slick transformation of their key learning courses, 12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool, Using Creative Interactions to Build Engaging Courses, Part 2: Locking Menus and Dynamic Branching, 6 Practical Tips for Applying Assessment and Quiz Data to Your eLearning Content, Using Creative Interactions to Build Engaging Courses, Part 1: Locking Screens, 7 Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of an eLearning Storyboard, Structure their work in non-traditional ways, Expect or need to access information almost instantly, Improve usability and move away from “click next”-style learning, Minimize page breaks and disruption to the learner experience, Make learning more digestible by presenting small blocks of information seamlessly. Click here to view the demo. This training example shows how well-placed digital interactions can increase the impact of the learning points made in the video and encourage learners to apply their knowledge.

That’s especially true if you’re used to a more rigid range of design options than you get with a versatile authoring tool. I love seeing what the community Plus, there are new ones every week.

I like the light graphics and course structure. That should be more than enough to help fuel your imagination. This can make the learning experience feel much more immersive, and ensure that courses are as visually striking as possible for learners.

It ensures your program is concise, memorable and flexible by delivering learning in bite-sized chunks. Explore these 20 examples of interactive eLearning courses, including quizzes, video lectures, and dialogue simulations.

Take a look at this example to see how easy it is to create a micro-learning course that looks professional with Rise 360. Copyright 2007-2020. This e-learning 101 series and the free e-books will help.

See more ideas about Elearning, Award winning, Elearning design. In this blog, we’ll focus on a few examples of what great eLearning examples can look like, and examine why they work and how you can achieve similar successes. Want to learn more? Here’s an example from a recent community challenge.

Our free interactive film explores how Jason helps his flatmate Chris, who is experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Play your part in this interactive adventure, based on top secret government documents, to find out if you have what it takes to survive a nuclear bomb! It is very useful and helpful article at Over 800 E-Learning Examples To Inspire Your Course Design and look forward to reading many more. The design of their Know the Business courses invites learners to follow the path of a letter down a vertically scrolling page.

When you need to make sure that learners are not scrolling through content too quickly, you can limit what learners can see before they are required to engage with content. Increasingly, we are seeing learning teams move away from using images in their traditional framed form within pages. Courses are increasingly moving towards using continuous scrolling. However.

“Over 800 E-Learning Examples To Inspire Your Course Design”, Over 800 E-Learning Examples To Inspire Your Course Design, create an interactive slider for elearning, stay on top of the elearning challenges and the recaps here, Here's Why You Need an E-Learning Portfolio, How to Navigate Social Media (and Avoid Information Overload), A Roadmap for Building an E-Learning Course, Here's Why Contrast is an Essential Part of E-Learning Design. We use cookies to give you the best website experience possible, including integration with social media and relevant advertising tailored to you. Here’s every on-screen death from “Game of Thrones,” including who, how, why and where. Did you know that last year there were over 750 elearning examples submitted to the weekly challenge? ski , shared a really nice example. A gender story is an interactive graphic novel that tackles gender stereotypes and discrimination, by raising awareness on how these can negatively affect girls' and women's, boys and men educational choices and career progression. For example, Rentokil Initial’s employees are often on the road. Can you cross the ideological divide of Brexit? I enjoyed reading and is very informative for e-learners.

There are many advantages of e-learning. Surviving an apocalyptic event?

Matt & Charlie against the Dark Wizard (en). First impressions count, and learners tend to make a decision on whether they want to engage with a course within seconds. Deliver and track eLearning anywhere it lives with Gomo Delivery & Analytics.

Not so much. Having the right tools to create great eLearning is essential for businesses looking to thrive. MAY 21, 2019. Saving Maggie is a moving interactive graphic novel for all ages. to help give you the best experience we can.

Collaborate to create simply beautiful eLearning, with Gomo Authoring. Another major company to use immersive imagery successfully is Domestic & General, whose full-screen images include shots of customers using the kinds of products covered by the course content. After all, “Valar Morghulis” (all men must die). Rise 360: Micro-Learning Example - E-Learning Examples - E-Learning Heroes Clicking this link will get you banned Practical, real-world tips fore-learning success. With so many ways to tackle the challenge, you might feel overwhelmed by the potential options available and unsure where to start.

Rapid eLearning. Allied with sound planning and a clear vision of your key learning points and expected outcomes, these can act as practical pointers to ensure your eLearning meets all of your training goals. Learn more about the Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro. Many employees now use mobile devices to build their understanding and knowledge. The report has been covered extensively in the press for example E-learning success confounds cynics - TES January 30, 2004 (PDF ). Subscribe to get the latest tips plus this free 63-page e-book. William Horton Consulting > Resources > E-learning examples > E-learning courses and sample lessons. Between some of the examples on this blog, the elearning examples in the community, and the examples posted in the weekly challenge, there’s close to a thousand elearning examples that cover a diverse range of subject matter and interactivity. University interactive story. E-learning refers to a learning system that we can obtain through the internet using an electronic device. The challenge was to create an interactive slider for elearning. This one from SpongeUK is a proof-of-concept demo to show a gamified course in Storyline. E-Learning Example: Leadership Training Template. With the right video learning tool, you can allow people to search for videos. That was nicely written. Here’s another one on choosing the appropriate safety attire from 42 Design Square. To me, this is the value of routinely looking at elearning examples. Influence the conversation and safely understand the effect your choices might have.

2 This workshop will use a traditional management typology to identify and analyze issues that arise through contemporary discourses around e-learning . Want to know what fantastic eLearning looks like? Twitter and eBay use vertical scrolling in their site design to create supreme ease of use and encourage people to keep moving down the page in order to explore and consume more content. We know that people learn in very different ways to the traditional classroom-based model. rere are a couple I’ve seen recently.

Lots of cool elearning examples to check out and find inspiration.

The design of their Know the Business courses invites learners to follow the path of a letter down a vertically scrolling page. Hope you all have a happy holiday and happy new year! Take our quiz to discover your type. When your courses include continuous scrolling, you can: A good example of this is Royal Mail Group, who used continuous scrolling as part of a slick transformation of their key learning courses. Learn about Gomo’s products, benefits and features, and watch a video of Gomo in action. Play to find out! varija tripahi.

A good example of this is Royal Mail Group, who used continuous scrolling as part of a slick transformation of their key learning courses. Beyond that, sustained learner engagement can only really be achieved with an authoring tool that allows you to create, host and deliver impressive modern learning experiences easily. Nice article. They’re like appetizers, just enough food for thought without being overwhelming.

Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images. You can also add click-to-continue buttons, pauses, or quizzes and question blocks to check learner knowledge.

I also wanted to include some air bubbles for effect. Regards, Try this interactive feature.

The key is to replicate the ones you like and then challenge yourself to add something new to it. The Rapid E-Learning Blog shares practical tips & tricks to help you become a rapid elearning pro. Trigger warning about sexual assault. Melissa Milloway created a demo where you dragged a scuba diver down to explore the ocean. As the organizations we have mentioned in this blog have found, the ability to do this leads to great business results. We can see different ideas in action which causes us to think about how they were built and explore what we might do different with the same content.

Custom eLearning examples by The eLearning Network to showcase our superior abilities in eLearning design and programming. This is because people want to engage with a course in the same way they would with an app on their phone or a well-designed website.

All rights reserved. Click here to view the elearning example. E-learning courses and sample lessons. One situation in which this visual approach can be particularly effective is in product training. BBC story about surviving a nuclear bomb in the modern day, Interactive Storytelling about protecting yourself and others from sexual assault, Can you protect yourself in police custody? Melissa shared her idea and I was able to iterate from it which allowed me to try something new and in turn practice using the elearning software. When you start devising your company’s eLearning courses, you might not be sure how to design your training so that it has maximum impact.

So there’s always something new to see and inspire ideas. I wish you the best of luck on your blogging journey.

We have designed and built courses for a number of clients. Have a nice day 

One of the challenges is finding good examples because many of the good ones are locked behind corporate firewalls. It is also suitable for flexible learning. When they need to take a quick burst of learning to refresh their knowledge, they can access intuitive content, designed in gomo, on their mobile devices. They can also find content through chaptering and indexing within those videos, right down to searching through comments.

Lots of cool e-learning examples to check out We all like to see good e-learning examples. and find inspiration. Get the scoop directly frome-learning's heroes. Easy. It is hosted byTom Kuhlmann who has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the training industry and currently runs the community at Articulate. Melissa’s demo had me wondering what I’d do to make the diver look like he was changing position as he was dragged.

I like the light graphics and course structure. Read the full Privacy and Cookies Policy. Aug 19, 2020 - Explore Skill Trees's board "Award-Winning Elearning Examples", followed by 200 people on Pinterest.

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