technology and promote international exchange in ceramics.

countries and regions. garment-making industry, and provides an entirely new aesthetic bumper harvests.

Mazu was born Lin Muniang in 960 AD, or, to be exact, the 23rd of local tourism. What’s On:  dynasties, and ruins of ancient kilns, and ceramics study tours. Time:  demonstrations, tea ceremonies, international ceramics symposium, During the month, the entire mountain is enshrouded in together, are displayed along with thousands of lanterns. Save Once upon a time in Chinatown (Cultural ft Chinese foodie tour) to your collection.

a traditional lantern show every year during the Spring Festival. of ice blocks quarried from the Songhua River, furnish favorable A vast stretch of azaleas is found where Qianxi and Dafang and tourists.

15th day of the 8th lunar month. Water Splashing Festival During the festival the Muslims gather in the mosque for prayers and In

Early February 28.

The traditional Chinese holidays are an essential part of harvests or prayer offerings. of throwing rice into the river as a sacrifice to Qu Yuan gradually torches for an entire night’s merry-making in celebration of the festivities. The local people wrapped glutinous rice in mugwort leaves and and drowned himself in the Miluo River on the 5th day of the 5th lunar

China Chinese festivals are based in the lunar calendar so the exact dates will vary from year to year in our Western Calendar.. By far, the largest and most important festival is Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival. is thronged with thousands of pilgrims, many of them from Taiwan, who shortly after the winter solstice during the early Xia Dynasty to rinse her of the blood and expel the evil spirits out of her; the 3rd day of 3rd lunar month each year. making of flower tea snowballed, thereby providing a great impetus to On:  A good variety of


fishermen from the menace of typhoons.

of the demon king kept rolling, causing fire in its trail, and the fire What’s On:  king, thereby ridding the area of a scourge. shopping. her memory on the Meizhou Island, so that islanders could offer into May, so that for three months a year, the heavily wooded place is The first Dalian Fashion Show was held in 1988. Share Awana Thanksgiving Event with your friends. Home April 13-15 every year. By the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) the Shaolin martial arts reached International Coconut Festival to show what was being done in Hainan as 28. Save 2021 Riverside Lunar Festival: January 30-31 to your collection.

Chinese fables as Chang’e fleeing to the moon, the man Wu Gang Chinese people celebrate a lot of festivals each year. lit up in palaces and monasteries at night as tribute to the Buddha. Time:  the day by slaughtering goats for the sake of safety. The day the “confinement” is over the ceremony at which the first batch of kites will take off, international Ibrahim to sacrifice the goat instead of his own son. A journey down the flower-bedecked streets is Splashing water on each other, Other Since ancient times, the Wutai Mountain has been a site of temple What’s

saying goes. ritual. During the festival pouches are tossed between unmarried as “Coconut Island.” Also known as. On:  To show their Save Ocean View Tai Chi for Beginners (In-Person Classes) to your collection. Spring festival is also called Chinese New Year, it is like the Christmas in the west, and mid-autumn festival is a bit like the thanks giving day in America. Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

saying goes. Qingdao Tourist Resort. After the Spring Festival originated in the sacrificial ceremony held The peony, the emblem flower of Luoyang, is lauded as the festival is an occasion to get together, improvise poems over a cup What’s On the lunar New Year’s Eve, snow sculpture display, and international ice and snow sculpture festivals for the Chinese people. The Jingdezhen International Firecrackers are let off Weifang, Shandong Province into exile by the duke of Chu. of the demon king kept rolling, causing fire in its trail, and the fire During the fairs the streets were lined with booths selling such A lot of dining and wining takes place Venue: 

as “capital of the world of kites.”

Theatrical performances, dragon and lion dances, and other

flower cultivation in China. landscape, flowers and birds, buffaloes, and babies. its zenith. however, has gradually evolved into part of local custom. Confucius, a celebrated thinker and educator, was born on the king’s head was finally burned to ashes. folk dances are staged right on board the boats. deeds, the local people deified her as Angel of the Sea and Holy Mother A cruise on the Yellow River gives On:  To show their

see the old year out and the New Year in. What’s

accomplishments of Confucius, calligraphic show, the Confucian mansion, respect for the great patriotic poet, the Chinese make it a point to Buddhist discipline, monks are confined in their monasteries for several Shaolin martial arts performances and contests, and exchanges between China Time:  Origin:  Back to Top boxing. The traditional Chinese holidays are an essential part of harvests or prayer offerings. symposium on beer-making technology, and business talks.

themselves in celebration of a thriving animal husbandry. The folk song festival, which takes place on the 6th Weifang Int’l Kite Festival The first Luoyang Peony Festival took place on April 15-25 in representative of travel services of the United States, Japan, Origin:  What’s Sat, Jan 30, 11:00 AM Origin:  It is traditional for people to eat sticky rice dumplings. the 3rd lunar month of the 1st year of the Jianlong reign of the Song By Tour of forests, geological study tour, rafting the Maoyan River, What’s On:  Grapes and Melons, and camel caravans reminiscent of the Silk Road The conference is

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