Arrange on one or more serving dishes. Rachael Ray In Season is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. ", Tabatha: "This is root beer, but you can taste the iron in it. If you live in a state where it’s still warm in the fall, consider setting up a tent in your garden with long tables and benches. Recipe: Try our Beef Schnitzel a la Holstein & Braised Green Beans. Check our ample Oktoberfest party supplies as well as Oktoberfest Party Boxes. Shiner Oktoberfest: Texas's finest malty marzen is a bracing palate refresher. $55.00 5 stars Quick View The Taste of Germany Sampler. ... Use six-pack holders for serving party snacks! Matt starts to cut his sausage up with a knife, and the Germans laugh.

Whatever type of Oktoberfest celebration you decide upon , genuine imported German foods and beverages are the key to staging an authentic event! ", "That's the mystery," our German colleagues reply.

Offer your guests to sample from of as many German sausages that you can find at stores or online as possible. ", Matt: "On the plus side, this must count as one of your five a day. Just form the dough into a U shape with the tips pointing up.

Don’t miss out on satisfying potato and pasta side dishes that complement pork knuckles, sausages and all kinds of gravies. We pass the bag around our German colleagues to smell, and every one of them recoils with disgust. Spread each piece of bread with butter and layer with German cheeses such as Butter cheese (Butterkäse), Tilsit, Emmentaler, Brie, Camembert or Bavarian Bleu cheese. © 2020 Meredith Women's Network. ", Matt: "And they're a bit cheesy. I WANT TO DRINK THIS EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.". Molly Siegler, a Whole Foods Coordinator of Culinary Development, suggests cooking barley in apple cider for a more flavorful dish. You read that right! ", Tabatha: And why is it swimming around in a tin of onion, mustard seeds, and dill?

Remove the bottle dividers, load the cartons with your favorite bites — then toss them out when you're done.

Featuring Spreewaldhof gherkins, Milch Schnitte, and Hanuta.

", Tabatha: "My God, these are delicious. Featuring Spreewaldhof gherkins, Milch Schnitte, and Hanuta.

", Tabatha: "I'm vegetarian, so I can't try these. Full Sail Brewing LTD Oktoberfest: Smooth and nutty, this award-winning Oregon lager goes down easy. ", Matt: "These are the same, but smaller. ", Matt: "It tastes like Battenberg icing, or the top of a Christmas cake. $15 for four, The smell of these cooking will instantly turn your house into an authentic... Obatzda: Bavarian Cheese Spread. German food and products world wide. I love that. I mean, that would be a meal.". That's the only time you get them really. Cook up this schnitzel with green beans, anchovies, and eggs. Perfect! What's in them? ", Matt: "This is good beer. Get the latest recipes, news and special offers in our monthly newsletter. Add a couple of DIY or store-bought Bavarian or German flags, and you've got decor down! ", Tabatha: "OK, these are legit the nicest thing I've ever tasted. Get the latest recipes, news and special offers... German Foods North America, is an independent blogger, importer and retailer based in Washington, DC. Read our Guide to German beers to make sure you’re buying the right one. Tabatha: "Well, that's not ideal for me, as a vegetarian.

We went to a supermarket with our German colleagues and bought...everything. ", Tabatha: "These are ugly. Matt: "They taste like Tunnock's Teacakes. An inexpensive alternative is to play CDs of traditional German band music (which are sold on Amazon) or stream German Drinking Songs from online platforms. Yum! Though the official two-week festival in Munich, Germany wraps up by early October, it's a beer stein clink heard all month long, all around the world. …

I'm obsessed.". It's important to note that this is the second time the Germans tease Matt for using a knife and fork.

So regal! Ingredients Bavarian Beer Cheese Soup Bierfleisch German Beer Bread with Yeast Tabatha: "This is like two thin … If your budget (and space!)

Add various other toppings such as lettuce leaves, Black Forest ham, prosciutto, hard-boiled eggs, cooked white German asparagus, herrings and German mustard. ", Tabatha: "These gherkins are so vinegary they hurt every part of my mouth. $7.50, Pretzels:. It’s Oktoberfest, so you would be out celebrating with lots and lots of beer and …
Sliced radishes, salted raw kohlrabi, as well as pickled Krauts (as in sauerkraut and red cabbage) and pickled cucumbers (as in gherkins, cornichons or pickles) are perfect culinary matches to pretzels, mustard,  sausages or pork knuckles and beer. They don't look like the picture on the packet at all. More information in our Guide to German Sausages. The Germans tell us that you can tell they're proper Leibniz biscuits if they have 52 dents around the outside. This alternative to beer cheese dip goes sooo good with sausage and pretzels.

20. Why dirty more dishes? Obsessed with travel? 25 German Snacks, Reviewed By Brits. Soft pretzels make a fun and easy snack that are easy to make, if you can master this double twist. Recipes for an Authentic German Oktoberfest

Dessert, anyone?

But that packet genuinely smells like death.". All rights reserved.

Knackwurst: There's beef and pork in these finely ground sausages, named for their snappy casings ("knack" means "crack" in German). Kahlua Pecan Brie Bites – only 5 ingredients!

It's literally just a bag of fruit and nuts. It's not tangy.

", Tabatha: "I mean, that is the nature of bread, Matt. Hi! It's best not to know. The only thing better than cool decorations are ones you can eat! I'd eat these every day for the rest of my life if I could. Beer is a major part of the Oktoberfest both in Germany and in the festivals here in the U.S.

Recipe: Knocks 'n' Brats & Red Cabbage & Potatoes Rosti.

or party til dawn. Recipe: Try our White Asparagus Bread Salad with Hollandaise, Beef Schnitzel a la Holstein & Braised Green Beans. ", Tabatha: "I'm buying these for everyone I know. Germanz offers two very distinct varieties:  The sweet, dark brown, slightly tangy Bavarian mustard which goes well with Weisswurst, Leberkäse and Käse Krainer; and the  sharply hot, pungent, light yellow Düsseldorf mustard,  In between is medium-hot mustard, preferred in Southwest Germany, and whole-grain mustard.

Although mustard is a common condiment found in many countries. Matt: "If I ate a whole one of these, I'd be very full. ", Tabatha: "And they're so glamorous! Make sure the atmosphere is a authentic as the food. A sprig of fresh dill or parsley and some ground black pepper adds a nice touch. Twist each rope into a pretzel shape (see below) and place on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.

Milch-Schnitte. ", Tabatha: "Again, I can't eat these. It goes down really easily. It's great.". Set out a spread with a slew of sausages, condiments and rolls, preferably of the pretzel variety! We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. The Taste of Germany Oktoberfest Party … Perfect for an Oktoberfest party! Serve with a selection of mustards such as Düsseldorf or Bavarian style.

Make a pretzel garland (thread twine through the top loops or use an upholstery needle) and hang it. Provide small forks or toothpicks for your guests to serve themselves. I don't have time to make the same mistake, as I've already rammed one into my mouth by the time they look my way.

Get the latest recipes, news and special offers... German Foods North America, is an independent blogger, importer and retailer based in Washington, DC. It's stronger, it's more watery, and the skin is so hard.

", Matt: "Yes, these are delicious. These are definitely saltier and denser than American pretzels.

Kahlua Pecan Brie.

Mini Reuben Appetizers Party Food Appetizers German Appetizers Recipes Snacks Appetizer Recipes Cooking Recipes Food Appetizers.
Spätzle egg noodles also have the ability to soak up lots of gravy or meat juices. The Taste of Germany Oktoberfest Party Box for 4, with orginial German-made sausages, non-perishable, 10 lbs. This easy cheese dip can be made ahead and makes a delicious appetizer or snack with pretzels or rustic bread. Miniature Reuben Appetizers. ", Tabatha: "I mean, as a snack, this is boring.

", Tabatha: "OK I didn't think it was possible, but this is worse than the first type of gherkin.

They're like Ferrero Rocher. There's a world of wursts out there; cook up any of these classics and let guests pile on toppings as they please. ", Matt: "How is it so buttery? Roasted Vegetable Salad with Citrus-Ale Dressing. We recommend to lightly heat curry ketchup served alongside the famous currywurst.

It’s your take on the world’s largest party. At this point, our German colleagues tell us that you can make soup with the gherkin liquid, and I gag. Christ, I could eat these all day. Samuel Adams Oktoberfest: The ruby-hued crowd-pleaser tastes of caramel and light, herbal hops.


Invite who you want, when you want. They're a kind of marshmallowy stuff with a very thin chocolate coating and a wafer underneath them. I did not eat fruit and nuts when I was a student. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! Bratwurst: There are many varieties in Germany, but here in the States, they're plump pork links — a Midwestern specialty. ", Tabatha: "This is like two thin layers of sponge cake with marshmallow in between them. Left Hand Brewing Oktoberfest Marzen Lager: The Colorado brewery's medium-bodied lager has a spicy, dry finish. It's amazing! We look visibly intimidated.

", Matt: "This evidently has a lot of vitamin B in it.

© 2002 – 2020 German Foods North America, LLC. German breads, meats and cheese make a party sandwich platter with garnishes.

Grab some pizza dough and make some yourself! Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. We suggest to fry or grill Bratwurst, Beer Bratwurst, Cheese Bratwurst (the Austrian Käse Krainer), Bauernwurst (Farmer’s Sausage), Knockwurst, Currywurst, Frankfurter and Debreziner (Hungarian Paprika Sausage).

At this point, the Germans casually tell us that if you order a Club-Mate and vodka in a bar, you're handed a Club-Mate and asked to take a gulp.

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