Tell us what you think of Cyberpunk 2077 gangs in the comments below. For that, they have tense relations with the Japanese gang. Pushing the boundaries of just how much offensive cyberware a body can host, a full third of their members are clinical Cyberpsychos with many more on the borderline. Enigmatic ‘netrunners‘ who love to break every rule there is to break and programming highly dangerous viruses. Their current leader is Santiago Aldecaldo.

Threat Level: Medium-High. Although engrossed in pain and anarchy, the group can also coordinate and execute extremely well-planned heists on guarded corporate transports when they need to. The group was formed due to the percieved corruption and ineptitude the Night City Police Department (NCPD), so the veterands decided to pick up the guns again and serve justice as they see fit.

A cyberpunk game isn’t complete without an Asian-inspired gang. They take advantage of pleasure-seeking tourists in Night City. Among Cyberpunk 2077 characters are his/her strengths, composition, intellect, reflexes, tech, and “cool,” which are his/her ability to stay strong under pressure. They are rumored to have ties to the Arasaka corporation.

They have a standing conflict with the Valentinos over turf. They have high instincts when it comes to the possibility of danger and threats to safety.

They are known to kidnap or kill civillians and other gangsters alike to forcibly harvest their Cyberware and organs for resale on the black market, usually using up all of their "donor's" body.

They are a street-fighting gang from Pacifica that does not rely too heavily on the use of Cyberware, but does utilize it.

Still parading "old-fashioned American patriot" values on the outside, the gang is no different than any other criminal organisation, running illegal businesses for funding as well as stealing and murdering anyone they see fit. Thus knowing their game by learning how and where they operate can help you survive in Night City and the surrounding Badlands. The gang consists mostly of Latin Americans and is based on a strong moral code and century-old traditions. Location: Pacifica, Grand Imperial Mall Members: Unknown We confirm that this is indeed the case for Blu-ray movies right here. They have formed a rivalry with a boostergang known as the Animals. Control of Night City is mostly divvied up between a number of gangs, save for the scarce few areas where the corporations rule supreme. Related: Cyberpunk 2077's Female Protagonist Gets An Updated Look In a surprise Twitter announcement, the official Cyberpunk 2077 account shared a logo reveal for the Moxes faction, as well as a brief introduction to what the gang is all about.

The Netrunners' advanced cybernetic boost allows them to literally infest the enemies mind and destroy them by putting a virus. Instead of controlling a specific area as their "turf", The Mox rather control a number of businesses and establishments, with a near-monopoly on braindance bars in Night City. To the Voodoo Boys, all that old data is treasure, but nobody who ever tried passing the Blackwall ever came back, so they want to break it down, risking the entire modern network. They are rivals of The Animals, who are backed by Netwatch, creators and maintainers of the Blackwall. The Aldecaldos are one of the two Nomad factions in Cyberpunk 2077. Check out our Youtube channel too. The Mox were formed by Lizzie's employees in honor of their protector. Street Cred (Reputation) System in Cyberpunk 2077. More feral than human, Wraiths are just as likely to fight among themselves as they are to attack others.

The Cyberpunk 2077 Classes, Factions and Characters have been revealed as players await the release of the sci-fi RPG some time before June 2019.

Unturned Releases on PS4 and Xbox One Today, Peacemaker Casts ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star, Call of Duty Recruits Jack Link’s on Veterans Day, A Tale of Paper is Now Available On PlayStation 4, Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Releases December 1. In total, there will be nine different factions roaming about the world of Cyberpunk 2077. Their previous incarnations was known for killing, raping, and torturing their victims, and even perform "voodoo" rituals to inspire terror, but the Voodoo Boys of 2077 are vastly less dangerous. The old net is full of advanced malware called Daemons, as well as various machine-learning AIs that continued to run and edit themselves after the Blackwall sealed the old net, with nobody being able to guess what they evolved into.

Cyberpunk 2077 Development: Removed Features, Downgraded Graphics. Their apparent interest in the occult has diminished, with focus being shifted almost entirely to netrunning and hacking.
The Voodoo Boys are a Haitian gang hailing from the most dangerous part of Night City, Pacifica.

Threat Level: Low. Location: Santo Domingo, Heywood

Like almost everyone else, Hassan is psyched for Cyberpunk 2077 and enjoys creating video and written guides to help out his fellow gamers. Gangs & Factions in Cyberpunk 2077. by Hassan Sajid updated 3 weeks ago. On the other hand, betrayal is seen as the most heinous crime someone can commit and is usually punished with a gruesome death. Check more information here: Jim Ryan has thanked PlayStation fans on PS5 launch day, stating that it is an exciting time for the industry and company. Nomads- the Nomads are seen roaming around from one place to another whenever necessary. One of Night City’s largest gangs, the Valentinos treat values such as honor, justice, and brotherhood with deadly seriousness.
They have the natural ability to sense traps. The Scavengers, or "Scavs" are a loosely organised, city-wide gang with strong Russian ties. They intend to “bring justice to the city,” but what they call as “justice” is often questionable and self-serving. They live in the Badlands and are frequently in conflict with the Wraiths. Some of them are currently camping near Night City, and are constantly fighting against the Raffen Shiv gang called the Wraiths for control over the area. Similar in philosophy to the Yakuza, they prefer legitimate or near-legitimate businesses, however if an opponent crosses them, they are capable of extreme acts of sadism. Ready to discover more of Night City and its surrounding on November 19th? A group of aggressive street-fighting ‘boostergang‘ hailing from the Pacifica district. Though initially the Valentinos only cared about seducing as many women as possible, they grew into an actual criminal organisation over time. Threat Level: Extreme.

This Cyberpunk 2077 gang is often involved in corporations databank and account hacks, as mercenary hackers for private contractors, or ‘Old Net’ explorations. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Find out more about the Cyberpunk 2077 story and gameplay. Hassan is on LinkedIn. Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure role-playing video game, being developed and published by CD Projekt RED, scheduled to be released December 10, 2020.The game was announced during the 2012 CD Projekt Red Summer Conference as the official video game adaption of Mike Pondsmith's pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.Originally titled Cyberpunk, the 2077 subtitle was … There are five Cyberpunk 2077 factions you can find in the game: Want to know more about Cyberpunk 2077 Classes, Factions and Characters? Seeking to achieve the peak of natural human strength, they buff themselves up physically as well as using strength-enhancing Cyberware, though some hardliners consider it "cheating". The members of this futuristic yakuza gang often hide their body augmentations as tattoos. Depending on the season, they keep trading places with the Maelstrom as the gang with the highest kill count, but their lack of organisation and tendency to target only the weak make the NCPD consider them less of a threat. They are more peaceful than their aggressive rivals so they are more open to helping V. Wraiths [edit | edit source] The Wraiths are one of the two Nomad factions in Cyberpunk 2077. 2015-2020 Powered By The Nerd Stash, All Rights Reserved. Threat Level: High. Edgerunners- the Edgrunners are also known as the Street Samurai, Soldiers of fortune, Mercenaries and Lone wolves.

Threat Level: Medium-High.

© 2020 PsychoSquad is an unofficial Cyberpunk 2077 fan site and is in no way affiliated with CD Projekt S.A. Alongside a cadre of legitimate businesses, many of which act as fronts for illegal ones, they maintained their tradition of being womanizers and meet 4 times a year to "compare scores". They survive in the wasteland mostly by scavenging, bootlegging, smuggling and hiring themselves out as manual farm laborers. Their duties include using technology to build traps, sabotage enemies' tech and hack computer and security systems to win battles. © 2006-2020 PlayStation Universe, All Rights Reserved. The Voodoo Boys are devoted to uncovering the secrets of the Old Net and the Blackwall secrets. This article will answer all your questions when it comes to a PS5 Amazon Prime Video app on the console. They also have their hands elbow deep in prostitution and other forms of illicit trade as sources of income.

Valentinos operates in Heywood, Fixer Padre’s territory and the neighborhood your Street Kid V grew up in. 300-1200 By 2077, the Valentinos are one of the strongest gangs in Night City. Control of Night City is mostly divvied up between a number of gangs, save for the scarce few areas where the corporations rule supreme. His favorite games are Monster Hunter: World, Space Invader Extreme 2, THE iDOLM@STER SP, Road Trip Adventure, Halo series, and KOEI Tecmo’s Warriors series.

Corporations- the Corporations Cyberpunk 2077 faction is composed of the educated and intelligent corporate citizens of the society protected by soldiers roving around the city. They are composed of families or as big as the entire town who has no permanent address but maintains firm moral codes especially when it comes to loyalty. Members: 500-600 in Night City vicinity, over 10,000 in the country Their strategy is to plug themselves into the system destruct the enemy. Their history with the Inquisitors is long and bloody, with the other gang responsible for the near-destruction of the Metal Warriors. Location: Badlands In total, there will be nine different factions roaming about the world of Cyberpunk 2077.Each with their own unique characteristics and rivalries. Members: 6000 Aldecaldos Nomads are more open to making deals, unlike their aggressive rivals.

So, check out what Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer as we gather everything we know so far.

He has extensive experience playing classics like Fallout, Far Cry and Skyrim.

Most of its members are retired military, discharged corporate security officers, or civilians who received military training. Cyberpunk 2077 shows a three type class system which are Solo, Techie, and Netrunner.

In the game, you’ll be able to help the Voodoo Boys infiltrate their hideout and fight one of their member, Sasquatch.

Location: Kabuki, Lizzie's bar

Location: Heywood

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