Most weighted blankets are too small to replace your bedspread, but the 90” x 90” Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket is big enough to cover two people on a king or queen size bed. Do not wash the inner blanket with any other item. Most weighted blankets call for this type of drying. 00. For weighted blankets of around 20lb, or over, you’ll need  to use a larger, commercial sized washing machine at a launderette. Avoid high heats, especially with poly pellets, as depending on the quality of the pellets, they could become soft. It comes in a selection of three modern neutrals (Grey, Navy, or White). You can care for your Brookstone Nap Blanket at home using a standard top or front-load washer and dryer. Your email address will not be published. You can wash the CUDDLE blankets normaly and dry them in the dryer just as easily but the DREAM blankets can't be dried in a machine but HUNG to dry. Simulating the feeling of being held (like a hug! Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. You can find weighted blankets in a range of prices online, or you can have a DIY moment and look at our blog post to learn how to make a weighted blanket on your own. How To Wash A Weighted Blanket In 5 Simple Steps, How To Choose a Weighted Blanket: Buyer’s Guide 2020. A well made weighted blanket shouldn’t leak glass beads or pellets, but it does happen. The Layla Weighted Blanket should not be ironed (not even on low heat). Place the blanket in a washing machine. When washing a weighted blanket, it’s always best to follow the manufacturers guidelines where you can. Stains happen. Air drying also reduces peeling on certain fabrics, including fleece. Simple to remove and launder, they help protect the inner weighted blanket, reducing the need to wash it so often. Precise gridded stitching ensures the glass beads remain uniformly distributed, providing comfort, no matter how you use your blanket. If it’s safe to wash (or you’ve made your own), washing your weighted blanket by hand will subject it to the least strain. However, it’s always advisable to check the manufacturer’s individual washing instructions on your blanket as well. Other linen blends can be washed on a cold cycle and handle diluted bleaches (or oxygen bleach) for stain removal. Stronger washing cycles may damage the blanket. Have you ever noticed a nasty stain become permanently imprinted on your t-shirt or sweatshirt after you ran it through the washer and dryer? Do not use high heat or dry the blanket longer than necessary. You may also want to throw in a cup of salt or vinegar on the first wash to lock in the colors and avoid dye bleeding. But if you’ve made your own or simply want some basic guidelines on how to wash a weighted blanket, the steps above should help you keep your blanket clean and in tip top shape. You’ll find our images and videos on every review, which is part of what makes the Slumber Yard the most trusted source of mattress and sleep accessory reviews on the internet. If you have, you’re like a lot of people who don’t treat their stains before the wash, and the dryer sets the stain into your clothes. They tend to be machine washable on a cool, gentle cycle, but some are air dry only. 99. Learn more here. You can also air dry your weighted blanket. There’s a good guide to weighted blanket fillers and how they wash here. The Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket distributes 35 pounds of weight across your whole bed, giving both you and your partner perfectly weighted sleep. Here are some common, more specific, frequently asked questions on how to wash a weighted blanket. An alternative is to hang dry your weighted blanket. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker. Ironing a weighted blanket can harm the filler. Remove your blanket from the dryer promptly when dry. series of practical, hands-on inspections and assessments, with utmost commitment to. Larger blankets (generally over 20 lbs) should be washed in a larger, commercial sized washing machine at a laundrette. Brookstone Innovations Cooling Weighted Blanket - Machine Washable Removeable Quilted Cooling Zip Off Cover - Measures 48 in. Take your pick! A beautiful bedroom piece with solid wooden slats and durable construction. $150 OFF + 2 FREE PILLOWS + FREE PROTECTOR. Wash your Layla Weighted Blanket as often as you’d like so it always smells so fresh and so clean when you crawl into bed. Despite how soft and luxurious they are, washing a weighted blanket made of minky material is quite easy. (See our Return Policy). It should say so on the tags of the blankets. That’s all there is to it. Even though our blanket has a different fabric on each side and is filled with 100% glass beads, it’s simple to care for. Due to their size and weight, it’s also best to wash a weighted blanket on its own. And bleach, whilst it may blitz those stubborn stains, can, in time, cause fibres to break down. The same could happen to your weighted blanket. Use only warm, not hot, water. Let’s talk about it. While there are weighted blanket pros and cons, you won’t have to worry too much about how to wash a weighted blanket when you go Layla. If this feels too cumbersome, though, you can wash cotton, linen, Minky, fleece and flannel fabrics on a gentle, cold machine wash. Cool, plush, and supportive. Air dry. If your weighted blanket has reached its expiration date and washing it won’t do the trick, you always have the option to purchase a new one. Avoid ironing your weighted blanket unless the manufacturer specifically gives you the thumbs up. So it’s best to avoid them. All Right Reserved. « How To Choose a Weighted Blanket: Buyer’s Guide 2020. The Gravity Blanket is available in a single size (72” x 48”, 15-20-25lbs) and Queen/King (90" x 90", 35lbs). Wash on the gentle cycle in cold or lukewarm water with mild detergent. Click here to see our best lists. Start with our mattress finder quiz. The care tag, or manufacturer’s guidelines, should clearly tell you this. Beware of commercial dryers as the heat settings may be much higher than dryers intended for home use. Here are some basic weighted blanket washing instructions, as informed by the type of materials used: Cotton weighted blankets are the easiest to wash. A cotton T-shirt is easy to wash, similarly, your cotton blanket can withstand quite a few washes before it starts to show any wear and tear. The World’s Most Popular Weighted Blanket With Premium Micro-Fleece Duvet Cover Simulating the feeling of being held (like a hug! Perfect for the bed or couch, in any decor! Soda, tea, coffee, wine, any drink. You don’t want to use high heat, because it could interfere with the integrity of the weighted beads. Always consult a medical professional regarding any health condition or before using a weighted aid for treatment of a specific disorder. Instead, hang the weight evenly to help maintain the blanket’s shape and also avoid too much weight building up on seams. If you decide to play a guessing game with how to wash your blanket, you might not love the results. 4.2 out of 5 stars 101. Everything To Know About Vegan Leather. Usually, they are printed on the cover. In fact, hand washing puts less strain on the fabric of a weighted blanket than the general wear and tear of a washing machine. A luxurious, therapeutic weighted blanket that's designed to help improve sleep and reduce stress. The World’s Most Popular Weighted Blanket With Premium Micro-Fleece Duvet Cover. Learning how to wash a weighted blanket with a fleece cover is as easy as deciding to sleep in on Saturday morning. Place the blankets in a washing machine. As we mentioned above, the instructions for cleaning a Layla Weighted Blanket are very clear and simple. Before you begin, set the washer on the gentle cycle. In fact, hand washing puts less strain on the fabric of a weighted blanket than the general wear and tear of a washing machine.

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