Make sure you pack travel insurance, with 24/7 emergency assistance. There are reports of private buses, acting as public transport, Going to Jamaica is an absurdly risky, not to mention stupid, choice. to access Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport (KIN). People. The government of Jamaica need to address the crime issues there before trying to encourage people to risk their lives to visit Jamaica. Acapulco, Mexico, Cape Town, South Africa and Kingston, Jamaica are the top three most dangerous tourist destinations in the world. Something seemed different on my last trip. There isn’t any Uber in Jamaica for now. carry permit does not allow you to bring a firearm or ammunition into Jamaica. Most highways invite vehicles to travel at high speeds, but do not Travelers in TripSavvy forums agreed Port Antonio is a smart choice when visiting Jamaica if you must head to Portland Parish. A report released by the United Nation's Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) lists Jamaica as having the sixth highest homicide rate in the world. I have always loved JA and have walked the beach alone all hours in Negril. Do not walk!! Took a cab to Dunns River Falls and had a blast. highways; road conditions are hazardous due to poor repair, inadequate signage, accidents take place each year involving passengers riding in taxis without Book yourself into some locally run guesthouses, watch your surroundings, make your security a priority and have an awesome experience. It is a poor country But just to be there omg was the best. We fled, but realised the scary way that Montego bay is NOT safe at night. Public displays of affection between same sex couples are uncommon, Black tourists get the same treatment depending on how "Real" they keep it with the common Jamaican. It’s a good idea to bring a well-stocked first aid kit of your own, especially if you have prescription medication that you need to take. They’re licensed and like taxis, they’ve got red license plates with ‘PPV’ on them, or ‘JUTA’ (just for tourists). You could also introduce a code word to keep children alert and know when they need to stay by your side, Larger resorts and hotels on the north coast of Jamaica tend to be more family-friendly but you can easily find places suitable for families all across the island. Roll your own joints so you know what's in it. in trouble. They do nothing to assist in completion of settlements if Probate if Wills or transfer if family Deeds. We're going again in July 2017 and we both cannot wait! I will not recommend any tourist be out alone in Negril after dark because we need to remember there are alot of people struggling in Jamaica and desperately seeking a way to get some cash. So , dear writer, every country has its own ills. I received the first death threat of my life that day. You cannot have one without the other. Jamaica is very overhyped. I used to say the same until a knife man sliced a knife across my face all for the equivalent to £35! I am white as is my daughter and my husband is black. Some travelers say Negril is a fine place to visit, but we tend to disagree given the number of headlines centered on the criminal activity there. Avoid leaving your drink unattended and don't accept drinks from strangers. We did consume a lot of alcohol within the comfort of the hilltop and we danced the nights away. To be fair, I have had to remove two posts in the last two months on our Negril Message Board forum. In the last several years, a number of U.S. visitors have reported being robbed inside their resort hotel rooms while they slept.

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