This illustration of a hypothetical[1] combat rifle identifies the different components that go into assembling a single weapon. The pictures are nice, but really I need to codes to go with them to make the parts. A guide to help players learn all parts & prefixes of all weapon types in Borderlands 2. Doar tu îl poţi vedea. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! a Carnage shotgun barrel with an elemental accessory) or lack thereof (e.g. These are all fantastic, thanks for doing all the hard work. Each grip design is specific to the weapon's manufacturer. The item card displays the name of the weapon, color coded by its rarity; its damage, accuracy, and rate of fire attributes; the maximum capacity of its magazine; the level of elemental tech, if any; the monetary value of the weapon, if resold at a vending machine; and up to five lines of additional information, including elemental effects, stat modifiers significant to the weapon, and weapon zoom. Weapon parts infographic [#3] - Sniper rifles. Very nice. Posted by 7 years ago. Press J to jump to the feed. I think the easy modifiers made M10 funnier and more enjoyable with the Speed Demon modifier or the Galaxy Brain. I should mention that the Dahl pistol sight is glitched; the bullet lands at the bottom of the site. Too much has changed with all the DLCs and newer tiers that came out eventually. Weapon parts infographic [#7] - Lasers log in sign up. Weapon parts infographic [#3] - Sniper rifles. Weapon parts infographic [#3] - Sniper rifles. I dont know if its just me, but it seems the Hi Res link is broken. I had always wanted to know how the gun generation system worked in Borderlands. I previously made these as individual guides but decided to remove them and put it up as one guide. I have a funny feeling that you'll do ARs next. The Borderlands 2 Reddit. Putting a machine gun sight on a handgun seems a bit much, even if you are firing Torgue. I have a vladof e tech and have used it ever since I hit lvl 50. The smallest magazines increase damage. Much appreciated! For an article on Borderlands 2 weapons, see Borderlands 2 Weapons. Body: Affects the weapon's firing rate and damage rating. Just asked that in my comment. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Borderlands2 community. A Helix Rocket Launcher with 200 damage with a x3 modifier, and a 3 round magazine. The data looked like the BL1 data on. The data looked like the BL1 data on, Împărtășește în fluxul tău de activitate de pe Steam, © Valve Corporation. There are twelve official weapons manufacturers in the Borderlands series: The various manufacturers offer weapons in different Material Grades. I'm glad to help. There may be a slight mix of images from the web from another source, but I am unaware if they are. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. We've have. Weapon parts infographic [#5] - Pistols. Tous droits réservés. Click image and then click the url in the url bar for maximum image size and quality if you have trouble reading at the current size. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Gains to the proficiency of the equipped weapon are made when experience is gained from killing enemies, and such gains happen regardless of whether the kill was made by the shooter, or an alternative source. Accessory: If present, may provide one of a diverse range of benefits including, Grip: Represents the Manufacturer, with no further effects on the weapon. Post and discuss anything related to Borderlands 2. They're my new best friends. Some sort of info about shields! Did you see her head?! They're great. Toate mărcile înregistrate sunt proprietatea deținătorilor respectivi în SUA și celelalte țări. Would be a good follow up for E-tech weapons. Weapon parts infographic [#2] - Rocket launchers. Finally! Something just satisfying of the reload animation and the rapid fire animations. Nope! 396. Toate drepturile rezervate. The Laser infographic is not as accurate as the previous ones because i cant use this awesome tool for the Pre-Sequel. There are however a few ARs that stand out like the KerBlaster, Hammer Buster, Shredifier or Veruc as well as a few lucky random generated ones. Most though are best for specific uses but I'm currently really enjoying the Veruc even if it is a bit ammo hungry. This thread is archived. Dahl is nice, but it only works on a few pistol, but assault riffle is perfect. I can't find them anymore and with the old forums gone it's hopeless. Revolvers and Repeaters were two distinct kinds of weapons in the original Borderlands; they have since been consolidated into a single \"Pistol\" category. I'm glad to help. A gunsmith would be fun, however they would probably greatly expand the parts list / increase rarity to turn one grind into another. There may be a slight mix of images from the web from another source, but I am unaware if they are. YES! Note that any weapon statistics displayed on an item card already take into account any bonuses listed on that card.

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