That’s the joint! Groupies are seen for their looks and not the talents they have to bring to the table. 907 Followers, 806 Following, 242 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jayleen Urias/Julians Mom (@butterpecan_puertorican_) Latina women especially are sought after to be groupies since they are more cultured individuals and can help male artists travel throughout South America with their own personal translator. [Verse 1] You got finessed for your shit and you know that Young Nigga World did it the right Thick bitch, Puerto Rican ", "Chismoso - Spanish to English Translation | Spanish Central", "dolorosa: translation of dolorosa in English in Oxford dictionary (Spanish-English) (US)",, "Big Punisher (Ft. Joe) – Still Not A Player", "Rapera puertorriqueña Glory agradece su pegada a "La popola,, Ethnic and racial stereotypes in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Nuyoriqueñas, Bori's, Boricuas" – used to speak about visibly, "Mami", "chicas", "mamacita" – terminology used to speak about Latinas, "Negra", "morena", "trigueñita" – endearing terms used for Latinas of darker skin tone, "Butta Pecan Mami" - the stereotype of Puerto Rican and other Latinas as gold-skinned and good-haired, "La Chica Mala" – the ideal sexy Latina at the club who is sexually provocative in her actions, dresses provocatively and can be aggressive if she needs to be, "Mosquita Muerta" – appears innocent and quiet, but is trying to gain control over another’s life, "La Dolorosa" – literally meaning ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’, suffering woman, This page was last edited on 11 November 2020, at 20:01. You know we spin a bend Don't flex, don't pretend Recently, groupie has been considered to be a profession because of the luxurious benefits that are allotted to these individuals who participate in the groupie lifestyle. [5], Blacks and Latinos came together to speak on their struggles, experiences, and lifestyles through hip hop. You know we spin a bend It can be used to describe someone as gross, cringey, disgusting, nasty, absolutely horrendous, ghetto, or completely garbage. The "Mami" figure is popular within rap culture; the term being coined by Raquel Z. Rivera in her chapter "Butta Pecan Mamis". Alan Cressler has uploaded 30962 photos to Flickr. (Eds.). When she say that I'm Mandy, like Billy and Mandy Some lyrics include: "Mami ven aqui,/I wanna be your Papi chulo can't you see? Hazelnut Brazilians or Macadamia Caucasians?? Lipsitz, G. (1998). to help give you the best experience we can. See more ideas about Puerto rico, Puerto rican culture, Puerto ricans. White coupe, butter pecan I been going through some things So you gotta bring about three friends Wash away all of the pain Sometimes groupies are deemed as "gold diggers" but groupies provide status for the men they serve and are in agreement with them about their duties. An example of this can be seen in the 1996 song "Still Not a Player" by rapper Big Pun. I'm creeping in a Jeep but I am not Jeepers Creepers, and yes I Wash away all of the pain Through this music, the lyrics quickly became misogynistic and violent in response to the way that these marginalized cultures viewed by mainstream society. [Chorus] ☀Puerto Rico☀the best coffee is from Utuado. Mixin' molly with the apple juice The "Mami" figure is popular within rap culture; the term being coined by Raquel Z. Rivera in her chapter "Butta Pecan Mamis". Ivy Queen is considered to be a Reggaetonera[26] and Glory Castro is very well known for being a Chorus Girl within the Reggaeton culture. Butter Pecan Lyrics: Ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah / You know, I want a motherfuckin' / A motherfuckin' astronaut chain / With a Gatorade on that bitch / White coupe, butter pecan / Thick bitch, Puerto Rican White coupe, butter pecan You know, I want a motherfuckin' Mixin' molly with the apple juice Yo mama’s disk functional! Glory has not made a name for herself and music because she always featured in a male reggaetonero song. YNW's a family [1][2][3] Much of hip hop's beginnings can be traced back to the Bronx, New York, where the population consisted of mainly African-Americans and Latinos. Also, since Latina women are over-represented as groupies it leads to the negative idea that majority of Latina women are gold diggers and do not have any intellect, talent, and ideals to offer except for their bodies. "Video ho" is a label attached to mainly women of color, who are featured in hip hop and rap music videos and have a role dependent upon where they are a: dancer, stripper, sex worker, sexual desire of an artist, etc. You got finessed for your shit and you know that Young Nigga World did it the right Take you out to Paraguay However, this movement did not attempt to fix the misogynistic elements of the music, and in turn, more women were being viewed as sexual objects within artist's works.[6]. Even though this beauty standard helps them obtain this position, it disables them from being taken seriously as women who want to pursue a career in hip hop or the music industry, as will be spoken more about in "Chorus Girl". [4] During the 1960s and 1970s, New York City was in an economic slump. I'm with Sak and Juvy We taking off like a rocket (Rocket) ), Generations of youth: Youth cultures and history in twentieth century In the early 2000s Latina women became the beauty ideal in hip hop culture. However, many women engage in this lifestyle just to make a living for their families and sacrifice time away from them if they need to travel around the world to fulfill their "duty.". [9] When they are represented, they are often portrayed in a stereotypical manner. She does not use her music to over-sexualize who she is and does not allow men to dominate her in her music or even when she is featured. Reggaetoneras are considered to be more masculine and more dominant in their spaces. I just want a Cuban link [25] There are not many women in the reggaeton family, due to the thought the stereotype that men dominant. Although we're living in the US little one has been fortunate enough to celebrate a Noche Buena in Puerto Rico. Don't flex, don't pretend The ideal look for a video ho / video vixen is a woman who is exotic, of fairer skin, is preferably and visibly ethnically mixed, with long curly or straight hair. [Chorus] She does not promote the disrespect of women and she is the center of her music videos; even when she is a featured artist in music she demands mutual respect. Women of color have had a large influence in hip hop culture that often goes unrecognized in the media. It can also be used as a nickname for someone who follows the … Runnin' up them bands with my mans and that's how we Here Big Pun refers to the loving women that are the complexion of butter pecan ice cream, blackberry molass', and everything in between. This stereotype has similar qualities to those stereotypes faced by black women in hip hop, however; the Latina women is seen as being in a higher position due to her perceived Eurocentric looks. So you gotta bring about three friends Lv 4. "Population Division Working Paper - Historical Census Statistics On Population Totals By Race, 1790 to 1990, and By Hispanic Origin, 1970 to 1990 - U.S. Census Bureau", "Justifying Latino History in Hip Hop Culture", "This Thing We Created: Latinos in Early Hip Hop", "THE 10 BEST LATINA RAPPERS OF ALL TIME! Americans. Kelley, R. D. G. (1997). This stereotype refers to lighter skinned Latina women with large butts, and long hair. Can be used as an adjective or as a proper noun. Take you out to Paraguay [22] This is why many Latina woman are used as video hoes because they still have a full figure body of black women but with a European face. XD? Due to the historic marginalization of Latinos and African Americans, the blame can be easily placed on hip hop artists for perpetuating this violent and masochistic culture. Don't flex, don't pretend So you gotta bring about three friends Furthermore, a subset of the Mami figure is the "Tropicalized Mami Figure". "[24] Groupies are showered with expensive dresses, 5 star meals to the best restaurants and clubs, and VIP access to resorts all over the world. [27], Ivy Queen makes a statement with her clothes, fingernails, music and presence. I'm with Sak and Juvy I don't do that no more, who the hell are you? Take you out to Paraguay Today we see Latinas like: La Caballota aka Ivy Queen (1995), Ana Bijoux (1995), Angie Martinez: "The Voice of New York" (1996), Hurricane G aka Gloria Rodriguez (1997), Mala Rodríguez (1990s), Lisa M: "The Queen of Spanish Rap" (1988), Nina Dioz (2009), Snow Tha Product aka Claudia Feliciano (2011)[8], Mélony Redondo: MelyMel (2018) have been women who have all taken the stage and made their mark as Latina and Afro-Latina rappers/artist in the hip hop world. Artesanía de Puerto Rico.Cuatro puertorriqueño, flamboyán y casita en el rio sobre bandera de Puerto Rico.Puerto Rico art and crafts. You know we spin a bend, When she say that I'm Mandy, like Billy and Mandy, Butter Pecan (Remix) by YNW Melly (Ft. YNW BSlime).

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