Like we said above, it’s designed to integrate completely into a Microsoft-based data workflow, even offering some features as direct plugins for Excel--you might never even have to tab out of a worksheet to do some of your analysis. If you’ve worked with Excel, you’ve probably also worked with Google Sheets, or are at least familiar with it. It’s one of the most popular data analysis and visualization tools, and its low-code interface makes it easy to generate a wide range of attractive visualizations and interactive dashboards. It enables you to identify what’s working well, what can be improved, and trends within any organization. Business intelligence software is data visualization and data analytics software that helps organizations make more well-informed decisions. PopSQL offers a lightweight, collaborative SQL editor for analytics teams who have experience with SQL and need an easier way to share and distribute their work. These tools feed reports and dashboards with real-time data so that you can get the most updated insights. In 2016, Google rolled out a free version of its Data Studio suite, and the fact that it’s free and entirely web-based might be one of its strongest selling points. If you’d like to extend your analysis by integrating Google Analytics with the rest of your data, though, you’ll likely need to set up a second business intelligence tool to do so. Another potential drawback is that Analytics Cloud is built to work best with the rest of the SAP ecosystem, so if you’re looking for an addition to an existing, non-SAP stack, this might not be the tool for you. If you need help choosing the right one for your business, skip down to the section on how to choose the right BI tool for you. Our built-in SQL editor will let you analyze your data in-browser, but more technically savvy analysts and data scientists will also find it easy to use Panoply’s data warehouse as a back end for complex analyses using Python or R. If data visualization and point-and-click business intelligence analysis is more your speed, Panoply offers seamless integration with Tableau, Looker and many other common BI tools. If you want a straightforward, sheet-based visual interface that will allow you to manually alter every single data point in your data set by clicking and typing, this is your tool. But dashboard creation, charting and data cleaning are all perfectly good uses for Excel. BOARD is pitched to small-to-midsize organizations looking to do a wide range of analytics tasks, but some may find it overpowered for relatively small and straightforward data operations. One other potential drawback of Data Studio is the fact that it’s entirely web-based. Ecommerce is getting more competitive every day as big players like Amazon and Alibaba consume more markets and scrappy D2C players try to disrupt them. Mode Analytics offers a web-based business intelligence suite aimed more at data scientists than business-minded analysts, but it has a strong focus on collaboration and sharing. SAP uses the language of “data stories” to strip away the jargon associated with most data analytics and business intelligence tools, and story mode guides new users quickly through the process of inputting data and setting up analyses and easy, attractive visualizations. Updates and new features for the Panoply Smart Data Warehouse.

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