The funeral video footage will be fully edited with professional titles, music and mastered to a DVD and MPEG4 video file. Professional video production services to remember a loved one. Your producer produced the above videos at his time of bereavement and its a very personal thing to share them here, but we hope this will help others and show what can be achieved with a fitting and engaging memorial video. We offer a variety of services, including filming, editing and streaming - always applying ourselves in a sensitive and empathetic way. Bring the family together. Our camera person will attend one location in metropolitan Melbourne to record the eulogies or tributes of one or more people. "Thank you very much for making this happen for us. We offer this service as its a very personal way to help people at a difficult time. The risks associated with our current pandemic are no longer an issue with our services. Interactive Presentation Slides/Graphics. At such a difficult time, when everything is happening so fast around you, it’s easiest to leave the video production to professionals. He will guide you through all your options and assist you with planning a structure for your funeral tribute video and how it fits in the ceremony. We supply a range of video services to help you remember, celebrate and share so much that is dear about your loved one. Reduce costs and risks. Your message was successfully sent. Send photos by email or Special Delivery. The company has been trading since 2003 and has many clients from BBC, ITV, Open University, GE Aviation, Welsh Government etc. This site was created after producing 3 videos for my own father's funeral and discovering the positivity and joy it brought people at a very sad time, and as they remembered him. Call us up during business hours for free adviceor to book an appointment, ©2020 by Funeral Tribute Video Production a trading name of Puri Evans Productions Ltd Registered, This is the website where we offer this very sensitive and bespoke range of services. Our aim is to help you and guide you and ensure what you receive is a very fitting tribute. We can have an MPEG4 video file of the funeral online and ready to be viewed and downloaded within 24 hours of the funeral. In this way, we are able to record the celebrant, music, speakers, and more, so nothing is missed, leaving you free to spend time with your family and friends, and later, in your own time, take in the words and thoughts that were spoken during the service. Funeral Video Services – Melbourne Funeral videos Melbourne / Funeral video services Melbourne / Funeral Photo Video-DVD Slideshow At Video Essentials, we understand that organising a funeral service can be a difficult time for everyone. Two crew on-site member, two camera angles. Three on-site crew members, three camera angles. We can supply you with a DVD or MPEG4 video file of the slideshow. Live streamingallows you to reduce other costs associatedwith conducting a funeral. This is a two camera mix to ensure no part of the funeral service is left out and our microphones will be mounted on the lectern to ensure optimum sound quality. All Rights Reserved. Equipment provided. We will come to you in the peace and privacy of your home, and professionally record your eulogy or tribute. We use no apps or automation - like some providers. Our main business site is found at, Call us up during business hours for free advice. Free advice and guidance. Digital support team (Producer & Technician). Reduce costs and risks. From short bespoke photo videos to full filming service. We theme them into 3 videos, restore them and animate them to your loved ones favorite music (for ceremony use only). We film the arrival of guests, the funeral ceremony and up until everyone leaves the church or funeral chapel. Guild of TV Cameramen professional & professional stills photography, We can film any element of your ceremony, funeral or wake. You guys were great and under crazy circumstances pulled off an amazing gift for my family and my mother’s friends. We also can have 6 complimentary DVD’s available for you within 48 hours. Site by, Contact Us: 0412 006 915 |, Convert Your Old VHS, VCR & Camcorder Video Tapes to Digital. We present your funeral video as both a professionally produced video DVD and an MPEG4 video file, for those who are unable to attend the ceremony. These files will be mastered to a DVD so they can be played during the funeral ceremony. Equipment provided. As a professional TV producer it is my personal privilege to be able to do this for you. Thank You! (See the sample video below). This can provide a memento to share - especially for those that could not be there in person to pay their respects. I give permission to store the above data and use it to contact me. Everything will be done to TV standards with professional equipment expertly operated. In the situation where a mourner wishes to give a eulogy, but because of illness, difficulty of travel, or the emotional and physical stress, pre-recording a eulogy or tribute in the comfort of their own home, can be a far easier alternative. Our camera person will leave the reception after 20 minutes when all guests have been captured on camera. We will arrive 30 minutes before the funeral service and work until everyone has left the venue, regardless of the length of time. The risksassociated with our current pandemic are nolonger an issue with our services. Having over 25 years experience as a TV Producer, editor and cameraman you will be in extremely capable professional hands with our MD. UK Funeral Video, If you need a UK funeral videographer to film a funeral or live stream a funeral in crematoriums, churches, gravesides, woodland, forests, meadows or have a live relay broadcast to other rooms with 75 inch TVs and PA systems please contact us on 07766 754944 The videos were structured to reflect his time as a child with his parents, early adult life and later with his own family and finishing showing his love for his grandchildren. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This will play in your clips at your ceremony. Our main business site is found at Cracking Productions. I can’t thank you enough." At Video Essentials, we understand that organising a funeral service can be a difficult time for everyone. Copyright © 2019 Video Essentials. Bring family and friends together to celebrate the life of your loved one. Every video is unique and bespoke and crafted with care and in full sympathy to the music. Not everyone who would like to is able to attend, and those that do, are often lost in the emotion of the day. Livestreaming, Salvi Media Is Here To Help. Live streaming allows you to reduce other costs associated with conducting a funeral. We founded this business with one goal in mind: creating beautiful, unique, videos that will be a fitting tribute for your loved one. You can revisit the funeral ceremony, eulogies and the family and friends who attended, with your fitting tribute to your loved family member. There may not have been a dry eye in the house but there was also immense joy and warmth. 60" screen and speakers to play in your video or eulogy clips from those that can not be there. This is the website where we offer this very sensitive and bespoke range of services. It’s also allows you to look back at a later time at your professional funeral video when emotions have settled. Choice of platform and password protection. -Patrick G. 4619 N Ravenswood AvenueChicago, IL 60640. The end product is usually around 60-90 minutes in length. We can include video clips and personal tributes. There may have been tears but there was also joy and smiles watching the videos; that joy is a positive and just has to be shared. We will sensitively and discreetly install and operate a 4k 60" professional quality screen and loudspeaker system. When you wish to capture the day as a memorial tribute, we create touching funeral videos and funeral service video productions that allows the viewer to feel like they are there. distancing, live streaming your funeral allows for the family to experience the celebration of life together. Bespoke memorial videos and tribute videos. Your photos edited to your favourite music and played back online, at your ceremony. With travelrestrictions, stay at home orders, and socialdistancing, live streaming your funeral allowsfor the family to experience the celebration oflife together. This includes everything in the basic package, plus attendance at the crematorium or cemetery and attendance at the reception / wake / refreshments, following the funeral service.

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