33.2 I understand that your response on e-Chat may be delayed or omitted due to national public holidays, system maintenance, system fault or other events which may have incapacitated the e-Chat service. 13.1 I may use the Citibank Reward Points Inquiry & Redemption as provided through Citibank Online ("Citibank Reward Points Inquiry & Redemption"), provided that I hold and maintain one or more Card(s) Accounts. 6.1 I can use Citibank Online and/or Citibank Mobile to access and view information, transaction history and the account balance of any one of my eligible Account(s), whereby all financial information displayed will be shown in Ringgit Malaysia. You may be using an unsupported browser, kindly use any of the recommended browsers below for an 20.3 I further accept and agree that the Material is and will be provided to me on an "as is" and "as available" basis and that I will be solely responsible to evaluate, make diligent queries and conduct my own investigations into the quality, accuracy, adequacy, timeliness, completeness and fitness for a particular purpose of any such Material. 2. I understand that while the E-Statement Facility is available beginning on Statement Date 24-hours a day, some or all of the services offered may not be available at certain times due to maintenance and/or computer, communication, electrical or network failure or any other causes beyond Citibank's control. (a) the improper or unauthorized use of CALL ME; (b) any damage to my computer terminal, mobile telephone, telecommunications equipment or related facilities as a result of any access to Citibank Online or CALL ME; (c) any loss or damage caused by any modification, alteration, upgrade or termination of CALL ME occasioned by any access through my Citibank Online account; (d) any access to (or inability or delay in accessing) CALL ME; (e) any errors or omissions in the information transmitted by or to me or through my internet or telecommunications equipment through CALL ME, including any inaccurate or incomplete content of instruction; (f) any delay or failure in any contact, transmission, dispatch or communication facilities; (g) any delay or failure or inability to return my call or fulfill my request through CALL ME; (h) my reliance on or use of the information provided through CALL ME for any purpose; and/or. If I want to request for additional call back time, I will have to submit a new Call Me. As such, I will contact your branches and/or Personal Banker/ Relationship Manager directly; and. 14.1.4 I understand "E-Prospectus(es)" to mean the valid and updated electronic prospectus(es) each of which relates to and contains information about the Unit Trust Funds that are accessible to the Customer through Citibank Online, and of which corresponding paper-based prospectus(es) (as defined in the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007) have been registered with the Securities Commission, Malaysia. "US Persons" is described as any of the following. By clicking 'Continue' button, I agree unconditionally to be bound by the Citibank Online terms and conditions and all amendments, revisions, and additions which ever may at Citibank absolute discretion effect from time to time. 2.6 I am also responsible for acquainting myself with the detailed guidelines and procedures for using each service provided under Citibank Online as more fully set out in any user guides and/or brochure that Citibank may issue from time to time and Citibank will not be liable for any errors caused by my use of the services provided under Citibank Online. 7.16.5 Citibank would be deemed to have delivered the statement of Account to me when Citibank sends the statement of Account to my email address on the relevant Statement Date. I acknowledge that the information sent and received is not encrypted and may include account information. By requesting financial market data through Citibank Online, I agree that: (a) financial market data may be supplied by a third party (hereinafter referred to as "Third Party Provider") and if so, then all proprietary rights in such financial market data are, owned by that Third Party Provider unless provided otherwise. 3.2.3 In relation to Bill Payments I accept and agree to the following: -. I undertake to indemnify you against any loss which you incur as a result of my act or omission in relation to or arising out of my access or use of the Fund Transfer service and/or Bill Payment service to the fullest extent permitted by law. We will be with you soon. CITI.COM. The time for processing Alerting Service will be determined by you at your discretion. Click on "+" to open the drawing tools to draw on the document. 7.5 I will enroll in the E-Statement Facility and will provide my e-mail address. Therefore, subject to such third party rights in the said information resources, you and/or other entities within Citigroup own(s) the proprietary rights in all the articles, newsletters, research materials and information resources; (b) to the fullest extent permitted by law, you and/or any other entity within Citigroup shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage and/or other liabilities that I may suffer as a consequence of my reliance on or any inaccuracies, omissions or other errors pertaining to the articles, newsletters, research materials, reports and information resources whether supplied by the third parties or you; (c) any information or data made available to me by you is solely for my personal and lawful use; and. Citibank acknowledges that any such e-mail address that I provide is proprietary in nature and belongs to me. 14.1.1 You may provide me with access to information resources relating to Unit Trust Funds and/or any other such funds that you determine from time to time, including without limitation any E-Prospectus(es) as defined in Clause 14.1.4 below), fund fact sheet(s) and/or report(s). 34.8 Contact Numbers: When I request for a call back, the default contact number will be the primary number registered in your system. 297089-M). "Customer" means any existing customer of Citibank who holds one or more Account(s) and includes such persons using a Username, Password and Security Details for the purpose of accessing and/or using Citibank Online. I further agree that any requests by me to cancel, revoke or otherwise amend any earlier request of mine may not be executed by you if my earlier request has already been completed or executed at the time of receipt or execution by you of my request for cancellation, revocation or amendment or otherwise is outside Citibank's reasonable control. Such fees and charges will, if applicable, be in accordance with the applicable Account Terms and Conditions or otherwise as specified by you. 2.3 Nothing in this Clause 2 or elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions shall limit your right to immediately: (a) terminate, discontinue, withdraw and/or suspend my use or access of Citibank Online or any service provided thereunder including those of security or quality of service; and/or. In this context the term '®financial market data' includes without limitation any financial market news, stock quotes and/or market feeds. 23.3 To the fullest extent permitted by law, I will fully indemnify, defend and hold you and any company within Citigroup harmless from and against any and all suits, actions, judgements, damages, costs, losses, expenses (including legal fees on a solicitor and client basis) and other liabilities arising from a breach and/or contravention and/or non-compliance with any provision under this Clause 23. Further I accept that any information made available to me pursuant to my use of the Portfolio Tracker are solely for my own personal and lawful use. Upon reaching me, you will ask me if I am able to take the call then, and if not, you can schedule another call back time that is convenient for me. (g) that the information resources relating to Insurance Products or the Insurance Products themselves which are made available to me through Citibank Online, do not constitute nor is intended to constitute the: (i) making of any offer or invitation to subscribe for insurance products nor does it amount to solicitation by Citibank or any other entity within Citigroup for subscription of insurance products by persons in jurisdictions in which the making of such offer or invitation to subscribe or the solicitation thereof is not authorised or unlawful; and/or. 2.2 In connection with Citibank Online or any service provided thereunder, you shall be entitled at your discretion, without notice (save and except where notice is expressly required to be given under these Terms and Conditions), at any time to change the procedures, mode of operation or facilities available on Citibank Online or any service provided thereunder for any reason whatsoever and for any length of time and upon any conditions determined by you at your discretion. For security purposes, I understand that you will NOT entertain calls or proceed with the calls with anyone else, except with the Customer who filed the CALL ME request; (c) Inquiries on Investments - Citiphone Officers may not be fully equipped to handle investment discussions. (a) the information relating to financial, market and world news may be supplied by a third party and if so, then all proprietary rights in such information is, owned by that third party provider unless provided otherwise. In these terms and conditions, the following terms and expressions have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise: "Account(s)" or "my Account(s)" means any one or more of my eligible account(s) held with Citibank (including, without limitation, my current, savings, fixed deposit, Time Deposit, investment, loan, Card(s) accounts and/or Citibank Ready CreditTM accounts), which Citibank permits me to access through Citibank Online in accordance with Citibank's procedures as determined by you from time to time.

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