So I am in treatment, 3-4 years.

I got fed up of being rotated around endless pills that made me more acceptable to other people. If I see something and I want it, I just get it, regardless if it …

Borderline Personality Disorder. The ER physician gave him a dose of Ativan and it was like he took a placebo. – I have not had sex in a long time and tonight is the night. It was absolute TORTURE! To put it simply, it was a living HELL. Experts such as Gehrman now believe that bipolar disorder interferes with a person's circadian rhythm, the basic sleep-wake patterns that are set by glands in the brain and respond to changing light and dark as well as changing seasons. I can’t tell you the amount of debt I’ve gotten myself into because of it. My case is a great example, there is a very good chance that I never would have had the episode that I did if it wasn’t for the scripts that my psychiatrist prescribed. So, be cautious if you are ever in need of anti-depressants without being diagnosted with bipolar disorder. I don’t know where I would be without it. This article is pretty good to read. I haven’t had any manic or mixed episodes in a while due to my antipsychotic and mood stabilizer. I always feel like there’s some listening or viewing device somewhere. TO BELIEVE IT! Right now we can’t see any difference with less Meds. I became a flight engineer on heavy fire fighting aircraft when I was 28, one of 13 positions in the whole country, I was manic almost all for four years. awake and even more manic the next day…….

We love him and will support him always even when he’s manic and cycling through mood swings. Wondering if I look as ‘crazy’ or anxious on the outside as I feel on the inside.” — Chrissy K. “The uncertainty. Julie. It’s much safer. Somewhat overly simplified, this is a “light” version of Bipolar. But adhering to my meds and disability has given me a knew life.

I never have.) and there is a chance you will be wide We talked about what we will do different to prevent another manic episode or at least be ready. Everyone can benefit from a good night's sleep, but if you have bipolar disorder, a full night of rest can mean the difference between a stable mood and a manic episode. Ask others to be honest and tell you if they think you are manic. I dont know what to do. Try to stay with it and tolerate the discomfort.
We can do it! It is really taking a toll on my health. It’s never talked about. I learned too little, too late that credit cards are one of the biggest mistakes someone with bipolar disorder can make.” — Cristi B. X, I’m bipolar 11 severe, with major depression. The good thing about having been on my meds for a few years is that now I can identify the mania and insomnia.

We also changed physicians and we LOVE our new one.

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