READ NEXT: Where to Visit Different Witch Shacks in Fortnite, Fortnite Combat Shotgun Buff Makes a Lot of Sense Now, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. 5.3 Sec Rare4.7 Sec (Legendary). Rarity Fortnite Season 4 brought back some familiar shotguns. Combat Shotgun. It seems like we know why Epic Games buffed the Combat Shotgun in Fortnite. Shotgun pellets are uniform in their spread; additionally, shotguns cannot be swapped quickly to avoid the shot timer as of Season 5. It has significantly slower fire rate but more damage per hit, especially the Epic and Legendary rarities, which can one-shot fully-shielded opponents with a single headshot. If you’re accurate with your shots, a couple of rounds from the Combat will do nicely, and given the range this gun has, it’s a very viable choice. Shotguns are short-ranged weapons that use the ‘Shells' ammunition type. The Combat Shotgun’s accuracy uniquely enables players to hit shots from longer distances compared to other shotguns. According to popular leaker @iFireMonkey, Rally Royale is expected to feature Solo, Duo and Squad variants in the future. This is the first firearm in Fortnite to have its firing barrel shorter than its ammo barrel. With an automatic fire rate, it can do good damage with spray-like fire, but only in very close quarters. The Combat Shotgun is a shotgun in Fortnite: Battle Royale. When it was first introduced back in Fortnite Season 9, the Combat Shotgun was a vital part of your loadout. In fact, outside of having a set of Mythic gauntlets, the Combat Shotgun might be the best option for dealing with these Shadows. These fast moving enemies can be hard to hit with any gun, but given the range and power of the Combat, it’s a good weapon that is suited to taking out these dangerous foes. In a video from Fortnite streamer SypherPK, he showcases how powerful the Combat Shotgun is against Shadows in particular. If you’ve been sleeping on the Combat Shotgun, it might be time to pick it up again following the buff. It was replaced by the Suppressed Assault Rifle. Since Season 9 (Patch 9.30), a shotgun delay will not apply if one shotgun is in your inventory. That’s right, both the Combat Shotgun and Pump Shotgun are back in Season 4, and the result has been pretty mixed by fans so far. The Combat Shotgun was vaulted with the 10.20.2 hotfix on September 4th, 2019. In Chapter 2, the Combat Shotgun's rarities Epic and Legendary can be obtained by upgrading the rarity below them. Fires 9 pellets per shot for 73 / 77 / 81 base damage. READ NEXT: Where to Find Claw Marks For Fortnite Wolverine Challenges, Fortnite Season 4 Brings Back 2 Fan-Favorite Shotguns, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Reddit user u/ManavMitrani discovers the new ability in-game. Today, we check out the BUFFED combat shotgun in the new Fortnitemares update and try the combat only challenge! Fire Rate Drum Shotgun (Vaulted) Ranges from Common to Rare. Ranges from Rare to Legendary. Epic GamesCombat Shotguns are worth checking out now., Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Fortnite Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. However, this and its very low damage dropoff used to allow it to deal damage at over 100 meters until it was nerfed to 60 meters. The Combat Shotgun is a shotgun in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

If you enjoyed, help us reach 4.7 million subscribers! Its firing sound is similar to a louder Epic and Legendary Pump Shotgun. The combat shotgun now has a … The Combat Shotgun is a shotgun in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The Heavy Shotgun appears to be a UTS-15, with a holographic sight. It uses Shells as ammunition, it can hold 8 bullets at one time, fires 10 pellets in a spread, and has a headshot multiplier of 1.5x. Shotguns have high power, but a very low rate of fire. The Combat Shotgun always felt like a bit of a black sheep in the shotgun family because it didn’t have the ability to change fights with just one shot, but since the buff it has felt a bit more viable. All new cosmetics & variants! Some players are claiming to have found Black Panther’s Kinetic Armour at one of the Quinjet sites around the map. There is no doubt that the pump will always be a favorite weapon. Marvel Knockout Super Series switches to Duos for Black Widow Cup, Nick Eh 30 $10,000 solo tournament announced, The exciting new tournament that no one is talking about, Lachlan Icon Series skin arrives November 12th, How to get free Disney+ access via Fortnite, Fortnite may return to Apple devices much sooner than expected, Fortnite patch v14.30: Combat Shotgun buff, Black Panther ability & more, Black Panther's ability is now available in-game. Combat Shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun in Battle Royale added in Season 9.

No, it’s not as strong as the Pump Shotgun is, which is why it’s actually a smart to decision to pick the Pump over the Combat in solos, but if you’re in Duos or Squads, the Combat Shotgun is definitely a good option. Welcome back It's available in rarities from Rare to Legendary. Collect tickets to unlock the finish line and then get there quick or get left in the dust. With Chapter 2: Season 4, a new Henchmen type called Doom Henchmen drop only the Rare rarity of this shotgun, they can be found in Doom's Domain. Ranges across all 5 rarities. 8 Details Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It may have been buffed because it was too weak after the nerf in Patch 14.0.,,,,, Patch 9.00 (May 9, 2019) DPS Fortnite Creative Codes. Weapons + Items. It was introduced in Patch 9.00, and the latest adjustment to it happened in Update v14.30. Damage In Patch 14.30, the Combat Shotgun base damage was buffed, now dealing 57/60/63 instead of 50/53/55, together with its Damage dropoff at distances and its range., Availability in chest and floor loot reduced, Reduced Headshot Multiplier from 1.7 to 1.5. Fortnite is a registered trademark of Epic Games. Bullet Type As it turns out, Epic Games decided that two vaulted shotguns were ready to make their return and join the Charge in Season 4. It is designed after the Taran Tactical Benelli M4 John Wick uses in Parabellum. Epic Games The Pump Shotgun, after its return, is currently dominating the meta. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, with the base damage of the legendary variant only increasing from 55 to 63, it is still not particularly dangerous. This yields 75/79.5/82.5 damage. The Common, Uncommon, and Rare Pump Shotgun is most likely based off of a Remington 870 Express, while the Epic and Legendary is clearly based off of the SPAS-12 . Available from Floor, Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines, It is the third fastest shotgun in the game, the second being the. In fact, the Combat Shotgun had quite a reputation for nailing enemies at long-range. The REAL Reason Epic Buffed the Combat…Today, we check out the BUFFED combat shotgun in the new Fortnitemares update and try the combat only challenge! As for the Combat Shotgun, it never really found a good home in Fortnite, but has managed to stick around. In Patch 14.0, the Combat Shotgun has been unvaulted, replacing the Tactical Shotgun. Now, with Fortnitemares, it feels like we know exactly why Epic decided to give this gun a much-needed buff. There was once a time where the Pump Shotgun dominated the meta with the dreaded “double pump” method which allowed players to carry two shotguns in their inventory and rotate between them seamlessly. The weapon itself somewhat behaves to the, If you had your audio settings to Low, then the weapon’s firing sound would sound like the Epic and Legendary, Although the Combat Shotgun has the longest range capabilities for a shotgun, the.

If you enjoyed, help us reach 4.7 million subscribers! Check out everything we know about Fortnitemares 2020 here. Since Epic Games doesn’t release patch notes anymore for their updates, even ones that introduce new seasons, it’s up to the Fortnite players themselves to find out what’s actually being changed from patch to patch. The Combat Shotgun has a Headshot Multiplier of 1.5x. The Combat Shotgun is also added in the game, which gives the players more options. Rally Royale [Duos, Squads, Solo]You'll need speed and wit to take home this victory. Reduced the availability from floor loot from 2.015% to 1.409%, Reduced the availability from chest loot from 2.183% to 1.846%. The 81 damage was changed to 80 later down the line for no apparent reason. All Combat Shotguns use Shells. Statistics It replaced the Pump Shotgun in the 9.00 patch. Damage decreased from 73 / 77 / 81 to 50 / 53 / 55. Generally, because it is a shotgun with a very long range, it makes a great backup for when one does not have a Assault Rifle, as despite the relatively slow fire rate of 1.7 and small ammunition clip size of 8 rounds, because it is a shotgun one has a greater likelihood of multiple pellets hitting and dealing roughly 10-20 damage per shot. The high fire rate, insane range and crazy damage made this weapon almost unbeatable with any other shotgun. Shotgun Now, players are going to have to choose between all of these shotguns, and it’s going to be a battle to see which one reigns supreme. It appears that Black Panther’s Kinetic Armour ability may now be available in the core Battle Royale playlists. The Combat Shotgun is best used in close range where most of the shots will be able to connect with the target. Where to Find Claw Marks For Fortnite Wolverine Challenges. Previously only obtainable in the Marvel themed LTMs, this ability allows you to temporarily resist damage and move faster, after a short duration, a kinetic blast injures and knocks away enemies. The Combat Shotgun will perform a bit better for those of you who aren’t very accurate with their shots.

Hitting headshots is redundant as it has no headshot multiplier. S mivel a Combat egy rettentően gyors fegyver, ami képes akár kettőt is lőni egy másodperc alatt, azt hiszem nem kell magyaráznom, hogy mennyire halálos a jó kezekben. Combat Shotgun is back on the menu, boys! It has moderate fire rate and can do good damage even from medium and long ranges. The Drum Shotgun appears to be a Fostech Origin 12. (Besides the.

The Combat Shotgun is designed after the Taran Tactical Benelli M2 John Wick uses in Parabellum.

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