The pants are an olive drab in color, long trousers with a high waist that are held up with a thick brown leather belt. Not the picture of Aussie health we're accustomed to locally, she looks like one of those stock-standard European skinnies with her gaunt face, In summer it bloomed with such richness that it hurt the eyes, flowers flushed to shrubs, the bluebells and snowdrops pushed their way through the, The shape-changer looked down at himself, observing, Meathead nodded down the hallway where two olive, Handicrafts have been directed not only to fulfil one's daily requirement but to add beauty and brightness in the otherwise dull and, Every one of them seemed to have a stream of people entering or leaving them, except for one, a squat building painted brightly against its, Supermodel and forces sweetheart Nell McAndrew provided a welcome splash of glamour against the, It's the only point of interest in his excruciatingly, Does he cut a dashing figure against the grey landscape of, No trace, only my cigarette smoke, hovering like a wraith, betrayed my presence by leaving the shadow of its scent as it passed through, What should have been a fast flowing cat-and-mouse chase, with the highs and lows of your stomach on a bumpy sea ride, manoeuvres into two-and-a-half hours of, But why do the outdoor scenes look as dank and, The country grew tired of the relentless pictures of death in, Inauguration of Government-owned facilities are generally, I believed that such wondrous girls walked around Rome with birds on their heads while I suffered the, This meant cotton khaki for summer and interim use of the earlier olive, Would-be commandos are deployed in groups of up to six, each kitted out in, Somehow, the stained, scrubbily painted areas of khaki, olive, Ineffable sarcasm underlined the word 'bride', suggesting that Mrs Mudge must be a, Workers at Asda have been told they can swop, For some reason they weren't encouraged with the same visionary spirit, but dismissed to a. Drab tomatoes will really drag down your salad, and in the end, your meal.

Some bowerbirds are bright and showy, but others are drab and excite their females with elaborate shelters instead. The drab and boring party was enhanced when the DJ and band arrived.

There's nothing that says dog beds need to come in drab colors and boring patterns. What should have been a fascinating novelisation of Konstantin's life is, however, a slow, But among the youngest passerid clade, the Passeroidea, extremely colorful males and, Some historians have marked the 18th century as a, He leaned down to inspect a white-quilled cactus, and then spotted a different kind with skinnier branches and only a few, The upper part of the fell, in excess of a mile square, is soft, peaty and.

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