Differences emerge between men by religious tradition, level of religious attendance, and across cultural zones. for each group and subsequently compared. This study tested these mechanisms for fertility intentions and in the context of Poland – a country with a low fertility rate and high religiosity in comparison to other European countries. This article explores the intersection of culture, religion and gender in the context of international and constitutional human rights law. ]: Příručka sociologie náboženství. As with other fields, Islamic studies have had a focus on official religious texts, formal religious rituals, and public space, written mostly by male scholars. I conclude this introduction by providing four analytical approaches to the intersection between religion and geopolitics. They reflect contemporary social discourses such as how to deal with members of different religious or ethnic groups or social classes. This second edition expands the theory and provides new and updated evidence from a broad perspective and in a wide range of countries. Additionally, we see if technology transfer and changes in the ratio of skilled to unskilled labor and educational attainment have any role in influencing the income inequality. 8%�*��)5{PԾca��{{p��c"@�]�+&r�/2y|ݕ]�V���H�� A� [56t�|�҈+�~Ǔ%��u�e,. We look forward to seeing you in Prague! 0000009215 00000 n x��]o���݀��¢��_�a���%� �5uчCh���H�BRv.��3�����Bqg�\�����y���ժX�����C��u���~h����v��mW�~)^��諦��>||>�S������� *�9�y�^_��}}�5f�O?^_}�\_�RE*d�,�(Q��A[^_��oA}�J4�: ��X,xF���א�����G4���%�D���ϏAp�e����s�%.aeqā\ʀlb��ZΒpS��2|���l�]�ƿ}9K�v��>ŋ~������9k|���$>��%��;D >V�b��+��θ+�H͑��;�2�F��W�r�8Iֹ�����J� E-MAIL: new.wave@natur.cuni.cz Explanations for the positive association of religiosity and fertility are manifold. [cit. �E�%�|���$7��Ȓ(O�$�X)�R�X֫ƒ'E1���8��e ’��A��H^DD� ">�$�bK�q] r���uᑂ��ũK�'A)��?H�o��I�N�� ��#9�Sr@a�XF�%�-�L�@m��mg�`�=����:�;=Ӕ�2�M�+bm(&!lw�9�BF����Ө�Z͢N�A`��3qB���h/�v topic for a number of geographers (see Hopkins, 2009; researchers into the study of religions (Kong, 2010). HOST: Geographical Institute, Faculty of Science, Charles University H��Wko�H�����~)m���j�:�(�d��H��ȁ FEES: free of charge w(��k�s�ޠ��&��)��I����?��u���׶12��磰����u��a��y�����X���{ߡh�J�7e�L,ܶ{�d�y�! To fulfil the objective, we used data on 6,532 adults aged 50 years and above and applied bivariate analysis along with logistic regression and showed interaction between potential determinants which can explain gender differentials in loneliness. The 2nd hypothesis states that minority status itself is a sufficient cause of high fertility. Countries with similar risk profiles were grouped together using cluster analyses. From well-being to positive mental health: Conceptualization and qualitative development of an instr... Hindu-Muslim Differentials in Fertility and Population Growth in India: Role of Proximate Variables. Research published thus far on this intersection has limited thematic and topical scope. In: Holm, ilo.org/public/english/employment/strat/kilm, KLINGOROVÁ,  K.  (2015):  Genderové  rozdíly  ve, vybraných  světových  náboženstvích. religions and gender equality is still in its early stages. the 1980s. endobj and traditions as much as in society in general. 0000003774 00000 n 958 0 obj <> endobj xref This research found that most residents of Czechia's rural areas identify with sacred structures, in spite of the fact that representatives of local government often perceive such items as cultural–historical symbols in the landscape rather than religious structures. Only India and the Philippines have explicit, conscious policies to promote gender equity. 20.02.2013] Available at: URL: http://www. Gender, Religion and Caste 39 Chapter 4 Gender, Religion and Caste Overview In the previous chapter we noted that the existence of social diversity does not thr eaten democr acy . Praha–Litomyšl, Paseka. Existing instruments are developed in Western societies that differ in their conceptualization of well-being from Asian populations. Demand for female labor migrants siphons off females. Conversely, in societies where religion is enforced by the government and risks are present for citizens viewed as nonbelievers, individuals will be reluctant to admit that they don't believe in Allah, regardless of whether anonymity is “guaranteed. There is no global definition of well-being. CONFERENCE DINNER: in restaurant U Šemíka on 25th May 286–298). In:  Tomeš,  J, Ženy  ve  spektru  civilizací. 0000009784 00000 n There is considerable evidence with which to refute this hypothesis. will be taken into account in the analyses. H�\��j�0��~ In this introduction to a special section on the future for research on the topic of religion and geopolitics, some terminological, theoretical, methodological and analytical possibilities are set out. Nearly 18% of older adults in India (16% of men and 20% of women) reported suffering from loneliness in 2007–08. Furthermore, the impact of costs and benefits on fertility is less pronounced among the highly religious. g��ԭL ��@��f�[�6�Q�C�~U�a֐�3RWW�V�;�a�M�=�������x��7'BVV����k���������z�1k��H��9>�ӶO�9˿���!\�ӯ������4��WfS�������������M�����>̏�T�o����M�|�4Ӎ��Mm�c.>k��lL�M�C�ߺ]��t�~�1k*l.��J�"��k��#���_c]�KpE���l�ԩ�So��Ė������&�`�X�X!X� KEYNOTE LECTURERS: Mental well-being is a multidimensional construct constituting of positive affect, satisfaction, and psychological functioning. A national survey indicated that 17% of Hindu women compared to 13% of Muslim women ever used contraception. A certain degree of autocorrelation must be expected. Book Description: Sex Gender And Religion by Diana Neal, Sex Gender And Religion Book available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. A prime Muslim example of this genre is the Persian Manāqib al-ārifīn (Feats of the Knowers of God) of the Mawlawī-Dervish Amad-i Aflākī written in Konya in the, This paper examined the degree of socioeconomic empowerment of Asian women due to higher education (HE).

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