This information by itself or together with my Card(s) and/or my Account details may allow unauthorised access to and/or operation of my Account(s). You shall neither be liable for acting upon such Instructions and/or requests nor be obliged to investigate the authenticity or authority of persons effecting my Instructions and/or requests or verify the accuracy and completeness of my Instructions and/or requests. You shall not be obliged to carry out any Instructions (unless and until my applicable Account(s) or my overdraft facility (whichever is applicable) has sufficient funds or credit to transfer or pay the relevant amount(s) indicated under the relevant Instructions. I further authorise you to withdraw, charge or debit from my Account(s) all sums due and owing, including any access or use fees, incurred under or pursuant to the Fund Transfers and/or Bill Payments or these Terms and Conditions. CITIBANK REWARD POINTS INQUIRY & REDEMPTION. PROTECTING MY CARD(S) AND/OR MY ACCOUNT(S). I agree that my access and use of Citibank Online and these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to my strict compliance of the laws of Malaysia, including without limitation, any judicial or other governmental order, guidelines, directive or notice (including Bank Negara Malaysia, regulatory or other official bodies or entities to which Citibank is subject). distribution of any information or the making of any offer or solicitation by anyone in any jurisdiction in which such distribution or offer is not authorised/the Insurance Products themselves, or make such an offer or solicitation. All Citibank Credit Card and Debit Card holders. I hereby acknowledge that you (or your designees) own absolutely whether now or in the future any and all rights in Citibank Online and this Website including but not limited to domain names, trademarks, service marks, trade names, copyrights, patents, designs, trade secrets, confidential information, intellectual property rights, proprietary rights and any other legal and beneficial rights and interests of whatever nature related thereto conferred under the laws of Malaysia and all the countries in the world for the full period thereof, together with any renewals and extensions thereof. I shall accept full responsibility for all transactions executed via Citibank Online and in particular for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of my Instructions and/or any requests. I understand that "US Persons" has the meaning defined under the US Securities Act 1933. I acknowledge and agree that you and any of the other Third Party Provider(s) reserve the right to suspend, block, withdraw or terminate my access and/or use of any or all of the financial market data at any time without notice. I agree that continued access and use of Citibank Online shall constitute my acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (as modified and varied from time to time) and/or any changes or variations to Citibank Online or this Website or the information, materials, services, products or content contained therein. Delivery of gifts to West Malaysia is free. TRANSACTOIN RECORDED IN MONTHLY STATEMENT, 6. Any financial analysis, calculations or opinions that you may make available to me is based entirely on information and/or data that I provide to Citibank. I am fully aware that my receipt of each Alert may be delayed or prevented by factor(s) affecting the relevant service provider(s), mobile phone operator(s), communications network service provider(s), stock exchange(s), currency market(s) and such other relevant entities. Is there any reference number or record to show I have redeemed via ORR? I agree to ensure that my Customer Terminal used in accessing Citibank Online meets your minimum criteria. You may provide me with access to financial market data. For customers calling from outside India, the number to contact for all credit card queries is +91 22 4955 2484. Where you provide me (whether online or by way of CD-ROM) with a browser for the purpose of accessing Citibank Online, my use of the browser is subject to any payment, licensing and/or other terms prescribed by the relevant browser provider. For the avoidance of doubt, the fees and charges stated in Clause 20.1 apply to the fees and charges for the access and/or provision of Citibank Online or any product, service, information or content contained therein. These terms and conditions govern my rights and obligations, as the Customer, and yourselves, Citibank, in connection with the access and use of Citibank Online. Prices of security and income distribution payable, if any, may go down as well as up; and. Enjoy absolute convenienceand fabulous rewardswhenever and wherever! Should any discrepancy be found between the contents of any of the Record of Transaction and the relevant Instructions, I shall immediately notify Citibank. (b) impose conditions or restrictions on your use or access of Citibank Online or any service provided thereunder with notice, including those of security or quality of service. These services are available to me as an existing Customer of Citibank, subject to Citibank's conditions, limits and procedures whether contained in these Terms and Conditions or as prescribed by Citibank from time to time at your absolute discretion. I specifically agree that I will not rely on any Material to conduct my activities, without first obtaining independent advice and I acknowledge and accept the risk in failing to do so. impose a fee or charge for any Citibank Online Use, and for any re-extension thereof; and, modify, revise or increase any fee or charge already imposed for any Citibank Online Use Instructions and/or any other request or transaction initiated and/or completed via Citibank Online; and. I understand that Citibank Online will be implemented in phases and I agree that I am responsible for acquainting myself with the full range of services currently available through Citibank Online at any one time. I shall notify you immediately upon receipt of incomplete, garbled or inaccurate data or information from you. posting the notice or communication on this Website. I acknowledge that the laws of some countries prohibit or restrict the import or export of certain types of software e.g. You will not print or issue any advice or confirmation for any transaction(s) conducted via Citibank Online on each and every occasion that a transaction is conducted. Where you in your absolute discretion make Citibank Online available to me, I shall be issued/allocated a PIN in any manner determined by you, if I do not already have one. I understand that "Unit Trust Fund(s) means any arrangement made for the purpose, or having the effect, of providing facilities for the participation of persons as beneficiaries under a trust in profits or income arising from the acquisition, holding management or disposal of any securities, futures contracts and/or any other property. I can request for the Bill Payments service by inputting instructions regarding the payment amount and any other items required by Citibank ("Bill Payments Instructions") in accordance with your prompts and procedures and in the manner set forth in Clause 3.3.1 below. You may at your absolute discretion, upon giving notice, and at any time without my prior consent: In particular and without derogating from or limiting the generality of Clauses 21.1, 21.2 and 21.3, I understand and agree that: I understand and agree that the rights granted by you for the access and use of Citibank Online is only for my own personal use. If you do not have your ATM PIN please call our 24-hour CitiPhone Banking: 603-2383 0000 603-2383 0000 (KUALA LUMPUR), Each Alert will be effective after you have processed my request. CITIGOLD WEALTH PLANNER/PORTFOLIO TRACKER, By accessing Citibank Online, you may provide me with access to following articles, newsletters, research materials, and other information resources with respect to financial, market and world news in the following categories:-, Fill in the Rewards code of the gift of your choice, and the quantity you wish to redeem. and you shall not be liable to me for any loss or damage I or any other party may suffer as a result thereof. If I do not receive a Confirmation (or any other confirmation) or if I have any queries on the status of my Instructions, I shall write to you via Citibank Online. Even if the payment transaction cannot be completed, or has resulted in error or in delay due to any error or incompleteness of the Instructions, Citibank shall not be held responsible or liable thereof. Chat with our Customer Service Officers Mondays to Fridays, from 9 AM to 8 PM. "Citigroup" means any of the branches of Citibank, Citibank NA, or Citigroup Inc., and/or any associate, parent, holding, affiliate, related company or subsidiary of Citibank, Citibank NA, or of Citigroup, Inc. "Confirmation" means any positive confirmation, non-acceptance, acknowledgement, rejection, cancellation or reply by Citibank to the Customer. In order to access Citibank Online, I need to key in my PIN into the Customer Terminal in accordance with the prompts and procedures set out in this Website. modify, restrict, withdraw, block or suspend any service or facility under Citibank Online at any time and for any period, whether temporary or not, without giving any reason therefor, and you shall not be liable to me for any loss or damage that I or any other party may suffer as a result thereof. You shall not be responsible for any charges imposed or any other claim made or action taken by a Payee or other third party in any of the following situations (and I hereby fully indemnify, defend and hold you harmless against any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, judgements, damages, costs, losses, expenses (including legal fees and expenses on a solicitor and client basis) and other liabilities arising from any one or more of the following situations-. However, cardmembers will have to pay for delivery charges to East Malaysia, just as you do when you redeem your gifts via CitiPhone or Citibank Fax Banking. I hereby agree that any Instructions and/or requests received by you identified by the use of my PIN shall be deemed to have been issued by me notwithstanding that such Instruction(s) and/or requests may have been issued by a third party, whether authorised or otherwise, and that I shall be bound by such Instructions and requests. By requesting financial market data through Citibank Online, I agree that: 14. I hereby further acknowledge and agree that you will not be liable for any damages or claims arising from your use of cookies or such other technical devices, programs or software carrying out such functions for the purpose of or incidental to the operation of this Website or Citibank Online. newspapers and television, or. No delay or omission on your part in exercising any rights or remedies shall operate as a waiver of such rights or remedies or any other rights or remedies. The provisions set out in this Clause 3.2 may be revised from time to time by you with notice, unless specifically provided hereunder. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I acknowledge that you may at your absolute discretion refuse access to me without giving any reason and/or notice thereof. in the case of notices placed in Citibank's communications to me, forty-eight (48) hours after date of posting, in the case of notices placed through the media, upon date of publication or first publication, and. The features of any Alert or this service may be varied or discontinued by you, whether with or without notice, at your absolute discretion from time to time. Requests received by you on any public holiday or after 3.30 p.m. on any Business Day will be deemed received on the following Business Day.

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