Ezio read the letter, finding out that Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza was assassinated in an incident in Milan by three men: Giovanni Andrea Lampugnani, Carlo Visconti, and Gerolamo Olgiati, and that his father was attempting to warn De Medici that the assassination may have been more than just discontent with Sforza's rule - he believed that a third party sought their own interests and that Francesco de Pazzi was implicated. Ezio had Francesco's corpse hung from the Palazzo della Signoria as Jacopo was chanting "Liberta!" When he pushed past the door, he took a Masyaf key from a statue holding it, achieving his goal. Afterwards, he traveled to the Galata District on a boat, and used the Galata Tower key to unlock the door there. Ezio assassinated Beltramo Cassano, a public official, decreasing his notoriety and weakening the Barbarigo family before the assassination of the Doge could be carried out. Ezio took out all of the Venetian guards at three positions, planting men at each area. They were really the soldiers of Fabio Orsini, who had him jailed on the orders of Pope Julius II for treachery, murder, betrayal, and incest. This is why I have come so far. He returned to the Campidoglio, where he met Machiavelli again. He opened up a map and showed her the margins, and she noticed that they had the titles of rare books. As he walked to the docks, he saw a little boy crying, sitting at the edge of the dock. He eventually crashed, but Leonardo was happy that he flew. Who will greet me? Up until the age of 17, Ezio lived a life of luxury amidst the members of the Florentine noble class; he was apprenticed to the renowned banker Giovanni Tornabuoni, who worked alongside Giovanni Auditore's banking business, but was all the while unaware of his father's allegiance to the Assassin Order. Suleiman told Ezio that to get to the Janissary barracks to find the weapons, he would have to become a Janissary himself. Later, Ezio encountered Lorenzo once more, having saved his life from the Pazzi conspirators. He snuck up behind the man and stabbed him in the back with his hidden blades, killing him. Yusuf told him that the Assassins planned to dress as entertainers and walk right in to the banquet that the prince was holding that night/ Ezio decided to join Yusuf, protect the Ottoman royal family, and gain their trust. Ezio caught up with him at a small tower, where he slashed at him with a sword and cut him down by diagonally slashing his back, killing him. He also told her that he admired Sofia with more affection than he thought possible, but he told Claudia that he did not want to drag her into his life for the fear of hurting her or dragging her away. He was also given a new challenge: he needed to climb the Tower of Galata in under 60 seconds. Ezio said that he had to find three books first in order to get clues to find more of the keys. Machiavelli took him on a tour of rome and told him of the strength of the Borgias. He was also told that a French general (Baron Octavian de Valois) guarded the bridge to Rome and the Papal Guards controlled the inside of Rome. Egidio told him that he needed to give the Banker money, so Ezio gave him 3,000 ƒ to pay off his debt. The tank then destroyed two Borgia tanks inside the castle, and Ezio and the mercenaries exited their tank, with Ezio using a cannon mounted on the walls to destroy the tank prototype. A man sat next to him and criticized Florence, saying that he would rather be in Rome. After killing them, Ezio headed to Santa Maria Assunta, where he helped to fight off attackers who ambushed Mario. Ezio faced Ivy Valentine, an older woman who was still skilled in the art of killing. In 1476, Ezio's brother Federico convinced him to hit on a beautiful girl near his house, and Ezio tried to flirt with her. He was motivated to join the Assassins by revenge for Rodrigo Borgia's execution of his father and brothers, and hunted down his family's killers from 1476 to 1498. Leandros had him taken to a balcony near the top of the tower of Masyaf, where he attempted to put a rope around his neck to hang him. After hearing this, Ezio moved in to kill Tarik. The second time, Ezio attempted it alone, but Pietro escaped again. On the way back to Constantinople, he re-visited Altair's memories. While tending to his fields, he saw Flavia with a cloaked figure, so he charged at the figure and restrained it; he found out that it was a female Chinese assassin. Ezio accompanied Machiavelli to the Campidoglio, where a thief stole some of his money. As they walked down an alley, they encountered a hooded man, and he drew a sword. It took him dozens of minutes trying to reach the entrance, involving falling from the aqueduct wall to a small grip, and he diagonally jumped into an encove where the sewer entrance was in the Baths of Diocletian. However, his speech ended when he saw Ezio approaching, and he sent his men to cut him down. Ezio inquired as to where the ships were destined for, and while Silvio refused to tell Ezio where the ships were bound, Dante told him that they were supposed to go to Cyprus. Later that night, Ezio awoke to find out that Templars assaulted his home. He was sent to deliver a letter to Lorenzo de Medici, and en route got in a fight with some Pazzi thugs, but beat them up and ran to the De Medici home. He unlocked the gate, and killed another Captain and unlocked the next gate. We don’t need anyone to tell us what to do; not Savonarola, not the Medici. Lorenzo told Ezio that Jacopo de Pazzi had fled, but that there were many more people. There, he found his family's rival Vieri de Pazzi threatening to rape her, so Ezio beat him up and the girl introduced herself as Cristina, saying that she would give Ezio a second chance, before kissing him. He told Suleiman that he was too tracking the Byzantines, and Suleiman told Ezio that he should have not been so quick to judge. His last job was finding Mario's favorite horse that was lost. Ezio jumped on top of the headquarters roof, and jumped down into the courtyard. He stabbed Valois in the back while covering his mouth. However, Ezio came up with an idea when he heard Bartolomeo say that he should bring gifts to the coward and hope that he let Pantasilea live. As he left the hideout, he saw Caterina riding home to her lands, as without Forli she was of no use to the Assassins. When they arrived to the meeting with Marco Barbarigo in the town square, Marco told them that Emilio was dead and that there was no time, and that the Doge would have to be killed. Ezio set out to poison all those who dared touch the chest to creat the illusion that it was cursed. May it never change”, Frederico Auditore: “And may it never change us.”. Who was the man who spoke with Ezio right before his death? When he was leaving, he found Yusuf Tazim waiting for him. To find clarity. Marco died instantly, and Ezio fled the party and rested at Sister Teodora's bordello. He jumped from the roof and stabbed Ristoro in the back of the head with his hidden blades, killing him. After he was done helping the Romanies, he returned to the Galatia Den. Eventually, while ziplining he jumped onto the boat as it headed off a waterfall and killed a few men before the boat collapsed and blew up; Ezio jumped off before it did and landed in the water. Ezio asked another courtesan what happened, and she told him that it was the monster Malfatto, who hunted girls near the Tiber. He was greeted by Claudia, and he said that he would explain everything in the study. An enlighten you may say he calls out to the audience before him. He was given permission to investigate the former trading post, hoping to investigate the area for any secrets. The paper contained a blade design for delivering poison, but it was hard to do the blade without cutting off his ring finger. Ezio returned to his brothel, fleeing the scene. He told Ezio to speak with one of his men in Galata, so he could help him begin their training. He freed the third cage without casualties, and he returned to Batrolomeo, who along with Ezio, prepared to kill Silvio. He freed all of the prisoners from the first cage, and although all of them died in the liberation of the second cage, those in the second cage replenished his reinforcements. Ahmet told him that it must be hard for him seeing him fighting his father for the throne, and Suleiman told him that if the Sultan favored him, it was law. Ezio set out to do what the priest could not: kill him. Before blowing up the tower, he assassinated Agapito Badolato, a corrupt official who was responsible for putting pressure on Auditore. He caught a glimpse of a figure in a red cloak behind him but did not notice who he was: he was the Spanish nobleman Rodrigo Borgia. It soon became the most popular brothel in Rome, and he told Claudia to meet him at Tiber Island when Caterina Sforza was available. He saddled up on his horse and rode off to the next target. hope this piece of work will add value to your life. I am weary of this fight, Claudia. He gave his Codex pages to Leonardo in the Villa, who decoded them, and Ezio finished what Mario and his father started years ago. Ezio tailed the engineer as he talked with an elite Borgia soldier, taking out guards so as to avoid detection. He was given a mask by Leonardo da Vinci to fit the Carnivale season that was going on, with people celebrating and shooting fireworks into the air. The next morning, he found her reading his letters, and told her to leave. During the night, Ezio boarded the ship, overcame the Templars, and set the vessel ablaze. A sanctum full of invaluable wisdom. Later, he found out that the chest at Monteriggioni was full, so he traveled to the villa to collect the money. Ezio chased him in the courtyard and jumped at him, pinning him to the floor and stabbing him in the back of the head. When Juan passed by, he wrapped his arms around his back and stabbed him there, killing him. Ezio managed to escape with his sister and mother but couldn’t save his brother and father but just before murder of his father he learned that his father was also a assassin and ezio took his tool and goes to save his family but couldn’t save and run with his sister and mother to the uncle Mario villa also known as auditore villa fast forward 22years later to the revenge day.

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