She has also appeared on Mystery Diagnosis on the Discovery channel. When the modern person does not physically utilize the adrenaline pumped out into the body, it sits there and must be processed in the liver. Dr. Fein co-authored Beating Lyme Disease, wrote the forward to Confronting Lyme Disease and was featured as a top diagnostician on Medscape. The clinic’s customized programs offer hormone optimization with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to help women to overcome the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome and boost their immune function and energy. As a result, cortisol must utilize B vitamins, Vitamin C, and several minerals in order to actively do its job, and this leaches nutrition out of the body. Id bet my life on it.”, “Dr. West Orange, NJ, 510 Hamburg Turnpike, Women that have chronic fatigue are often unable to carry out daily activities, such as going to school or working, and the fatigue is often both mental and physical. Mystery Diagnosis on the Discovery channel. Over time, the body will actually convert sex hormones into more cortisol to meet the body’s demands for this anti-inflammatory hormone. The sympathetic nervous system causes the pupils to dilate, intestinal contractions to slow down, blood flow to remain constricted, and an increased heart rate. thank you Dr. Fein for being there all these years and helping me to the best of your ability, which is high praise!!! In 2008 she was the Master of Ceremonies at a landmark conference bringing together practitioners treating Lyme Disease as well as those treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the first time. Sex hormones such as DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, and pregnenolone all contribute to immune function and the overall health of the body. The physicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers offer comprehensive consultations that review the patient’s history, blood work, exercise regimens, and nutritional habits. 667 Eagle Rock Ave, In addition to her practice Dr. Fein has appeared as an expert in various mediums. Sinai Hospital. Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey specialize in treating women that are dealing with the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When they are deficient, women cannot produce enough energy for proper immune function. She has been a member of the National Lyme Caucus (drafted legislation to create a national committee for Lyme), the National Health Legislation Task Force, and an Advisor to the Lyme Disease Foundation. Located in Monmouth County, NJ, offering Holistic Treatments, Alternative Medicine & Holistic Doctors for today's illnesses and skincare. Their … Their customized programs are centered on balancing hormones, nutritional supplementation, reducing stress, improving sleep, and detoxification. In her 30 years of experience she has seen many patients previously diagnosed with auto-immune diseases, Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with underlying chronic infections. \\ Tel: 973-575-0338, “Don't know where i'd be without Dr. Fein. The physicians at Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey have assisted women struggling from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the replenishment of valuable hormones, and many women have been able to eliminate or reduce chronic fatigue while gaining more health and vitality. Copyright © Healthy Aging Medical Centers, All Rights Reserved. in many ways, she saved me!! For example, she was the first to report cases of Bartonella in patients with Lyme Disease, and proposed it was a tick-borne infection. Dr. Fein holds both an MD (George Washington University Medical School) and an MPH (Columbia University). Suite 2A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, 2nd Edition, National and International CFS/ME Organizations,,,,,,,,,,,, High levels of stress for an extended period of time can weaken both the immune and endocrine system, and this is because high stress forces the adrenals to pump out adrenaline, over stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, which is the body’s fight or flight system. We look forward to speaking with you! I have been her patient since 1992, and I don't trust anyone else. Book an appointment today. Usually, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is only diagnosed after more serious conditions are ruled out, and in order to be diagnosed with this syndrome, women usually have at least four or five of the symptoms that qualify as being a part of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As a Rheumatologist and Internist she has become one of leading doctors in the country for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme, Bartonella, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other infection related chronic illnesses. Then, the adrenals pump out cortisol, which is the hormone that deals with the inflammation caused from stress to smooth over the damage created in the body from the stress response. She has been in practice since 1986 and has taught Epidemiology to medical and public health students at Columbia University and Mt. She has also taught General Medicine at Mt. Several factors may contribute to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, such as overwork, high stress, poor nutrition, long-term exhaust, or a weakened immune system. Because hormones work to improve the endocrine system and immune function, supplying the body with hormones that are equivalent to human hormones can help women to boost their energy and immunity in a safe and non-invasive way. Find the best doctors for treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Vineland. NEW JERSEY Richard Podell, M.D. Montvale NJ  07645. Many women that have come to clinic seeking help for chronic fatigue have been able to increase their energy and improve their overall quality of life through the clinic’s comprehensive women’s health programs. A finding validated by peer-reviewed medical literature. Women can also receive testing for amino acid deficiencies, nutritional imbalances, and gastrointestinal function. We remove, identify, and send ticks out for comprehensive testing of all tick-borne pathogens. Compare doctors, read patient reviews and more. or call 973.435.0433 or email Since 1993 Dr. Fein has had more than 14 public speaking roles at major medical conferences. Hormone imbalances greatly contribute to a strong and healthy immune system, and if the body is dealing with both hormone deficiencies and doing damage control for chronic stress, the immune system may become overactive, which causes it to attack healthy tissues, as in the instance of chronic fatigue syndrome. MD Wellness Holistic Treatment of Illness & … Chronic fatigue syndrome is often a safe, fallback diagnosis for conventional doctors who can’t otherwise figure out why a patient is tired much of the time. featured as a top diagnostician on Medscape. The clinic offers a concierge medical approach, and the non-invasive therapies offered have helped numerous women to improve the symptoms of chronic fatigue and get to the root cause of their health issues. Unit 203E, Since 1984 Dr. Fein's mission has been to explore the relationship between infectious and auto-immune diseases. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome specialists at Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey take an individualized approach to healing patients and do not offer a one size fits all approach. Simply put she is my hero....If something is wrong with you she will find out what and make you better. New Jersey's best! Professor at Rutgers. Sinai and NYU. Dr. Podell has retired Medical Arts Center 11 Overlook Rd., Suite 140 Summit, NJ 07901 Tel: (908) 273-7770 Dr. Majid Ali Institute of Integrative Medicine 140 West End Avenue, Suite 1H New York, NY 10023 Tel: (212) 873-2444 and 95 East Main Street Denville, NJ … She is both an experienced researcher, through grants from Hoechst labs as well as Pfizer pharmaceuticals, and a seasoned public speaker. Complete blood counts, sedimentation rates, comprehensive chemistry panels, lipid panels, CPK, iron and uric acid levels. In-house infusion therapy of both antibiotics and hydration (with or without vitamins and minerals). She currently serves as an Adjunct Asst. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is characterized as being an autoimmune condition, and the symptoms often mimic flu-like symptoms. While physicians are unsure as to what actually causes chronic fatigue syndrome, they do agree that it is related to a dysfunction of the immune system. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome specialists at Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey take an individualized approach to healing patients and do not offer a one size fits all approach. Boosting nutrition and assessing organ functions in conjunction with balancing hormones with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy are the clinic’s primary modalities for healing the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome. she is the smartest physician I have ever known, and her compassion for her patients is quite simply amazing. Wayne, NJ 07470, 20 Chestnut Ridge Road, As a Rheumatologist and Internist she has become one of leading doctors in the country for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme, Bartonella, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other infection related chronic … Fein noticed, tested and documented the subtly patent indicators and evidence of a serious physiological condition with skill and attentiveness unmatched by countless practitioners.”. We work with you to schedule the best times for exams that fit into your routine.

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