in-one survival kit and that grands it a well-earned spot here. You can get knives with higher quality blades and handles for this money – but this one comes with its own little survival kit. My Review: The Kershaw Camp is one of the most popular mid-sized camp knives on the market right now. The Adamas is a 9-inch full-tang beast that is raw in nature but still utilitarian at heart. Handle Composition: Polyamide All that you have to do now is to compare them and decide which model is the right one for you. A clip point blade is easy to maneuver and can pierce the thickest of hides with ease. Many of Ka-Bars products consist of this steel material and the brand itself is essentially built upon this steel type. TOPS Knives’ Fieldcraft fixed blade bushcraft knife was already one of the brand’s most lauded offerings, especially in the outdoor community. Aitor Jungle King (Most Complete Survival Kit), Double Injection Molded Thermoplastic Rubber, 1680 Denier Cross Woven Polyester with Polyethylene Insert, Micarta or G10 on the Junglas-VG-E version, Leather or MOLLE Compatible Multi-Mount Polyamide, 23. It is a versatile tool that can be used to open cans, clear a path, cut rope, split wood, hunt small game, skin your prey, and to defend yourself. Abrasives – Never, under any circumstances, use abrasives to clean your knife as this can cause irreparable damage. They tent to be sturdier in the long run and, with fewer moving parts, they are less likely to fail in operation. This particular knife has won the “Best of the Best” award from Field & Stream magazine in 2011. This substance allows the steel to consist of a very high level of carbon so that the finished product is extremely hard while still maintaining a bit of resistance to weathering, a suite of characteristics that is otherwise very difficult to balance without the addition of Molybdenum. See also: The 10 Best American-made Folding Knives for 2020, There are many things you can do to maintain your survival knife. This steel embodies exceptional edge-retention so that you can abuse it over and over again and still be able to rely on your Bushcrafter maintaining a razor-sharp cutting edge. Blade Length: 5.00 Inches Usually, softer steel used in a blade makes that blade significantly easier to sharpen but the tradeoff is how long that edge will be retained. You get all the best attributes from a super hard steel with top-tier resistance to corrosion. This simply means that the entire blade is constructed of a single piece of steel all the way through the handle. The knife’s design makes it a good choice for camping, hiking, hunting, survival, self-defense, and tactical purposes. You’ll probably notice first the saw-tooth spine and unlike many knives that come with this feature, these are actually very handy in cutting a wide variety of materials. The end of that skinning blade also acts as a bottle opener and flathead screwdriver. If you’re a knife enthusiast, then you probably know all about Gerber. Morakniv is a name which is familiar to survival knife enthusiasts around the world. The blade itself looks very good and has a thickness of 3mm, and a serrated edge on the top, which is quite useful in some survival scenarios. The blade of the knife is 4.3” in length, which is slightly shorter than the average survival knives. From the multi-mount sheath to the coyote brown handle, it sports that tough, military look, which just might be the thing that you were looking for. If you need a heavy-duty knife, you might want to check out the Schrade SCHF9 or the KA-BAR Becker Companion. Sheath Material: Glock Proprietary Polymer. Blade Composition: 1075 Carbon Steel Now he writes professionally for several clients that covers one sector of our economy to another. Total Weight: 24.00 Ounces It has everything that a simple survival knife needs to have, and we have to give it our honest recommendation. As you get into steels that are harder, those steels will get much more expensive as well as becoming more difficult to sharpen. It has an ergonomic design, and we liked the feeling of holding it in hand. And that’s more than enough of a vote of confidence to earn it a spot here. Total Weight: 20.50 Ounces Since hardness is achieved by adding certain elements to the mix, those elements often lower the resistance or take place of elements that would be resistant to corrosion, lowering the effective resistance to corrosion of the blade. Total Weight: 23.00 Ounces The handle also tends to accumulate dirt and grime quite fast. You can use the flat pommel to hammer the knife down hard surfaces. Buck Knives have been made in America since 1902 and you’ll know as soon as you open the box that these knives are good old fashion American quality. Note: There are actually three versions of this knife (the ASEK, Infantry, and Survival version), but in this review, we will be focusing on the survival version. S90V is among the hardest and most durable blade materials on the market today and with that exceptional hardness comes some pretty insane edge retention that’s likely the best on this list and a far better wear resistance than other high carbon-containing steels. The sheath that comes with this bad boy is a molded ABS MOLLE compatible sheath that is easily carried on the belt during a long trek, slapped onto a MOLLE compatible backpack, or stuck to your MOLLE compatible chest rig to ride into combat with. That’s why, for the ideal survival knife, we’d certainly suggest picking out a fixed blade. S90V is notoriously difficult to sharpen and thus I can only recommend this knife to those of you who really appreciate S90V and have the time and patience to thoroughly resharpen it. Blade Style: Drop-Point Handle Composition: Grivory Survival knives are traditionally thick with heavy blades that are able to cut through a variety of tough materials. It’s about 4 ounces lighter. You can get this knife in two versions – there are the full-black and the digital camo variants, both of which look pretty nice. The blade (which also has a serrated edge on the top) is fixed to the plastic handle that feels great in hand, thanks to the simple but efficient textures that give a good grip. SK5 doesn’t have amazing corrosion resistance but I’d say it’s still plenty for a survival knife so long as it isn’t exposed to salt-water often. They are also expensive. It might make certain chores more difficult than they need to be. It should take around 12 rotations to successfully sharpen your knife. Total Weight: 18.30 Ounces Blade Length: 9.00 Inches It was designed for special ops – particularly for the purpose of freeing people from a downed aircraft. The handle of the Geber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife has an ergonomic shape and feels very nicely in hand, coming with a double guard and having a sticky rubber grip with the necessary texture. No, it doesn’t come with a super steel blade, but that 420HC steel (58 HRC) is plenty strong and durable and with the reinforced butt pommel, you could just as easily bust out the plexiglass in a downed helicopter or bust a skull, or I suppose, both!

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