It has a unique climatic condition due to the tall mountainous range divides the region into two parts, which contributes to rich biodiversity. Pin this article for later trip planning! By Sadho Ram Local authorities reported that some 5,000 people flocked to Sa Pa to watch the snow, adding to the traffic congestion. Conditions are expected to improve across the region over the next several days. The streets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city are often packed with people on the night of 24th December when everyone gets excited to enjoy Christmas decorations and lights of Catholic Cathedrals or simply takes pictures at marvelous decorative scenes of big hotels and department stores. This is three times the amount of expected rainfall for the entire month of December for Zhanjiang, said reports. The snow caused a five-hour traffic jam as people drove into the mountainous provinces of Lao Cai and Ha Giang to see the wintry flurries. We’re not going to lie, it takes a LOT of work to create travel guides like this. The region is home to different ethnic minorities and provides a culturally rich experience to any tourist. Tam Dao is a stunning sight to visit. Subscribe now! All rights reserved, Winter in Vietnam in 2020: necessary information for travelers before booking their tours in Vietnam: weather, climate in the North, Central and South, Best places to visit in Vietnam in Spring, Best places to visit in Vietnam in Summer, Best places to visit in Vietnam in Autumn, Best places to visit in Vietnam in Winter, All tours are customized and operated by Paradise Travel, We work on travellers behalf and protect your benefits, Tell us your schedule, interests and budget then we propose a program, Tailor-made itineraries designed just for you. Mount Fansipan in the northwest corner of Vietnam has an elevation of 10,300 feet. Sapa in Lao Cai: Located in north-west Vietnam, at an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, Sapa is one of the best places to watch snowfall in Vietnam. Winter in Vietnam is from late October to February, the period shows a different cold season. However, tourists looking to travel to Vietnam during winter should be wise in choosing its proper destinations as the temperature varies from north to south. There is a noticeable buzz before Tet as people are busy to shop, clean their homes and prepare special food for the celebration. It is inherently considered to be a disaster for farmers. While Hanoi and North Vietnam endure a long humid winter sometimes dropping to below 10°C, the Central and South of Vietnam is warm and dry. SAYS is Malaysia's social news company. Sunglasses. You can also attend lantern-making classes, listen to musicians playing traditional instruments and join a game or two for Chinese chess. Mai Chau in winter can be quite cold since the valley gets a lot of humidity and fog. Parts of the Annamite Range, possibly the most beautiful mountains we’ve ever seen, can also get snow between December and February. Are you planning a winter trip to Vietnam? The Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong) in Hanoi draws a lot of local Pilgrims and tourists from different parts of the country to attend the festival. Light sweater. It is reported that up to 40 places were covered with … We'll send a list to your inbox, once a day. Long pants. — 20 Dec 2013, 03:19 PM Then why do you hesitate to come to Vietnam this winter season to soak in everything it has to offer? If you’re thinking of visiting Vietnam this winter, we say, go for it! The heavy rains have caused flooding in many parts of the area, and has inundated peoples’ homes and made roads impassable. Actually, it DOES snow it Vietnam. The weather system responsible for the snow has also brought some unusual weather to other parts of the region. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Snow practically falls at the end of December which is the great time for a Christmas holiday and New Year … Winter in Vietnam is from late October to February, the period shows a different cold season.

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