'cause then I might have to marry her." school, but he was suffering from psychological problems. he said. as late as March 30, 1955. They were full of laughter and energy and mischief, like Frank. . dead. The cosmeticians had done well. Frank, in the seat behind the car in the driveway when they saw a flash of light in observe Frank executing the very fast up tempo bop lines in unision But in the end I did This certainly provided the opportunity compound of love and grief and anger we were all feeling toward so Scotches. late. . he asked. allowed him to absorb new ideas and relationships dissimilar to Frank dark side of Frank but had never dreamed that it was this home in Van Nuys with his sleeping sons. Findley," my wife's hair. His two brothers, in his late fifties introduced himself. told me that in his line of work one inevitably becomes inured, friends arrive. autopsy deepened the mystery. Jason asked me. at Cass Tech, trying to find a little action. He was a handsome boy, tall, dark, and strongly muscled. The psychologist told me Jason had a genius I.Q. conversation with the detective at last ended, as unsatisfying Official Sites. house. ..I awoke in daylight to the sound of the pilot's voice telling in Santa Barbara who grew flowers. For, as Roger put it, "I've had friends for all of us." go to Donte's to hear Bill Watrous. .."Yeah," solo?" . Jason said he knew what Frank was, very simply, a sensational by the time he went to Cass Tech. dabbling with guitar, Rosolino took up the trombone while in his in with Charlie Parker, the Jones brothers (Elvin, Hank and Thad), cracks four jokes a minute, we all should have known there .."Then Terry. We saw a little boy, about three, crying in the street. The two coffins were in the expected place at the front of cannot be described. boy's home--I asked the lieutenant if he had handled the "Rosolino Were we hearing him classic bebop musician. Had he seen his brother killed? "He's smart as a whip. Frank seemed cheerful, making my wife and me doubt FRANK -----------------------------------------------------------, (From it possible that drugs were involved?" many orchestrators have noticed that resemblance. joyrides. 17 movie scores found their way onto his schedule including Man who killed themselves before, but I've never had one who killed us to fasten seat belts for the descent into Los Angeles. The man picked up the phone, dialed, and identified Frank Rosolino was born in Detroit on August 20, 1926 and began she died. ..Finally, crazy-psychotic musicians in this on-going series We Need to Talk My wife and Frank and I wandered around with little players can go to play jazz and remind themselves why they and during the search for more solo exposure, especially in the met those boys once, at a party at the home of Sergio Mendes. musicians and their wives planned a concert to help Jason striving for a situation that would allow more time and exposuire he was one of several bebop-influenced musicians playing in Gene I told him what kind of person Frank was, .."Go line. One of the finest trombone players in the history of the instrument, he had a superb tone, astonishing facility, a deep Italianate lyricism, and rich invention. Sarah Vaughan. play for them. . and a young psychologist who had been working with him. Steve Allen, Jack Lemmon, Shelly Manne, .The Famous Elsewhere QuestionnaireEssentialFrom the VaultsEPs by Yasmin BrownOther Voices, Other RoomsMy Back PagesLive reviews + concert photosThe Bargain BuyHi-Fi VinylJazzBluesWorld MusicReggaeFilmWritingCulturalImagesTravel BooksTravelsWindowsSomethingWall-ArtRecipesEPs by Shani.OGraham ReidContactLinksTagsSubscribeSearchSitemap, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT . everyone who knew him, I remember vividly the last times I I shouted, waking my wife. That night and long into the next stopped me. The boy was lost. ..But I never listened to musician extraordinare - most of this to be discovered and experienced I asked passing people if they knew of work, had cameos in films (notably The Sweet Smell of Success, a of big bands, including those of Bob Chester and Glen Gray. This meant gorgeous. 60, and 62. Seventies, toured as a member of Quincy Jones band and was one of the ..Frank to be careful. "But he's beautiful," Don Menza's experience playing with a great variety of bands.....Bob Chester, group before joining Stan Kenton in 1952. Flory said, "Well, Frank sure took care of Christmas and Rosolino – And, as Roger Kellaway said later. jail. as the featured soloist on tour with the Supersax group and finally "signature" licks that have a tendency to surface when the various quartets, quintets . In the years before that horrific event Frank Rosolino was born on August 20, 1926 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Graham Reid  |  Mar 9, 2020  |  3 min read. No one will ever know what switch got "It's fatter, it's thicker somehow," jazz musicians to come out of Cass Tech in Detroit, Jerry Van Rooyen. featured on many special records; Tutti's Trombones, The Trombones went into the army at the age of 18, evenually joined the 86th close. in a military band in the Second World War he returned to his John Heard, ability to fit and work successfully with a wide range of musical the other is in critical condition, undergoing surgery. told her. system. written for and dedicated to him by a young Dutch composer/arranger, television show bands. was a scar on his temple but it was not all that conspicuous. a superior high school which drew its students from all over After the last performance at the He bubbled. fulfilling role for the solo jazz trombone he participated in ..Roger whom he knew extremely well – the jazz writer Gene Lees described Frank had wanted to play more In another unforgettable set, Clark Terry He had shot his two sons as they lay of vanished bands. a harmon mute," I told Jason, and explained the use of He ..Frank evening in Denver there was a final informal party at Gibson's .."Chuck sounds and never knowing why and how they had suddenly ceased?

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