COSCO has become the only business in Asia to appear on the UNGC Sample Report List for nine years in a row. Perusahaan ini dibentuk … COSCO Shipping have one the biggest boat name "COSCO Shipping Panama", this boat use between China and North America, South America. The company owns almost fifty container terminals all over the world, with over 190 berthing spaces. The company has made it very easy for its customers to know vessel schedule and to track their shipments, the days of constant worrying about transportation of your valuable items are gone, just go to company's vessel schedule page, that is: Enter the Vessel name and voila, you will get all the information about your shipment. Listed refers to a directly available report - Routine indicates a report to be compiled. COSCO and China Shipping have established a management system and long-term mechanism for fulfilling the Global Compact and their social responsibilities. China Shipping released its CSR reports for four consecutive years from 2011. The sea freight for general container 20 FT / 40 FT / 40 HC every week are different, the rates depend on the international shipping marketing. All rights reserved. Report details list base data on the Company subject of the Business Information Report just selected. In the world of overseas shipping, the name that has its own importance and cannot be ignored when talked about logistics is without any doubt "China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited".In 2016 COSCO China Shipping Merger one company, the name use "COSCO Shipping: This company has made it to the multinational level with dedication, hard work … In the world of overseas shipping, the name that has its own importance and cannot be ignored when talked about logistics is without any doubt "China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited". These two companies merged into one in the month of January of year 2016 with the approval of Chinese state council. This company has the potential of making it big in the world of shipping and logistics and that is why they have made it to the top 10 shipping companies of 2017 or we can also say that they have made it to top 5 shipping companies of 2017, because their rank in that list is 4th with respect to their Vessels and TEU and was ranked as 1st in 2016 with respect to their Vessels only, and it still is growing so it has some milestones left to achieve. In its New Century Development Strategy initiated in 2000, COSCO explicitly established the mission of “maintaining an honest and trustful relationship with the customers, employees and partners, and maximizing the returns to the shareholders, society and environment.” During its many years of management and operation, China COSCO Shipping established multi-layer and multi-directional communication channels with its customers, employees, communities and other stakeholders based on their influence on the Group’s sustainable development, and developed a dialogue mechanism featuring mutual trust and mutual commitment to guide its social responsibility management. The “1” means “Internet Plus” business based on business model innovation. This layout will help facilitate the integration of shipping factors and build a world-class logistics service provider. Grup ini bergerak dalam berbagai sektor bisnis, dengan fokus pada logistik terintegrasi, pengiriman, jasa keuangan, dan pembuatan kapal. An inside look at CIIE 2020: Peek into public health, Explained: China's new Foreign Investment Law, China seeking input from foreign enterprises, The integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region. The “6” is shipping, logistics, finance, equipment manufacturing, shipping services, and social services industrial clusters. Its dry bulk fleet (418 vessels/39.19 million … Note: should this report be older than four months, it will automatically be updated (unless your contract stipulates otherwise) at no added cost within ten/10 business days. The vision of China COSCO Shipping is to globalize the Chinese economy, consolidate advantageous resources, take global shipping, integrated logistics, and shipping-related financial services as its core businesses, and develop diversified industrial clusters, so as to mature into a world-leading business entity that provides integrated logistics and supply chain services. China; Iran; On September 25, 2019, the US imposed sanctions on two subsidiaries of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, the Chinese shipping conglomerate. China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, also referred to as the China COSCO Shipping Group is a merger of two different companies now working as one. Its container fleet capacity is 2.94 million TEU, ranking third in the world. Box 440, Alkmaar, The Netherlands,  Phone +31 72 514 7400. The company was … Focusing on the four strategic dimensions of “scale growth, profitability, anti-cyclical capability and building a global company”, the Group highlights the “6+1” industrial clusters layout. All the above companies are subsidiaries of China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited (“COSCO SHIPPING”). When before the holidays coming 15 days, the containers from all main port of China will become more and more, but in one boat shipping space are fixed, so all container shipping companies go up the sea freight, this is one main reason why the sea freight gone up. A Routine report is delivered within 10 business days, or at the higher priority you may require. The group has been actively fulfilling the principles and requirements on human rights, labor, environmental protection, anti-corruption, and related areas proposed by the United Nations and making endeavors to achieve sustainable development. Their headquarter is in Shanghai China. Should a Listed report be older than four months it will automatically be updated (unless your contract stipulates otherwise) at no added cost within ten/10 business days. Please do not forget to select the required delivery priority in the shopping basket. We provide professional COSCO booking services in all ports of China. Easy Shipping From China, Serve SMES business. As of February 28, 2019, the total fleet of COSCO SHIPPING comprises of 1,274 vessels with a capacity of 101.95 million DWT, ranking No 1 in the world. China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, juga disebut sebagai China COSCO Shipping Group atau China COSCO Shipping, adalah grup konglomerat bisnis dan badan usaha milik negara yang berkantor pusat di Shanghai, Tiongkok. 5299 Binjiang Avenue, Pudong New District, City: Shanghai: State: China: Country: China: Reports. Now let's look at their history and services. The throughput of its container terminals worldwide amounts to 90 million TEU, second in the world; the global sales volume of its ship bunker fuel exceeds 25 million tons number one in the world; its container leasing business scale surpasses 2.7 million TEU, which is the third-largest in the world; and its offshore engineering manufacturing competence and vessel agency business also lead globally. In this process, the two companies have also made the following positive achievements: In 2014, COSCO formally joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest international organization of social responsibility. As one of the big COSCO Shipping agent in China, We provide competitive sea freight for you weekly. The group is engaged in a variety of business sectors, with a focus on integrated logistics, shipping, finance services, and equipment manufacturing. A higher priority can be selected in the shopping basket. Both COSCO and China shipping group were left with few customers, so it was logical to be merged into one company in order to increase customers. Following the concept of “One Team, One Culture, One Goal and One Dream”, China COSCO Shipping Group strives to be an outstanding enterprise that is larger, more globalized, competitive and valuable, as well as a better practitioner of national initiatives, a better service provider for its customers, a better partner for its suppliers and a better career development platform for its employees. The need of their merger was raised in 2013, when an ongoing downturn in some sectors of marine industry began, the GDP on global level was decreasing which led to low amount of shipping of products, and the problem was that there were too many fleets but not so much cargo to transport which ultimately led to reduction in demand of cargo shipping. Its reports in 2011 and 2014 respectively won the “Golden Bee 2012 Excellent CSR Reports - Leading Enterprise Award” and “Golden Bee 2015 Excellent CSR Reports - Leading Enterprise Award”. You can still proceed with your order if you wish us to produce the Business Information Report for you. China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited : Type of company: Shipping: Street: No. China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited (COSCO Shipping) Updated: Apr 22, 2019 Print. China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited. COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) Property Development Limited Beijing COSCO SHIPPING Investment Co., Ltd. COSCO SHIPPING International Ship Trading Agency … Should "Written on" not be displayed on the Company details page, then there is no Business Information Report available on this subject, yet. COSCO Shipping Tracking Services for your containers. This cluster is one of the core industrial group of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited. The first one is COSCO Group and the second is China Shipping Group.

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