Hemlock - General John Hemlock, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, is conspiring with Marian Mallon to rise in power, and to do this, he plans to create a super-weapon using the "King" zombies, which will "destroy the population, but leave the infrastructure." Although almost nothing about all the psychopaths is identical, there are a few minor similarities that stand out. After that, Nick can rescue Eric and Julia. Nick watches as Albert disembowels himself with his surgical saw in reaction of being disemboweled by zombies. The psychopaths in the Dead Rising series are humans who have either gone criminally insane due to the sheer stress and chaos of the zombie outbreak and/or seeing friends, family, and others being slaughtered by the undead, or are otherwise evil and see the outbreak as an opportunity to do whatever they wish. He has become insanely jealous of Nick's heroic attempts, and attempted to be a copy of Nick by trying to save a person, dressing in a mechanics suit, and creating his own combo weapon, a Junk Ball. These are people who were probably a little out there before the zombie apocalypse struck, and now that it has have been pushed well past the brink of madness. Albert is the only one of the seven psychopaths who is part of the main storyline.

Nick mockingly flexes his muscles at her death. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nick finally realizes that the bodies aren't zombies, but actually survivors that have become victims to Zhi from disturbing his peace.

Sloth is symbolized by Theodore Lagerfeld Jr. Gary Finkel, Spider, Adam Kane, Snake, Cannons, Razorface , and the Hall family are the only psychopaths not to … Dylan - Allowing his more carnal nature to get the better of him, Dylan can be found in the XXX store in Almuda lusting after anyone he runs into. Diego Martinez went into shock after discovering the zombie that was believed to have started an outbreak in the town of Smithville had a number 4 tattooed onto his neck, just like himself.

Diego - Despite being an old friend of Nick, Diego is having... issues... coping with the zombie outbreak. He fights with a Guan Dao. Darlene Fleischermacher. When Nick enters his "lair" Albert sneaks up behind him and injects him with a needle. Hey, everybody goes a little mad now and again, don't they? Dead Rising 3 offers one ‘Psycho’ character for each of the seven deadly sins, http://www.scribd.com/doc/171137789/Game-Informer-2013-10, Super Ultra Dead Rising 3' Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α, https://deadrising.fandom.com/wiki/Dead_Rising_3_Psychopaths?oldid=389460. The Dead Rising franchise has always had some truly terrifying enemies - and that isn't counting the hordes of the undead that Frank, Chuck and now Nick have had to slice, dice and chop their ways through. These seven psychopaths are in cahoots with one another.[2]. Nick reacts to this by getting up, and stumbles into a pile of organ boxes which sends Albert into a rant about profitable opportunity on selling human organs. Jheri - Deluded by visions of winning the regional bodybuilding championships, despite the zombie outbreak, Jheri has come to see any survivors as a competing athlete. During the fight, Albert will attempt to operate on survivors in linked rooms. Sergeant Hilde - General Hemlock's second-in-command, Hilde takes a perverse pleasure in her cleanup duties around the city. Zhi becomes enraged and attacks when a zombie accidentally walks into a gong. After his defeat, and being injected by the needle, Albert sees zombies attacking him. When Nick enters the area, he sees many dead bodies on the floor. Darlene then vomits, but with no way to get up, chokes to death on a combination of vomit and blood.

Nick starts to hallucinate Alejandra becoming another Albert and the fight begins. Most psychopaths will usually drop some combination of unique weapons, combo cards, keys, or books. Dead Rising Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In Dead Rising 3 , some of the psychopaths are based on the Seven Deadly Sins in Christianity: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. The are seven psychopaths in the game who represent the seven deadly sins. Diego Martinez. Incidentally, not all of the "psychopaths" are genuinely insane; some are either corrupt, morally deprived individuals using the outbreak as a chance to engage in criminal activities (such as looting and violence against survivors) or at the least, are extremely paranoid of others. She favors large firearms and is usually accompanied by several SpecOps soldiers. Gluttony is symbolized by Darlene Fleischermacher, an overweight woman who travels on a electric mobility scooter who is tired of taking low-carb diets, and uses the outbreak to gorge herself in the local buffet. He trips over on a wire, and Dylan asks him to perform sexual acts for him, but Nick refuses. After killing five zombies unarmed, he says that he will become strong and a hero just like Nick. The tactic is to stop Albert from killing the survivors and throw organ boxes onto the floor which triggers a context sensitive of him being stabbed by his own syringe in which Nick briefly passes out after the effort. Some psychopaths, such as Kenny or Paul Carson, can be saved as a survivor after defeating them after they see the fault in their ways. This fight is optional, however, as the man is truly just a love-lorn gentle giant. You first meet him at a construction site; he is scared of the zombies and asks for Nick's help (also in part to build up his self esteem). Lust is symbolized by Dylan Fuentes, a perverse S&M performer, who is fought in an S&M dungeon in the back of a porn store. Darlene hears them, and tells them to get away from 'her' food. Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop psychopaths, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record psychopaths.

Hunter - Gangs of anarchists always seem to spring up during aplocalyptic scenarios, and the Los Perdidos outbreak is no different. since Theodore has taken refuge in the largest mansion in Sunset Hills. Hilde Schmittendorf. When defeated, Kenny will become surrounded by zombies and pleads for Nick to save him, and if saved, he'll settle for being Nicks sidekick. During the course of Dead Rising 3, Nick will come across psychopaths, survivors of the outbreak that have either gone mad as a result of their failure to cope with the situation, or are morally bankrupt individuals who view the epidemic as an open opportunity to … During the course of Dead Rising 3, Nick will come across psychopaths, survivors of the outbreak that have either gone mad as a result of their failure to cope with the situation, or are morally bankrupt individuals who view the epidemic as an open opportunity to indulge themselves in their twisted desires.

All three main protagonists of the series react to psychopaths differently. Kenneth - The ultimate - and most misguided - case of hero worship on record, he can be found on a yacht at the docks in Central City.

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