Along with Mary and Sarah, other biblical girl names in the Top 10 for decades include Elizabeth, Hannah, Deborah, and Ruth. Zilpah (Hebrew) - Genesis 29:24 - distillation from the mouth. Orpah (Hebrew) - Ruth 1:4 - the neck or skull. Bible Names Not to Give Your Baby Girl. Havilah (Hebrew) - 1 Chronicles 1:9 - sandy; circle. This comprehensive list includes the names of all biblical women in the Old and New Testament, as well as places and virtues that can be used as names. A biblical Queen Abijah was the daughter, wife, and mother of kings. Cleophas (Latin) - Luke 24:18 - the whole glory. Find the perfect name for the new addition to your family. Unlike the case today, names were given back then fundamentally because of the core meaning they carried and the fact that they represented an integral part of the individual's identity as well as their destiny. Most Hebrew names had well-known, easy-to-understand meanings. Bernice (Greek) - Acts 25:13 - one that brings victory. Hannah (Hebrew) - 1 Samuel 1:2 - gracious; merciful; he that gives. Jordan (Hebrew) - Genesis 13:10 - the river of judgment. Ophrah (Hebrew) - Judges 6:11 - dust; lead; a fawn. Adah is... Read More, Name of an Old Testament soldier that can theoretically be used for either sex -- but sounds overwhelmingly feminine. ; who resembles God? Tirzah (Hebrew) - Numbers 26:33 - benevolent; complaisant; pleasing. Elisha (Latin) - Luke 1:5 - the salvation of God. Naomi (Hebrew) - Ruth 1:2 - beautiful; agreeable. Abia (Hebrew) - 2 Chronicles 13:20 - Jehovah is (my) father. Mercy (English) - Genesis 43:14 - compassion, forbearance. Are you looking for the perfect name for your beautiful baby girl? Jael (Hebrew) - Judges 4:17 - one that ascends. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. But there were many Biblical women who possessed equal strength, fearlessness, and intelligence (if not more), and whose actions and words have shaped history. Abigail (Hebrew) - 1 Samuel 25:3 - the father's joy. Adah (Hebrew) - Genesis 4:19 - an assembly. Jochebed (Hebrew) - Exodus 6:20 - glorious; honorable. Sapphira (English) - Acts 5:1 - that relates or tells. If you're looking for a modern, cute, or traditional Arabic name, this list is for you! Cilicia (Latin) - Acts 6:9 - which rolls or overturns. Tamar (Hebrew)- Genesis 38:6 - palm or date palm; palm-tree. Jasper (Greek) - Exodus 28:20 - treasure holder. A stunning name for a little baby girl, Susannah is a Hebrew name that means ‘lily’. Apphia (Greek, from Hebrew) - Philemon 2 - to push aside. Congratulations on your baby boy or girl! Rebekah (Hebrew) - Genesis 22:23 - fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased. These names will give any girl an aura of elevated sophistication and beauty. The Ultimate List of Animals Mentioned in the Bible. Tamara Michael Duncan from Germany on December 11, 2019: Wow, Sam, what a fantastic resource you have compiled here! In the Old Testament, Abital was one of King David's wives and the mother of his fifth son.Read More, Abra is soft, sensitive feminine form of Abraham that was the name of a soft, sensitive character in the John Steinbeck book and movie, "East of Eden." Tamara (Hebrew) - Genesis 38:6 - palm or date palm; palm-tree. Adina (Hebrew) - 1 Chronicles 11:42 - adorned; voluptuous; dainty; slender. Female Pet Names From the Bible. Christian Baby Girls Names: From Abigail to Zemira, Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry. Mary (Hebrew) - Matthew 1:16 - rebellion; sea of bitterness. Bekah (Hebrew) - Exodus 38:26 - half a shekel. Huldah (Hebrew) - 2 Kings 22:14 - the world. Are you looking for a name for your beautiful baby girl? Martha (Aramaic) - Luke 10:38 - who becomes bitter; provoking. Here are 200+ name ideas for twin girls to choose from. For years I've read the scriptures and heard the names being used in every-day life without really grasping the depths of meaning behind each one. Bathsheba (Hebrew) - 2 Samuel 11:3 - the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety. Kamon (Latin) - Judges 10:5 - his resurrection. Magdalene (Greek) - Matthew. Perhaps you are looking for a traditional Chinese name or a modern name. Elisheva (Hebrew) - Exodus 6:23 - pledged of God. Damaris (Greek, Latin) - Acts 17:34 - a little woman. Oprah (Hebrew) - Judges 6:11 - dust; lead; a fawn. 27:56 - a person from Magdala. The New Year is a wonderful time to welcome a new baby. From Valentine's Day to Black History Month, February is packed with symbolism to get your creative juices flowing. Are you looking for that perfect name? The shortest month isn't short on sources of baby name inspiration. Abihail (Hebrew) - 1 Chronicles 2:29 - the father is strength. Perhaps you have Irish roots or simply love the Irish language. Inspired by your Christian faith? Hosanna (Hebrew) - Psalm 118:25 - deliver us; save us, we pray. Dorcas (Greek) - Acts 9:36 - a female roe-deer. Rebecca (Hebrew) - Genesis 22:23 - fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased. Hagar (Hebrew) - Genesis 16:1 - a stranger; one that fears. Charity (Latin) - 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 - dear. It may be considered the same as the name Abijah in the Bible; one female Abijah was a queen and ancestor of Christ. Unique Bible names we are hearing more of include Adah, Esther, Lilith, Noa, and Susannah. Miriam (Hebrew) - Exodus 15:20 - rebellion. Jemimah (Hebrew) - Job 42:14 - as beautiful as the day. Read More, Anna is the Latin form of Hannah, a Hebrew name that derived from root chanan, meaning “grace.” European Christians embraced the name for its associations with the Virgin Mary’s mother,... Read More, Biblical name from the New Testament.Read More. Helah (Hebrew) - 1 Chronicles 4:5 - rust. Abiah... Read More, Abigail comes from the Hebrew name Avigail and is derived from the Hebrew elements ab, meaning “father,” and g-y-l, meaning “to rejoice.” In the Old Testament, Abigail was the... Read More, Abijah, which you might think of as Abigail with rhythm, is the name of both female and male personages in the Bible. Tabitha; This beautiful Biblical name for a baby girl means ‘gazelle’ and is of Aramaic descent. 20:4 - victory. Abiah is a Biblical name that appears for both female and male figures. In the bible, Abra was a favorite of King... Read More, Ada is derived from the German name Adelaide, which came from the ancient name Adalheidis. Deborah (Hebrew) - Judges 4:4 - word; thing; a bee. Abra (Hebrew) - Genesis 17:5 - father of multitudes (the feminine form of Abraham). Abran (Hebrew) - Joshua 19:28 - alliance. Mara (Hebrew) - Exodus 15:23 - bitter; bitterness. We all love unusual names, but these come with a disturbing back story. Daniela (Hebrew) - 1 Chronicles 3:1 - judgment of God; God my judge. Here are 150+ names for you to choose from. Shiloh (Hebrew) - Joshua 18:8 - peace; abundance; his gift. In Bible times, a name often represented a person's reputation or nature. This list contains both traditional baby names and unique names, so pick a special name just for them! Access the full range of names for girls via our master page of girl names. Here is a comprehensive list of traditional French names as well as the most popular names for girls in France and Canada today. Zemira (Hebrew) - 1 Chronicles 7:8 - song; vine; palm. 16:1 - shining; pure. Thanks for sharing! Jerusha (Hebrew) - 2 Kings 15:33; 2 Chronicles 27:1 - dispossessor. Shiphrah (Hebrew) - Exodus 1:15 - handsome; trumpet; that does good. The... Read More, Abital is popular for boys as well as girls in Israel, but we rarely hear it here. A complete list of boy names from the Bible—both from the Old and New Testament. Lydia (Greek) - Acts 16:14 - a standing pool. © 2020 Gabriela (Hebrew) - Daniel 9:21 - God is my strength. Terah (Hebrew) - Numbers 33:27 - to breathe; scent; blow. 50+ Biblical Names for Male Dogs and Cats. Talitha (Aramaic)- Mark 5:41 - little girl; young woman. Elizabeth (Hebrew) - Luke 1:5 - the oath, or fullness, of God. Choose from the 200+ popular name ideas that follow. If you're looking for strong women role models to name your baby girl after, there is no better collection of ideas than the Holy Book. Serah (Hebrew) - Genesis 46:17 - lady of scent; song; the morning star. Drusilla (Latin) - Acts 24:24 - watered by the dew. Joy (Old French, Latin) - Hebrews 1:9 - happiness. Lillian or Lily (Latin) - Song of Solomon 2:1 - elegant flower; innocence; purity; beauty. Abiah (Hebrew) - 1 Samuel 8:2 - Jehovah is (my) father. We all love unusual names, but these come with a disturbing back story. Selah (Hebrew) - Psalm 3:2 - the end; a pause. Dec 15, 2018. Michal (Hebrew) - 1 Samuel 18:20 - who is perfect? Choosing a biblical name for your daughter automatically confers a measure of history and meaning to the name. Myra (Greek) - Acts 27:5 - I flow; pour out; weep. Bethel (Hebrew) - Genesis 12:8 - the house of God. Comprehensive list of baby names beginning with Z, including currently popular names, historically popular names, celebrity names and names from around the world. Jewel (Old French) - Proverbs 20:15 - delight. Planning on checking out your other articles on related subjects and coming across more fascinating discoveries! Along with Mary and Sarah, other biblical girl names in the Top 10 for decades include Elizabeth, Hannah, Deborah, and Ruth. Congratulations on your baby girl! When we think of the Bible, we think of wise and courageous men who were valiant leaders to their people and faithful servants to God. The Bible is also the unlikely source for some of the trendiest girls' names, including Delilah – the top girl name starting with D – as well as Ada, Phoebe, Lydia, Naomi, and the many variations of Eve. Hope (Old English) - Psalm 25:21 - expectation; belief. Artemis (Greek) - Acts 19:24 - whole, sound. (I had no idea for example, that Martha actually meant that!). Irish names are intricate, beautiful sounding, and wonderfully unique. Adriel (Hebrew) - 1 Samuel 18:19 - the flock of God. Candace (Ethiopian) - Acts 8:27 - who possesses contrition. The Bible can also be an excellent source of unique names for girls. Sherah (Hebrew) - 1 Chronicles 7:24 - flesh; relationship. This is well done. Tamar; In this day and age you’ll hear Tamara or Tammy often, but Tamar is the Biblical version meaning ‘date palm tree’. By Jennifer Mugrage. Faith (Latin) - 1 Corinthians 13:13 - loyalty; belief. Fortunatus (Latin) - 1 Corinthians 16:17 - fortunate; lucky. Need the perfect name for your baby girl? Susanna (Hebrew) - Luke 8:3 - lily; rose; joy.

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