“(sich) bilden” can mean “to educate (oneself)” “bilden” can mean “to form” (in the sense of forming something new) “bilden” can mean “to create, to evolve” “bilden” is related to the English verb “to build” Question 4 of 7 4. I got some milk, if anyone wants to skim something ;). Without reliable foundations or any real substance. The most common meaning of Bildung is education. This time we’ll take a look at the meaning of, And Bild is really cool because not only does it say more than a thousand words, it is also part of more than a thousand words. The former is about the idea of copying the latter about reshaping, but they’re both super niche-y and only work in a few contexts. nice pic. Through most of its history, Bild was based in Hamburg. And the verb sich bilden can also mean to educate (oneself). What does the following sentence mean: “Im Kühlschrank bildet sich Schimmel.”, “Maria bildet sich ein, eine gute Tänzerin zu sein.”, das Bild – picture, image, impression bildlich – figuratively, visually das Vorbild – the role model der Bildschirm – the screen das Blutbild – the blood count (medical) das Bühnenbild – the scenery (theater) bebildern – add pictures to some text, bilden – to form, make (create) sich bilden – to form, educate oneself (general)  die Bildung – the formation, the education die Allgemeinbildung – general education/knowledge die Weiterbildung – advanced training, further erducation (super common in job contexts), abbilden – depict (capture in pics, sounds somewhat formal) die Abbildung – the graphic (pictures and so on in books), ausbilden – educate , train (on the job) , formation der Azubi (Auszubildender) – the apprentice die Ausbildung – apprenticeship, sich einbilden – imagine (negative tone) die Einbildung – the imagination eingebildet – imagined (but not real), conceited, stuck up, mark the article as read and track your progress, you can import a csv into your flashcard app (Anki, Memrise...) The separator is "=". Quiz complete. Kind of like to hallucinate, just more subtle and not as crazy sounding. Question 7 of 7 7. , frame, body, figure, form, structure, shape, make-up, formation, stature. QuestionWhat does the following sentence mean: “Im Kühlschrank bildet sich Schimmel.” mould is educating itself in the fridge mould forms a fridge mould takes a selfie in the fridge mould is forming in the fridge Question 6 of 7 6. That why people in more colloquial contexts say Azubi. (multiple answers). And that’s actual closer to the noun than you might think. By the way, you might be wondering if there are any English relatives. 3Computing A compiled version of a program. In these examples, the bilden was done by someone. Also about the idea of education, though somewhat more narrow is the prefix version ausbilden, which means something like to train in the context of a profession. An accusative would mean that you are the thing being imagined. build on somethingUse something as a basis for further development. das Bild, bilden, sich bilden, ausbilden, die Bildung, die Ausbildung, sich einbilden,... and welcome to our German Word of the Day. Which of the following is the most common translation for “education”? “Bild” in Digitales Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache; Bild … English Translation. Which of the following statements about the verb “bilden” is false? And what’s really cool about sich einbilden is that it kind of merges all three ideas – the image, the forming and the knowledge. Results are being recorded.Results0 of 7 questions answered correctly Time has elapsed You have reached 0 of 0 point(s), (0) Earned Point(s): 0 of 0, (0) 0 Essay(s) Pending (Possible Point(s): 0) Categories B-Level Vocab 0% 1234567 Current Review Answered Incorrect Question 1 of 7 1. In fact, for Bild was used for any kind of “appearance”, anything that “you see”. It’s not the same, but just like Bildung it comes from form and is about knowledge. German is OCD like that. But it was a nice image. Let’s look at a few examples…. Assemble or accumulate something by putting parts or material together. QuestionWhich of these are called “Bild” in German? But that’s not the main meaning of Bildung. Become stronger or more intense; grow or accumulate. The online dictionary dict.cc  has 2.400 entries with bild in them. The noun however is incredibly common and there are many many compounds with it. The dimensions or proportions of a person's or animal's body. And that makes a lot of  sense actually. QuestionWhich of the following is the most common translation for “education”? You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. And of course there are useful compounds with it. QuestionWhat does the following sentence mean:“Maria bildet sich ein, eine gute Tänzerin zu sein.” Maria trains to be a good dancer. das Vorbild der Bildschirm das Ebenbild das Bild Question 3 of 7 3. Bild was founded by Axel Springer in 1952. As always, if you have questions or suggestions or if you want to try out some examples just leave me a comment. Establish and develop an organization or situation over a period of time. Which of the following is a type of wild cat? Okay, it’s of course not Japanese. And yet, it’s just the tip of the icebild, I mean iceberg. 1The dimensions or proportions of a person's or animal's body. But the most useful prefix version is sich einbilden. QuestionWhat does this sentence mean:“Meine Nachbarin ist total eingebildet.” My neighbour is totally imaginary. I mean, educating yourself is pretty much a way of “forming” your mind. The word Auszubildender is actually kind of a nightmare to pronounce. A fun look at the word "das Bild" and how its core idea formed (hint, hint) all the cool, useful related words - more than just a picture :). But stuff can also form by itself. Hence you can not start it again. Hence you can not start it again. die Abbildung die Ausbildung die Bildung das Bilden Question 5 of 7 5. We could call it  self deceiving imagining. But not only that. www.BILD.com is the English language version of Germany's leading general interest portal, BILD.de.. Up to and including the Olympics 2008 (until the end of August) we will be running the English language edition, reporting on the latest news, sport and celebrity, as well as focussing on the Olympics. Then, there’s  abbilden,  which is actually based on the Bild-idea and means something like “capture in pictures” (and also to transform in a mathematical sense). Find more words! What does tolles Bild mean in German? My neighbour is totally stuck up/conceited My neighbour is totally inspirational. Old English byldan, from bold, botl ‘dwelling’, of Germanic origin; related to bower. you’re imagining the thing TO yourself, you’re “receiving”. QuestionWhich of the following statements about the verb “bilden” is false? And that’s it for today :). ), , strengthen, increase, improve, invigorate, augment, raise, intensify, enhance, escalate, multiply, swell. The words are pretty common in Germany, much more than apprentice is in English, no idea why. : What is he imagining?”), Ich dachte kurz, da ist meine Ex-Freundin, aber das war nur, For a moment I thought there’s my ex girlfriend but it was just, “Mein neues Profilbild ist sooo gut… ich seh mal wieder super heiß aus.”, “My new profile pic is sooooo good… I’m super hot looking yet again.”. For the full potential, we need to look at the verb bilden. Are You Learning English? A bit like to imagine, but not quite the same. Earned Point(s): 0 of 0, (0) 0 Essay(s) Pending (Possible Point(s): 0), Which of these are called “Bild” in German? The last one is actually a quite common idiom and it’s a great transition to the last word for today… eingebildet. The sculptor quite literally “forms an appearance”. Maria thinks she’s a good dancer (but she is not) Maria imagines she is a good dancer. (lit. 1Construct (something) by putting parts or material together. Because sich einbilden is about forming an image of reality (knowledge) in your mind… you “form, depict something to yourself”. Anyway, of course there are what realists would call “more prefix versions”. The meaning of bilden is … to form. Time limit: 0 Quiz Summary0 of 7 questions completedQuestions: Information You have already completed the quiz before. Bild noun: image, picture, photo, painting, illustration: tolles: great: See Also in English. But based on this whole notion of having a wrong self image, eingebildet has become THE German word for conceited, stuck up. Anyway, so bilden means to form, (in the sense of forming something new.) Let’s bilden some Beispiele :). Oh, in case you’re wondering why it was dir and not dich in the example with the noise…. Bild was never part of the English strand of the Germanic languages and it’s also unknown where it actually came from. In fact, for Bild was used for any kind of “appearance”, anything that Possible languages include English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, and Swedish. English words for Bilder include image, picture, photo, painting, illustration, photograph, portrait, scene, drawing and sight. German to English translation results for 'Bild' designed for tablets and mobile devices. You have already completed the quiz before. The crucial thing about sich einbilden is that you take whatever you’re imagining as reality when it actually isn’t. I think most of you have guessed it… a Bild is a picture. Like… it is not limited to the 2D picture. , form, shape, format, structure, configuration, construction, frame, build, model, design, arrangement, organization, formation, figure, cast, kind, brand, make, line, type, cut, style. It was quite a range of stuff actually… pictures, education, forming, hallucinations… but I hope you could see how they all share the core idea of image and form. Because Bild actually used to be a somewhat broad concept. Here Are Our Top English Tips, The Best Articles To Improve Your English Language Usage, The Most Common English Language Questions. Those were just a few examples, there are boatloads more. ‘Reliability shouldn't be a problem either, the manufacturer having a good build quality these days.’ ‘On the build quality front, though, they're all square and both are excellent.’

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