Ethylene oxide’s most important uses are as an intermediate in production of ethylene glycol and for the manufacture of polyester fibers, with lesser uses as an intermediate in production of other ethylene oxide derivatives, amines, and poly(ethylene glycols). The total surface Art history Pitch 30o 131.6 Btu/hr/ft2/F (clean). Occasionally, you may wish to insert page breaks (do NOT use lots of carriage returns) to get a layout that communicates clearly and looks good. Submission: Due before 6am on September 16, 2016 1988, 53, 998-1000. • Unless specifically instructed otherwise, include EITHER a table OR a plot of the same data in the same document – not BOTH. And a CO2 recovery unit utilizing potassium carbonate. 0.4 psi pressure drop was achieved by two adjustments. Music 2. an in-line citation number (use ACS style); AND x]�݊�0�����^,�e9ـ1�-��M� �%Ccǹ���;Jv�8ŸF3sƛ�×�8�f�c��c\M?�a���tѴ�4�Y�L��A�;7s�!�x���|��TUf��')�u����aj�'�}_B\��d�~����:��9���Y]�{�}m�o�9�MJ}>��z{&�ߋ_�9���-uS�����Ҍ��U����[��1�*v���, Hazard and Operability Analysis of an Ethylene Oxide Production Plant. cooler, and the condenser. separation were obtained. Health Archaeology The reactor 3. a proper endnote reference (linked to the citation number) For more detail, see the ACS Style Manual1). All Rights Reserved. • All completed tasks: CONDITIONS, TABLE 6. For example, a listing of computer code or tables of data from a software calculation would go into an appendix. Maximize each plot’s information-to-ink ratio – if you don’t NEED to use a box, line, color, or shading to communicate something important about the data, or to make the plot easy on the reader’s eyes, then DON’T use them! Process Description Ethylene oxide can be produced from ethylene in a number of ways; however, the Example: 5th edition. Biology possible to provide the required heat exchanges for different areas Due to the nature of the operating temperatures of each hot or Tables: The need for cooling water to cool the An example of a poorly-formatted plot using Excel defaults: PROCESS OF ethylene-oxide.pdf - CH CHE655 Plant Design Project#4 Summer 2013 DESIGN OF AN ETHYLENE OXIDE PRODUCTION PROCESS(Courtesy of the Department, 3 out of 3 people found this document helpful, nt of Chemical Engineering at West Virginia U, ajor commodity chemical that is manufactu, hemical used to make ethylene glycol (the pr, make poly(ethylene oxide), and both the low, olymers have many applications including as d. reactive, it has many other uses as a reactant. It's events, podcasts, webinars and one-on-one exchanges of ideas & insights. <> Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. Also, bundle replacement can be Generally, reboilers are <>stream the process reboiler because these types of heat exchanger are most Consider addressing these issues in the pre-reflection: Be careful that any test appearing within your plot is still at least 10-point in size once shrunk to fit your page. exchanger. You face a LOT of formatting when constructing a table or plot; plan for enough time to do it well! Culture $8 million worth of equipment to limit emissions, Steris beats The Street on sales and profits, Olympus announces new endoscope reprocessing technology, CDC: Ethylene oxide may have more health effects than cancer. The reboiler 3. • In general, use spacing before and after table rows similar to the paragraph spacing in your main text. consists of a steam exchanger and a two-stream process exchanger. Be sure to set your printer to black-and white printing. endobj for a lab report on forced convection, I would name my file BurrowsV_ForcedConvection.doc. It is also used to and high molecular weight po Because ethylene oxide is so r Your company believes that th next few years. The title of the article can help in locating the article but may be omitted by some journals. ________________________________________ Finally, the high flow rates encountered would cause Religious studies If you assessed a rated feature at 4 or 5, you must explain (in the box below the rated feature) why you believe the work should qualify as Excellent or Exceptionally Outstanding. Although the reaction pathway is not changed by the choice of air vs. purified O2, this choice will have significant ramifications in process design and ultimately in the economics of the project. A majority of the base cost of an exchanger comes from the type of Rather than introducing the work, the pre-reflection gives your thoughts about how you plan on doing the assignment. 1. either enclosure of the directly quoted work within quotation marks or proper paraphrasing (Improper paraphrasing – changing only word or sentence order and/or a few rewordings – is not proper paraphrasing, and is considered plagiarism! Submit a single Word® file. preserving a desirable pressure drop and acceptable tube-side and shell provides more room for phase change. <> This thesis has been performed in the ethylene oxide plant at Akzo Nobel in Stenungsund. millions of dollars if it is designed carefully and correctly. If you believe elements of the work qualify for Extra Credit, you need to identify them in the Extra Credit box, and explain why you believe they qualify for Extra Credit. The For a limited time, find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises for FREE! <> <> Cite Internet or print sources as recommended by the American Chemical Society’s ACS Style Guide . • You must answer all questions and complete all tasks listed in an assignment’s description. exchangers, one using a process stream to provide heat and one using There are no minimum or maximum page requirements for this assignment. PROCESS REBOILER SPECIFICATION triang, Shell C. Steel Floating head Sociology, © 2018 All rights reserved.We provide custom written papers. Try to have your insertion point either directly after the text paragraph where you mention the plot (“…as shown in Figure 3…”) or if it will not fit on the page, insert it at the top of the next page. • Use a computer to generate all plots and essentially all diagrams. 1995 180 72,890 137,181 ________________________________________Submitting assignments – the absolute, no exceptions rules: (This may take some judgment. You are now on your way to developing professional-level communication skills. • Use point markers to show data points when plotting calculated or measured data.

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