Lettuces: So the companies that produce slug pellets are on a win all!" Extracts from http://www.keirg.freeserve.co.uk/diary/tech/pests/slug.htm : ------ - following quote is from http://www.keirg.freeserve.co.uk/diary/tech/pests/slug.htm: - Don't build "slug palaces" - Remove planks of wood, stones, plastic bags, or flower-pots lying on the ground. . My lovely old Dad used to use a lot of Jeyes Fluid in the garden. How cynical of me! Permaculture is unique among alternative farming systems (e.g., organic, sustainable, eco-agriculture, biodynamic) in that it works with a set of ethics that suggest we think and act responsibly in relation to each other and the earth. SLUGS, SNAILS AND PUPPY DOGS' TAILS « Reply #6 on: October 02, 2008, 15:32 » I use it for cleaning, armillatox too in the polytunnel and g/houses, but wouldn't fancy putting it … Sowing a row or two of Little Gem (no, I don't like Little Gem!) I know that it cannot be advertised for these uses, since EU testing regulations have not been met, but I'd like to try it. I don't use them. 27 Oct 2007 ... Tony in the top garden on our site has been applying soot for donkey's years and his plot is like Land of the Giants - No kidding! That's probably a good thing as they also destroy all of the 'goodies' in the soil and eradication of Honey fungus was never really proven. Moral? Blight free potatoes - but a lot of slug damage. - Plant lots of small beds of many different varieties Slug pellets can be handy. Allotments, Vegetable, Fruit & Herb Growing, Gardening Advice & Help. They kill lots of slugs within 24 hours of application - this shows the gardener they work. PRACTICAL, RESPONSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE ways to coexist with slugs What's left lying on the plot? Jeyes fluid has been around for over 140 years. Permaculture also acknowledges a basic life ethic, which recognizes the intrinsic worth of every living thing. - give them something they like to eat! on Grow Your Own. If it comes to the surface it's no longer punk...it's Green Day! Terry Result? - Keep a good crop rotation Bugs don't like the smell of Jeyes Fluid used in the garden, ll and keep away.... keeps cats to the path and discourages moles: More information in this factsheet: The snails will not cross the coffee trail and it is organic. The ethics of permaculture provide a sense of place in the larger scheme of things, and serve as a guidepost to right livelihood in concert with the global community and the environment, rather than individualism and indifference. I try to grow a lot of my own food in it. Shady moist cracks and crevices between piles of wood and walls are another favourite "slug palace". www.allotments-uk.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=240 That the tree is alive and functioning is worthwhile. One site http://greenlivingideas.com/pest-control/natural-pest-control-for-the-organic-home-and-garden.html appears to offer some good ideas and links. MAY 2008 Does anyone use Jeyes fluid to kill pests? The video showed the slug dying and then . It's not pure organic gardening, but although it will kill overwintering slugs, pupae, bugs and many fungal spores, it's not considered a dangerous chemical, nor will it affect beneficial life in soil long term or pollute waterways, as long as weak solutions are used. 1. ---------------------------, Suggest planting 'Companion Plants'... Book avaiable include: Guessed it yet? ------ on Grow Your Own, Started by The Golden Heap - try different varieties, and stick to the ones slugs dislike; and grow potatoes to lift before September! Great Gardening Companions: A Companion Planting System for a Beautiful, Chemical-Free Vegetable Garden. And you'll know where to look for your slug population before they mature and breed. "Friend of mine, professional nurseryman, has a big kitchen garden and waters all his planting holes and trenches with Jeyes Fluid a couple of weeks before planting. It's been refined from natural tar or oil from the ground. So that's why you seem to get MORE slugs and not less. I saw some cans of Jeyes Fluid on offer in Lidl this weekend, and was reminded of a tip given to me by an old fella at our allotments. Slugs are choosy eaters, so try lots of different varieties, and stick to the ones they don't like for your main crops. It was patented in 1877 and given a Royal Warrant in 1896 so it would be fair to say that it is a well-established household name in the UK for garden and outdoor disinfectant. Slugs loved my Golden Acre cabbages - so I grew extra of these, and left four or five on the plot. Punk isn't dead...it's underground where it belongs. A couple of clues to dealing with them. - Slugs don't like to crawl over newly cultivated soil. Hasn't had scab on potatoes or any bug or virus interference with his brassicas. I never really knew why... or why he always put newspaper at the bottom of his trenches... and soot from the chimney sweeping .. (possibly recall him using potash??) How cynical of me! However, I use a (practically modified) version of Permaculture. Started by m1ckz He was invited to a seminar by a leading slug pellet manufacturer, and was surprised when he was shown a video of a slug eating the pellets. Aiva Text can be found HERE. Allotments, Vegetable, Fruit & Herb Growing, Gardening Advice & Help. ------. on Grow Your Own. Regular hoeing (I've heard daily, but that's going a bit far!) And then they lie around attracting lots more slugs - just to remind the gardener to get out his/her wallet and buy another box of poison pellets! Page created in 0.281 seconds with 35 queries. 3. What happened next? I have grown Cara and Valor as main crops for their blight resistance. And then they lie around attracting lots more slugs - just to remind the gardener to get out his/her wallet and buy another box of poison pellets! The following is quoted from The Permaculture Design Manual by Bill Mollison. He advised diluting Jeyes Fluid in a watering can treating the entire plot during the winter (presumably before planting anything) to semi-permanently deter slugs the following season. The slugs however don't touch the seedlings I've sown inside, and planted out. Sow some lettuce between your brassicas. Personally, I think carpets and black plastics fall into this category - brilliantly conceived slug-shelters!

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