It is built around a 555 timer few other components. If you want any technical help to implement these ideas in a practical approach or some more new project ideas in electrical engineering, you can leave us a comment in the comment section below. But many diplomae and engineering students don’t know the idea about how they work and which projects may come under this category. Hey there, These all are great ideas for Electrical Engineering FYPs. These are latest projects with innovative ideas. The overall objectives of this project is to design and implement a portable EEG acquisition system operated b y battery which has the capability of picking EEG signals from the motor cortex area of the brain. We use an interpolation technique to measure the time difference b/w two plus-edges with a 625 ps resolution. The formation control means a grope of agents coordinated with each other to maintain the shape and distances from each other and achieving the goals of formation at the same time. sir I want a solar charge controller circuit from solar panel of 12 v and a dual axis solar tracking system without using any software components and 8051 please send me this abstract and circuit diagram to my mail as soon as possible pls sir, Hallow can please help with Automatic solar tracker codes and the block diagram my email [email protected], Salam sir I am a student of electronics engg final year please help me for my FYP……, CAN YOU HELP ME ? High voltage refers to an output of an order of thousands of volts. As per your query please read our articles based on final year projects for ECE and EEE. "toggle": { The goal is that, even if the power factor becomes low, no bearing penalty will apply, because you connect additional capacitors in the system to be used when necessary. It has four channels and each channel can provide around 11W over a load of 2-ohms and around 6W over a load of 4-ohms. In our daily life, electrical projects are very useful in many fields and they need more power when compared with other projects. GSM can also be used to control circuit breakers and relays. How about turning your Arduino development board into the ultimate home control unit? "styles": { A 3-phase induction motor can have costly problems when the start-up procedure doesn’t run smoothly. Getter Activation tool for Sophie thermal sight. Remember to include privacy settings on all applications. "font-size": "12px", "button": { This project plays a key role in implementing switching load through the program using a microcontroller. Another idea is to create a unit that limits penalty bearing for industries. Arduino Sensors [CDATA[*/ please its my humble request, I need a innovative ideas for the innovation day.I am currently pursuing diploma in Electrical Engineering. Get the most out of solar power. As a window comparator, two comparators are used to make one quad comparator. ":hover": { All you need are: Design the system so that the thyristors will receive triggering signals from the control unit whenever the motor starts. } FPGA Based Time to Digital Converter and its application in Coincidence Counting and Lifetime measurements. Your email address will not be published. The closed system allows the real speed to be monitored. }, The programming of this microcontroller is can be done in such a way to evaluate the definite speed with the required speed. "text": { This project is designed to reduce the starting current of a three-phase induction motor, thereby providing a smooth start. Some of these values involve resistors, coupling capacitor, bypass capacitor, power consumption, the current flowing through different components. Your focus will need to be on minimizing photovoltaic system costs. Good day, Once completed, it has a host of applications. } Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited. Ground Control Station will be implemented on a computer based application and then it will be translated to an embedded processor. The correlation of CT scan and breathing rate can be used for effective tumor targeting, Physiological sensing finds applications in many areas namely military, biomedical and rescue operations. This project targets on reducing the no. }, This dusk-dawn controller is built around a light-dependent resistor among other components.

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