. John Pearse 2600 Jazz Light, .011-.050, wound G string. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. Nines feel and respond amazing on these guitars and many vintage surf-style guitars were designed specifically to work with the lighter-gauge strings. Learn More, We understand the importance of online privacy and are committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Generally, electric guitars will take nickel strings (versatily, clear and articulate) or stainles steel strings (bright and less prone to wear), while acoustic guitars want to have 80/20 bronze strings (bright and metallic) or phosphor bronze strings (dark and mellow). All Fender guitarists have played with a set of Fender strings at least once. These strings are not for beginners because they require additional finger strength and well-developed calluses. Discussion in 'Pre-CBS Strats (before 1966)' started by Carl Sars, Oct 18, 2017. 6th August 2011 #1. It’s no secret nor is it a surprise. I use the new-fangled alternative material strings with the Doozy to increase to offset the darker voice it speaks with naturally. However, even with a light gauge, these strings have the build quality and potential to handle alternative, grunge, and even hard rock. Take my EGC Standard Series II for example – with its all-aluminum neck. I highly recommend this set for vintage guitars that require that little bit of extra tension without ever going stiff like ten-gauge strings tend to do with older axes. The strings are cheap and come in the recommended strat gauge of .009-.042 (also known as light strings). Because of the various models of acoustic and electric guitars, and basses, we have included with these procedures, specifications charts to assist you. You would be surprised at how many successful combinations you can try. Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: Light strings will always work well with a strat. Guitar string gauges are very important to understand when picking strings. There are only a few guitars I would recommend going to elevens with in standard tuning. ). Check the height between the seventeenth fret and the bottom of each string, Check the height between the fret located at the neck and body joint, and the bottom of  each string, Pickup height is measured from the pole piece to the bottom of the string     on the bass and treble sides with the last fret depressed. 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 Phone Hours | If you plan to change string gauges, you may need to adjust the specs somewhat to compensate for the changes in string sizes. Bass pickup height is also measured from the pole piece to the bottom of the string on the bass and treble sides with the last fret depressed. They come in several … Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. I personally believe that the Super Slinky strings are a lot more comfortable to play with at any level. . Used to use Ernie Ball, but they broke all the time. . Be tight and bright or loose and juicy . you can lock your strat bridge down, Mine doesn't move at all. How can I find out when my Mexican-made instrument was manufactured? They are a little slinkier tension-wise, and softer so they do get dented up by frets easier. If one is trying to tame an excessively bright-toned guitar, Elixirs will do the trick and last longer as a bonus. You need an account to post a reply. In my opinion they don’t do the legacy justice . . Both my strats are hardtails, I find trems useless . The lighter the gauge the more you have to be careful about how you attack the strings if you aren't going to choke them. Strat-Talk.com is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Check all the electronic control functions, i.e., pickups, volume, tone, etc. Nine-gauge strings do not always feel wimpy and some guitars absolutely scream for them. A guitar player, songwriter, composer, and also the lead editor of MusicOomph, Gavin is one of the four musician friends behind this site. For many years, I rocked nines on my Mosrites until I discovered D’Addario Super Light Plus sets. You might find them to play a bit louder too. I think 9's on anything are useless, Gotta be 10's. Outside of music, he's an avid sports fan and hardly misses anything from football (soccer) to F1. However, you can squeeze a bit more volume out of them, achieve better sustain, and emphasize the midrange frequencies. All of the guitars we love from back in the day were typically strung with pure nickels. Neck radius                      Relief (at 8th fret)                  String height (at 14th fret), 9.5" to 12"                                .010"                                  6/64"                5/64", 15" to 17"                                 .008"                                  6/64"                5/64", Neck radius                      Relief (at 8th fret)                  String height (at 17th fret), 7.25"                                        .012"                                  5/64"                4/64", 9.5" to 12"                                .010"                                  4/64"                4/64", 15" to 17"                                 .008"                                  4/64"                3/64", 7.25"                                        .014"                                  7/64"                6/64", 9.5" to 12"                                .012"                                  6/64"                5/64", 15" to 17"                                 .010"                                  6/64"                5/64", Electric Guitar                          Bass side                     Treble side, Texas Specials                           8/64"                                6/64", Vintage style                              6/64"                                5/64", American/Mexican Std. Jan 11, 2011 #4 .10s on Fender-scale guitars, .11s on Gibsons. They will end up with floppy flatulent strings sticking to the pickups in a big magnetic thwack. I also like how long it takes before any noticeable tone issues pop up. Depends on scale length, tuning, and genre. but always listen to your instrument and try some new strings and tunings with it. It doesn’t matter you’re trying to stick to the classic strat tone or if you’re trying to come up with something new and exciting. The feel can be very different as can the sound. Of course, I still recommend the 9-42 gauge for the strat. i've been using titanium coated power slinkys lately on my strat. The Cobalt and NYXL sets do as advertised—they increase presence and clarity that little bit more, which suits a down-tuned hollow-bodied humbucker guitar just perfectly. I recommend going with the light version, gauges 0.009-0.042, if you play blues, soft rock, jazz, folk, and anything along those lines. d'addarios for decades. Now, some would argue that Regular Slinky strings are the way to go. Fender necks were originally designed for heavy strings like 12s with a wound g. At this point it all has to do with setup but if a fender neck can hold a 300 pound man without breaking it can pretty much take e whatever you throw at it. They influence everything from feel and sound to the musical genres that you can tackle with them. Many virtuosos and guitar legends have handled a strat at least for part of if not their entire career. 12s on acoustics. I use R Cocco on everything . I put DiAddario EXL110 10-46 on it today. Sweetwater Sound You’ll notice that many Fender guitarists actually prefer Ernie Ball or D’Addario strings and they don’t shy away from letting people know that. I like Hybrid Slinkys, lighter on top and a tad heavier on the bottom. It is worth mentioning that Elixir’s Nanoweb technology has come a long way since it started. A popular medium string gauge range is.010 to.046, referred to in the short-hand as “.010s.” String packs can be light, extra light, heavy, or extra heavy. Thats what Id love to have. My Godin 5th Avenue loves the deeper resonance and shows here affection for the looser low end churl by purring like an electrified panther. 5/64"                                 4/64", Humbuckers                              4/64"                                4/64", Lace Sensors                             As close as desired (Allowing for string vibration), Bass Guitar                              Bass side                    Treble side, Vintage style                                8/64"                             6/64", American/Mexican Std. The classic set can work with Gibson-scale, Fender-scale, tremolo systems, drop-D and open-G tunings . When it is happy, it will let you know. Hey! In fact, the very thing that used to bug me about Elixirs (or any other coated string) is part of the reason I use them with this brighter aluminum axe. The gauges for a six-stringed guitar range from the smallest on the high E string and level up to the B, G, D, A and low E strings. Generally, lighter gauge strings are easier to play, brighter, allow you to bend … If truss rod adjustment is needed, refer to your Fender owner's manual for adjustment procedures, as well as, information on which type of truss rod is installed in the model of guitar or bass you are working on. I use Elixirs with the EGC when I am gigging regularly for durability and tone. W. whaiyun Member. Different pickups                                         have varying degrees of magnetic pull. . Compared to the regular set, the tone is brighter and clearer. I used to be guilty of this passivity, but nowadays, there's a lot to be excited about in the world of strings. , Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! The D’Addario NYX strings come in a single pack or a 3-pack. I use 10s on my Strat and 11s on my semi-acoustic. Amazon.com: D'Addario EXL120+ Electric Guitar Strings, Super Light Plus, 9.5-44: Musical Instruments, ‪1965 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail part I 00729 SOLD!‬‏ - YouTube. All of which which lower gauge strings simply won’t be able to accommodate. A good analogy for buying strings is taking a trip to the supermarket: You can spend hours comparing cuts of meat and testing produce, but how much time do spend with staples like sponges? Wow, I guess I'm the only one who shifted to lighter gauges. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. the list goes on. thick, hard rockin tone.

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