I think the reason why the Pizza Hut calorie count per slice is so much less than Costco pizza is because they are only counting 1/12 of a pizza that is smaller than a Costco pizza. One of the more common warehouse features is the Costco Food Court. Costco also loads their pizzas up on cheese. You might be handed a sample from a glove-wearing employee, rather than reaching for it yourself. I called Costco and requested a copy of the official nutritional data. It’s an exclusive club that inspires such die-hard loyalty that people are practically still rioting in the streets at the announcement that one of Costco’s food court items is being discontinued. Also, I posted previously that a serving of Costco combo pizza has 680 calories.

If you work for them, you should be able to ask them for the data directly.

Long overdue for them to point that finger at themselves; no one's forcing anything down their gullets. It has a small amount of parm cheese, but I don't imagine that accounting for all too much fat.

Who has the discipline and time to count calories and fat anyway?

Nobody really cares about giving out the information. Their largest "meat lovers" pizza has 370 calories per slice. Click here for all of our latest coronavirus coverage. Those numbers are ridiculous! Just don't eat it all at once. 14 Genius Gadgets You'll Actually Want in Your Kitchen Right Now!

Before they were discontinued, the half-sheet cakes retailed for $18.99 and could feed upwards of 40 people, which made it a special-occasion staple. Costco-holics’ loyalty is unparalleled to other brands, with 90% of Costco members renewing their membership each year.

I'd love to see the numbers for the other Costco pizzas, especially the one with pepperoni and sausage, gotta be around 1000 calories a slice, no? No way. stay away from it. what are the calories for a caffe latte with cinnamon at costco? "Currently we are not selling our 1/2 Sheet Cakes at any US locations and as of right now, we have no immediate plans to bring [them] back," the officials said in a statement. So without the dressing or croutons you're looking at 484 calories. anon15619, the Costco slices are MUCH larger than a large slice at pizza hut. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Hi, I appreciate the attempt at giving the nutrition facts, but a lot of them are incorrect. i kind of like telling people how many calories the hand dipped ice cream bar has. Kirkland Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream. I'm going to bring the rest of them back. The Costco Food Court pizza slice. 1 and 2/3 slices. But with social distancing rules in place, it's better to have one member of the household do the shopping, if possible. Made with an automated machine that ensures every pie is made to perfection, according to long-time employee Kaiwen Zhao, Costco “never shortcut[s] the ingredients” and makes sure “everything is measured to a standard.” That might explain why Costco is one of the largest (and most beloved) pizza chains in America. If you are inviting over a gang for ice cream, another good choice is Kirkland Signature Super Premium from Costco.

unless the employees lost it. This rich and creamy vanilla ice cream is classified “super premium” by the dairy industry because of its high-quality ingredients and its overall density. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Tropical Storm Eta, Masters tees off, Diwali: 5 things to know Thursday, Johnson’s Senior Aide Quits Amid Tensions in U.K. Government. I have a family member who works there and he confirmed that lard is used. Thank you. What are the nutrition facts for the Costco serving? Costco shoppers do—there's even a Change.org petition to bring them back. anon138813 ... About once a year I enjoy a waffle cone with chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream. On the Reddit “Costco Favorites” thread, this Kirkland wine was mentioned a total of eight times, making it a definite fan favorite. Can you tell me how many carbs are in the Fat Free. Wake up to PEPPERIDGE FARM® Swirl Bread French Toast, Bake It Easy With Stuffed Puffs® x So Yummy, Build a Beautiful Board for the Holidays with Blue Diamond Almonds, Serve up a Delicious Selection of Snacks With Blue Diamond, The Ultimate Holiday Dinner Party Isn't Complete Without Blue Diamond Almonds, Bed Bath & Beyond’s KitchenAid Stand Mixer With Attachments is Like Having A Sous-Chef In The Kitchen. How crazy is it that I would have been better off ordering that huge greasy slice of pizza or that dripping (although yummy) chicken bake? 3gr, pepperoni pizza sl. The backlash to Costco's elimination of the Polish dog was so strong that Costco had to make a statement on its website about it. If you're on a diet, or diabetic, then why the hell are you eating at Costco? I was happy to find this site listing the nutritional content. I came back from Costco tonight so proud of myself for ordering a turkey wrap when the rest of my family was ordering chicken bakes and double slices of pizza. So does this herald the return of a popular item?

Before the pandemic, you might have placed your membership card with your items on the belt or handed it to the cashier at checkout. My husband and kids don't know that the Very Berry Sundae is actually yogurt ice cream though. It's gone, but definitely not forgotten. Just in time for summer, Costco’s food court is now selling ice cream sundaes. This is so sad. That said, though, it can be disappointing to find a favorite item from Costco's in-house brand, Kirkland Signature, only to learn it's been discontinued.

The serving size is 16oz. That way you spread the goodness over two days. If this looks good, cut yours in half before you even take a bite, and put half of it away. The info they sent me was updated 5/14/07. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? About once a year I enjoy a waffle cone with chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream. According to Reddit’s Blackaos123, “Compared to Breyers…Kirkland Signature is more like a custard. We used to love the Costco hot dogs, but they are no longer Hebrew National. These are very helpful. The chicken bake has lard too. The turkey wrap is freakin huge. Come on Costco, do the right thing and give us something we can eat without slowly killing ourselves. 34 % 30g Carbs. And if you're grocery shopper who loves all things Costco, make sure you're fully up-to-speed on the 5 Foods That Are Suddenly Selling Out at Costco.

It's not how much you eat - it's what you eat that packs the pounds on. Not so fast. Log Food. Loyal fans of these treats would swear they're better than Reese's. I'm a WW and know it is way too large a portion but I only eat down to the cone and have a taste of the cone. :). In its statement on animal welfare, Costco explains that 94% of its eggs are cage-free.

Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. 331 Cal. I wouldn't think that it is that bad, but after seeing these numbers, I am almost afraid to find out... -Bill. Not only is this 100% pure maple syrup the “cheapest I’ve ever seen,” according to Reddit user caitie_did, it also scores top points with Consumer Reports, outranking the most expensive maple syrup option.

700 calories for a slice of pizza!

Eat healthily at home first and you will eat out less! I'm hungry and sometimes I get the polish dog (reminiscences of Baltimore MD polish dogs in the 50s!).

"To help limit personal contact and create more space for social distancing, Costco has reduced service in some departments," a company representative wrote in a Facebook post. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Do you remember Kirkland Signature frozen turkey burgers?

They should NOT be discontinued," commented one fan on Costco's Facebook page. And last but not least, ladies and gentlemen, the Grand Dame of all Costco Cult Favorites. I went online and calculated the dressing at the mid range Caesar dressing they had listed at the rate of 2T=4 points. Nobody is forcing you to buy it. At the rate I calculated above the total WW points in the salad would be 20.5. I just hope they make a healthier polish dog that tastes nearly as good! RELATED: Your ultimate restaurant and supermarket survival guide is here! What is the fat content on the pastrami sandwich? Costco just sent me an updated listing of all of their items, dated 10/30/2007.

Frozen yogurt may or may not contain live and active bacteria cultures. By special order only. LOL. I'll still get one, but one every few months isn't bad! We keep one by one of our registers at all times and have no problems with showing it to anyone that asks. Costco confirmed the news, but don't worry—you can still get round cakes at Costco.

3gr, chicken bake 7gr, turkey wrap 4gr, carne asada bake 4gr, ck caesar 7gr, churro 3 gr, berry sundae 3gr, frozen yogurt 0gr. Holy cow! Whoever made this needs to learn how to make nutritional information tags. The deals Costco offers, as well as their business model’s built-in exclusivity, inspires loyalty, and dare I say worship among its members.

It is the cherry on top of the Costco sundae, the Sundance Kid to Costco’s Butch Cassidy. 1. we don't hide it. But yes, the numbers aren't good at all, but would it taste so good without all that fat and sodium?? But according to Instagram user thecostcoconnoisseur, you can get three pounds of Thick Sliced Hickory Smoked Kirkland bacon for $10.89.

nearly half your day's calorie intake right there.

I'm so glad I have seen this loss in weight and as much as I want to "go out and celebrate" a little, I can't do that, I'll keep looking for a better (healthier)slice of pizza. Even though the tortilla is huge, it is hard to believe it is worse for you than a Big Mac.

That way, we still get the taste but only half of the calories. They must use whole milk mozzarella and a lot of butter in the crust. Does anyone have that information? @Anon 64826: There is no lard in the pizza or the bake. That explains why it outranked brands such as Breyers and Baskin-Robbins in Consumer Reports’ taste tests. That is the only component missing for me to be able to calculate the "points" for weight watchers. Specifically, were I a diabetic, and wished to eat a foodstuff without seeing any posted nutritional information, I would, um, I dunno, ask someone before shoving it into my food hole.

Above it says a slice has 700 calories, and that's just a cheese pizza. Costco’s Kirkland-brand vodka gets points for its “smooth and clear” flavor that is also one of the cheapest on the market, according to Reddit user breadprincess. Or simply share the other half with a co-worker/friend.

662 / 2,300g left. And when you take into account its members-only policy and crazy bargain prices, you could argue that it is the most unique grocer in the world.

Please lower the fat content in your pizza, bring back the pretzel and offer salad without chicken for us vegetarians.... after checking this site, i'm going to make sure that i eat first, then shop. I like to pick all the meat off and store it in a container in the fridge so I just have to grab a handful to add to whatever I’m having for dinner.” Now that’s the sort of meal prep we can get behind! i think anyone who wants more information on what they're eating deserves it, and props to them for not just eating it and forgetting about it! Can't seem to find the ingredients for the yogurt ice cream at Costco food court. Sometimes, you just don't feel like cooking, which is where dishes like this frozen Kirkland ravioli come in. The Kirkland Costco has a baked potato with chicken chili and cheese. I only had five or six of them when I suspected the coating might contain some form of msg or seasoning salt.

No wonder so many of us are overweight in this country. I always ask for no mayonnaise. I work at a Costco food court and am very familiar with all the nutritional contents of the items we sell. Now if you do what I did and eat everything but all that dressing (I used 2 tablespoons), the points come down to a doable 9 points.

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