Whilst modern day Dumbos might still be more serene on average, their individual personalities can cover the full spectrum from laid-back to high-spirited. Dumbos are essentially standard rats who have a genetic mutation (dmbo) on chromosome 14, which affects a number of physical characteristics: Genetic analysis has revealed that the gene dmbo (commonly called ‘du’ in the UK) is likely to be a deletion mutation, that is, a mutation where genetic material is deleted from the normal sequence. Interestingly, and unfortunately for our dumbo eared friends, fancy rats are illegal to import as pets in Australia. Majority of Dumbo rats have flattish and wide heads that are more raised towards their back adding to their uniqueness. A female Dumbo and a male Dumbo will always make Dumbo kittens. So choose the biggest cage you can afford and fit into your home. They can weigh between 0.5 pounds, and 1.5 pounds, with males generally weighing more than females. This creates more internal floor space, but without a bigger external footprint. There is no discharge from the eyes, nose, and ears of your Dumbo rat as such things indicate illness. Maturity; Dumbo rats take 4-6 months to mature. When a rat inherits two copies of the dmbo gene, the development of their jaw bones and ears is altered very early in the womb. It has a week by week guide to help you know what to expect. Dumbo rats are the same species as other rats, but have large, circular ears that are much lower on their heads than normal rats. Therefore, dumbo rats can be rexed and rexed rats can be dumbo eared. Facts About Dumbo Rats. Top 20 Safe Woods for Rats (& Toxic Woods to Avoid), How Do Guinea Pigs Sleep? If you think your rat smells, make sure his cage is clean. The important thing to remember is that a dumbo is not more exotic than a standard rat and in some areas are actually more commonplace. They have very few health issues as compared to other pet rats and pet rodents. Luckily Dumbos’ endearing features don’t carry any inherent health risks with them. Female dumbo rats do not seem to vibrate their ears when on heat. Avoiding this is easy. Rats secrete a red substance called porphyrin from their tear glands when they’re stressed, which give the impression of shedding red tears. There are people who breed Dumbo rats … The price of a baby rat is set at the breeder’s discretion. Your email address will not be published. Dumbo rats need to be bred thoughtfully and often crossed back to top eared rats to prevent problems arising from the cumulative effects of the gene. So now I have 30 dumbo rats in all, both female mamas had two litters each. Any unusual lumps should be checked out by a vet right away. And so damned adorable with those dinner plate ears slung low on the head. This is because the genetic factors involved cause a reduction in the growth of the eye in late gestation. Take your Dumbo rat for a complete examination at a reputable vet. The first symptoms are often noisy breathing, runny nose or eyes, and weight loss. (Which is Rattus norvegicus, in case you were wondering). This can be very appealing to some people, while others prefer the sharper, natural features of the top eared rat. However, thousands of dumbo females have successfully communicated their receptiveness, been mated and become pregnant. You can avoid this problem by giving them only what they need and cutting down the excessive supply of food. Dumbo rat pets size and weight; From tail to nose, a healthy adult Dumbo rat measures around 15-22” in length and weighs approximately 1.5 pounds. Since you should have at least 2 rats, you minimum cage size should be 4 cubic feet (0.11 m 3). Without further research and auditory testing, it is not yet possible to say that dumbo rats have the normal – extremely sensitive – hearing of a top eared rat. Rest assured that a well-bred dumbo rat is not disadvantaged as a pet rat and will enjoy life with all the usual rattie enthusiasm that standard rats are renowned for. So I went and got two more “males”… Again, didn’t check. Finally, choosing a cage with a deep base means that you’ll spend less time sweeping ejected bedding off the floor. As well as toys and places to climb inside their cage, all rats need “free-range” time outside their cage every day to get exercise and stimulate their lively minds. A dumbo rat is a variation of the standard top eared Norway rat (rattus norvegicus). I’ve learned a lot and I take care of them every day! Believe it or not that are even more permutations! The dumbo rat is thought to have originated as a spontaneous mutation within the pet rat population in the USA. This is probably because the first Dumbo breeders selected heavily in favor of docile temperaments when they first set up the breeding line. If you have space for a big cage, time to supervise time outside their cage every day, and financial means to provide for them over their whole life, then a pair of Dumbos could be just the right small pet for you. Rats could be stressed because they’re bored, cold, cramped, unwell, or worried about other pets in the house. I have 9 Dumbo girls or various markings, Hooded variegated, Silvermane, Down Under, Whiteside, Siamesse, Hymalian, Mink etc. Being a recessive gene, both parents need to at least carry the gene to produce dumbos in the litter. So, what should the ideal dumbo rat look like? And the sweet open faces of Dumbos can be hard to say no to. Copyright © 2018 - 2020 SmallPetJournal.com, Alison has been living with rats for the past 22 years. Baby Rats – A Guide To Baby Rat Care, Behavior and Development. Dumbo Rat – A Complete Guide to Dumbo Ear Rats, the Rat Fan Club maintains a detailed list of rat breeders, the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association’s list of resources, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Australian Quarantine and Infection Centre, Degrees of captivity and aggressive behavior in domestic Norway rats, Best Cat Food For Weight Loss And Great Health, Parrot names – 300 ideas from Macaws to African Greys, How To Care For A Pet Rat – All You Need To Know. In a study on the aggressive behavior of domesticated rats, a study found the following: “developmental factors including age, previous social experience, and physical aspects of the rearing environment play a surprisingly important role in the expression of aggression in this species”. You can look at the following places for a Dumbo rat.

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