Officials at Jackson's label, Sony Music-owned Epic Records, declined to be interviewed for this story, as they've declined all interviews about Jackson's catalog since his death; likewise, neither iTunes nor Amazon would comment on sales-related information. The immediacy and near-universal accessibility of digital music has made it the form of choice for millions today. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. When we tired of his being dead, we brought him back to life. In the grand scheme of things, what he did was not all that crucial to the world. The one-hour program "Michael and Elvis: A Tale of Two Kings" is slated to premiere Sunday. I once heard on the news that Miley Cyrus had surpassed Elvis in overall popularity. Michael Jackson 14 350,000,000 US 70s-00s (1979-2009) Pop/R&B, 03. The World Music Awards is always refering to IFPI [2] so why did WMA awarded Mariah Carey as the World's Best-Selling Female Artist of the Millennium in 2000 as she's only number 8 and Madonna number 4? CDs and other physical media accounted for 82% of those sales at a time when the demise of the CD is estimated to be only a few years away. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. There is also a disclaimer at the top that also states sales are disputed and given by record companies, yet, that didn't stop you repeating it time and again in the articles of the Beatles and Elvis, if you're not trying to make MJ look good and the other two look bad, well, you could have fooled me!. Factor in non-reissues from FTD and you come very close to 155 million. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Elvis came along at just the time the first identifiable generation of teenagers were about to substitute a drive for freedom for their parents' drive for security. They even had widely-known private sanctuaries — Jackson had Neverland, Elvis had Graceland. Madonna 16 275,000,000 US 80s-00s (1984-) Pop/ Dance and Techno, 05. It was released on April 2nd, 2012. En la lista considero que Bing Crosby debería estar entre los 2 o 3 primeros puestos el fue el artista más vendido durante varias decadas no obstante aquí y claramente vendio mas Michael Jackson, aquí toman en consideracion la certificacion Riia pero en el caso de Crosby Decca no lo ha solicita y es injusto descartarlo de la lista. EIN Note; We have had a very strong reader's response to our article "Elvis or Michael Jackson - who is the bigger star in death?" Also, Madonna is the all time singles artist with 25 world-wide #1 songs, more than The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Joe Jackson asks Priscilla and Lisa Marie for advice on opening of Neverland to the public: reports that the 79-year-old father of the late Michael Jackson sought out Priscilla and her daughter Lisa Marie Presley - Michael's ex-wife and the daughter of Elvis Presley - because he is keen to turn Michael's former home into an attraction for fans. "Where Elvis co-created a musical art form, Michael largely built on one. Once online and brick and mortar retail outlets replenished their shelves, an additional 800,000 copies of Jackson's albums were sold in the first full week after his death, according to figures released last week. Jackson’s (dance) moves were unlike anything anyone had seen before and like Elvis, the movements were innate gifts. For $1 million, you can buy a handful of those names. Elvis was tormented by guilt all his life because he had lived and Jesse had died. UPDATE: Madonna has been confirmed by The Guinness Book of World Records and IFPI(International Federation of Phonographic Industry) as the top selling female artist of all time with certified sales of 182mil albums and 125mil singles, 305 mil records in total. However, I can't find this anywhere on the IFPI's webiste. He may be gone, but it’s unlikely he’ll be dethroned any time soon. Poor Michael Jackson. I'm not sure whetehr we should structure the page around their list, but it could well be worth at least a mention, perhaps its own section within the page. She's also the best selling singles and album artist in several markets including the USA, England, Spain, Germany, etc.. Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presleyis the nineteenth installment ofEpic Rap Battles of Historyand the fourth episode ofSeason 2. Both careers involved "moves" that were part of their attraction. There is no 'fact' on this at all. a responce from her rep..Liz , they stated that since there was no responce they gave the award to another "deserving" artist. IMO it is too conflicting for both (WMA and IFPI) to publish officially a list of the best selling artists of all time (with figures) as Music Companies and Majors won't probably accept it (again, it's my opinion).Readerweb 20:23, 24 March 2006 (UTC). Just the other night, my sister and I were jamming out to “Beat It” in the car and I realized why I liked his music so much. "That's one of the things we try to do overall, foster that environment of the record store . Also, ABBA is sometimes called the biggest selling act ever. Additional data is also welcome inside the comments section. Those present mostly reflected some connection to Jackson's life or work. Its about time. Thriller, his album, has sold more then any other single album. I don’t know any 40-year-old men that would sleep in a bed with a boy that wasn’t their own. While Jackson's later years rarely saw him create or put out new music, Elvis continued recording up until his death, amassing a voluminous catalog of material - touching on rock, pop, country and gospel - that could be released and repackaged for years to come. Sharpton also called for a national day of mourning, urging people to gather in schools, community centres, and churches to pay tribute to the singer on Tuesday, when a public memorial service will be held at L.A.'s Staples Center. ", At first, a 1,500-word resolution highlighting, among other things, Jackson's provision of 200 turkey dinners to poor Los Angeles families, may seem a wee tad overweening. Jackson's legendary "Moonwalk" was just one part of a dance-heavy act. Caulfield noted that the album format still skews more strongly toward physical media than do singles. Or, as that satirical lyric goes from the song, Cover of the Rolling Stone, "We sing about beauty and we sing about truth, at $10,000 a show.". Jackson also broke a racial divide with a sound combining synthesized pop, R & B, hip hop and rock, which also appealed to both black and white listeners. Sorry if it appeared otherwise. One biographer contends the two slept together on their second date, when Priscilla was 14, though Priscilla herself has disputed that account. It is a fake list, and IFPI currently tracking down the source of it i believe. That sort of got lost in the late '90s and the early millennium with the introduction of download culture." "I think because Michael Jackson's music meant so much to so many people of different generations, that emotional aspect of it created a situation that we saw where people wanted to come into a music store and get something they could hold in their hand as opposed to something to load into their computer," said Dave Cunningham, a floor manager at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. Elvis had a message for humanity that he wanted to transmit to the world. He is rumored to have had problems with prescription drugs and even admitted to sleeping in the same bed with young boys, although not sexual in nature.

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