Your review has nailed the creative.

Business with high margins and high customer return are good. Wow Katherine, that’s awesome that worked so well! Neville, I’m going to save my comments for the email I sent you. If the point of this piece of mail is to get people TO THE CHURCH, they should make a calendar of events. This is where some clever copywriting concepts (and a little guidance by your old copywriting pal Neville) comes in handy! The flyer is super basic and could’ve done a better job getting people interested in the product. Wessex Industrial Park

The message told people to run the flyer under a tap. We found our guy, someone who goes the extra mile for us by personally bringing samples of stock or sample pieces for something new we’re contemplating. Clearly is going for a crowd without insurance. Bucks SL8 5DT

You’re amazing, and I’ll always open your emails. Con’s: This letter has been sent multiple times to me (which means it’s probably working damn well), but I live in an apartment building! Surely it would fold and break, right? Again, human curiosity takes the crown here. Offers good coupons. Unit A&B

Con’s: I would like to see some sort of “Free consultation” or “Free listing” or any offer that gets them to call. So, my advice is to find your guy or gal and stick with ’em. This campaign encouraged its users to utilise a host of problem-solving skills, including wiring, soldering and assembling the radio. To promote their production of Macbeth, Theatre Academy in Bratislava used paper bags to promote their production.

While there’s no magic formula to a successful campaign, every campaign strives for that one goal, to be unique and memorable.

Did I tell you how intolerant I have become of P/R firms, webmasters and newspaper advertising people who all preach about spectacular results from the same hymnal yet produce nothing in tangible results. Describes different scenarios they can help with (Fix tech for schools, churches, offices etc).

These marketing activities often fall into the category of “interactive marketing” and give individuals a unique, one-on-one exchange with a brand that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

However for a business like a dentist, just 5 clients can equal tens of thousands of dollars, so that would be a great candidate for direct mail. This flyer gets an A++ just because of that pic (no joke….I kept that flyer on my counter for 2 weeks straight just because I liked looking at the happy lab) :-).

Long copy? To really score a touchdown on your direct mailer, get the customer to hang it up on their fridge. My day job is a nonprofit and we send mailers to our members and potential business sponsors. So here’s some of the things you should take into account when sending out a piece of direct mail to thousands of people: –Share it with colleagues– It came flat packed with easy-to-follow instructions for those willing to give it a go. This means never in a million years will I have to pay someone to fix my air conditioner, the apartment handles all that jazz.

I find it very helpful to thumb through at times for ideas (I also enjoy keeping BAD direct mail) :-). My favorite direct mail is little handwritten note cards (like thank you notes).

you are a fucking nerd… that’s awesome…. Canva’s email marketing campaign encouraged customer engagement by presenting four simple steps to start a new project.

What are some things that doesn’t work using direct mail? Pro’s: It really hits the reader over the head that for ONLY $XXX/mo they can own a home instead of renting.

These designs were not just leaflets with text on them, they actually offered innovative, physical enjoyment. Can you link some great examples? About 7 days later, I got a handwritten letter from the manager thanking me for recent visit to the store. I need help writing letters to my prospective clients.

Very thorough and great examples. It’ll help. I have never been very creative but have ideas for my own postcard and door hanger for my own business but that is not the marketing part which I need help with. All of the above-mentioned direct mailing campaigns were successful in their own independent ways. Another simple but ingenious tactic of marketing – tapping into human curiosity.

Shapes are instantly recognisable and easy to mentally digest. flu season/city event/procedure). This piece of direct mail also features a little scratch-off game, and also this “Combination Box” which you pull the tab and a glowing number appears: Pro’s: Almost impossible not to go, “HUH? This is such a well written, thoughtful piece. Business with very low margin and low customer return rates are bad. I have letters I’ve written and am currently using but I have no idea if they’re any good. I’ve used this personally, like on Christmas cards, but not so far for business applications.

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