"Charities and things are going to be much busier – Citizens Advice are already really busy – that will make a big difference locally. That is why a new Scottish Government agency, is sending you this payment – to give you some extra support". This will happen automatically". Many respondents also felt that it was important that a wide range of contact detail options should be available, including a freephone phone number, email address, and text phone. Other queried how this would affect their earning threshold if they have other income. Most participants felt that it was unclear what would happen next after this six month period, or how frequent this payment would be. We asked participants about where they go for wider support and advice about being a carer. "It makes me feel quite isolated – there is stuff out there for carers, but it's all "come to a meeting" but I have childcare, and meetings aren't on a bus route… there is stuff out there for carers but I don't have access.

The person you’re caring for will have to be aged 16 or over and need full-time care for at least 12 months. "I would know I didn't need to do anything – I would be pleased there would be no form filling in.". "If I hadn't received the payment I would likely contact via email, it is easier. A small number questioned the commitment to continuing this payment, and felt that it would be reassuring to have this commitment in writing. For more information on carers allowance, contact your local Social Welfare Office or go to www.welfare.ie. Quicker than sending a letter and I am not always great with people on the phone.". If you can get advice from Scottish Government that gives everyone a level playing field. Yes, carers allowance can be backdated for 3 months but if the person is claiming UC then that backdated money is pointless because it's still deducted £1 for £1 from any UC entitlement. Reviewed: September 26, 2006. It is as if the person(s) caring for them do not exist/matter at all.". Future letters will be amended to take on further feedback from people who have received the letter. Random Acts of Kindness and All things Positive! The letter therefore underwent further development and testing to ensure that it was as clear and simple as possible when the first round of payments and letters were issued in September 2018. If you have speech or hearing difficulties and want us to contact you by textphone, tick this box. Most participants felt that it was quite clear that you wouldn't need to do anything after receiving the letter in order to get the payment. The Carers UK Forum is our online community of carers and is available to Carers UK members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Many participants said they would feel "very happy" reading this. Important: They can be under 16 if they’re getting a Domiciliary Care Allowance. Some had little or no knowledge of the intention to introduce the supplement, and a small number had little awareness of the changes to social security generally. Carer's Allowance Supplement is an extra payment for people in Scotland who get Carer's Allowance on a particular date. Which Team Would You Like To Contact?I'm Not SureBereaved Carers TeamYoung Adult Carers TeamAutism ServicesParent Carers TeamHealth & Wellbeing TeamBME TeamDementia TeamMental Health TeamHospital 2 Home SupportDrug / Alcohol team, *When Would It Be Best To Contact You?No Specified TimeMonday 9:30am to 1pmMonday 1pm to 4pmTuesday 9:30am to 1pmTuesday 1pm to 4pmWednesday 9:30am to 1pmWednesday 1pm to 4pmThursday 9:30am to 1pmThursday 1pm to 4pmFriday 9:30am to 1pmFriday 1pm to 4pm, ** Would You Like Us To Leave A Message?No - Do Not Leave A MessageYes - You May Leave A Message. It sounds like an extra amount like your Christmas Bonus or a Winter payment but not clear why it's being paid or why it's being done in that way. 1058706 | Company Limited by Guarantee 3242065 | 6-8 The Headrow, Leeds LS1 6PT, Carers of people with dementia and memory problems, Carers of people with learning disabilities, Carers of people with mental health issues, People affected by another person’s drug and alcohol use, Leeds Oak Alliance Monitoring Form – Portal, Leeds Oak Alliance Referral Form – Portal, Male Carer Support Group Meeting Time Poll, Supporting carers of people with dementia and memory problems, Time for carers application form – Agent section, Working with employers in Leeds to support working carers. You must be 18 years old or over and not employed, self-employed or in training or education for more than 18.5 hours per week. Monday – Friday This field is left defaulted as "No - Do Not Leave A Message" for this reason. You don't need to be referred – you can just drop in during opening hours. A small number felt that this statement should be more positive and emphasise that the letter is "good news.". Important: Cookies need to be accepted in order for this form to be sent. Please note, we are closed on weekends and bank holidays. Most participants felt that the draft letter (available in Annex A) that they were shown was quite clearly worded and they felt that they understood what it meant, and that it was "is pretty straight forward". 48940. "It's self-explanatory - less jargon and more to the point. Many said that the services that they were in contact with were more associated with the health needs of the person they care for, rather than support for themselves as a carer. The draft letter contained details of a website, postal address, and phone number.

Some had used these services and others had not. Many participants felt that it was positive that the letter started by acknowledging the important role carers play in society. Gov.scot uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. Some also felt that this is simply fulfilling a commitment that was made some time ago. A number of participants emphasised that it is important this contact number is a Freephone number, including from mobiles. The payment will not be taken into account in any benefit calculation and should not affect the amount of benefit, including any Housing Benefit you receive.". Carers UK forum.

Registered Charity No. Overall, participants responded positively to the introduction of the supplement and felt that the draft letter was quite clear. I heard about Carer's Allowance Supplement online and follow the Minister on Facebook, I saw there what the plans are.". Social Security Scotland's phone number is a freephone number, but that was not explicitly stated on the draft letter. Your GP, district nurse, health visitor or social worker can put you in touch with a carers' centre. Carer's Allowance Supplement is paid 2 times a year and from April 2020 the rate will be £230.10 per payment. The support that carers received was quite variable. Some participants felt it could be confusing that the supplement will be paid by the new agency while they continue to receive Carer's Allowance from DWP. This is to help us understand how we can best communicate information about the Carer's Allowance Supplement. ", What participants would do if they received the letter.
Tel: 0113 380 4300. ** You may not wish for us to leave a message in the event we could not contact you. The support that carers received was quite variable. You do not need to notify DWP about receipt of this payment. This was also asked within the context of where they would be likely to look for more information if they had questions about the Carer's Allowance Supplement. Many felt that this could be expressed more clearly in the draft letter. Some also felt that it was important that any supplementary information should be available in other formats than online to meet the needs of those who do not regularly use computers. ", "I was aware of change which was coming in regards to Scottish Government taking over benefits. out more about cookies, Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to know. Attendance Allowance Disability & Carers Service Mail Opening Unit PO Box 42 Limavady BT49 4AN. Many said that the services that they were in contact with were more associated with the health needs of the person they care for, rather than support for themselves as a carer. "We will send you a payment of £…… This is for the period 00 April 2018 to 00 October 2018.". These respondents had mostly heard about this through looking at information shared by carers' organisations, or through their own political engagement and actively looking for information about what will happen.
You do not need to tell DWP about this payment.

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