Individuals should be given sufficient copies of Form H1710, Payment Identification, and OAG self-addressed envelopes, if payments are being made or might be made. Note: HHSC does not require Form H0050 if the person is granted good cause. Recipients applying for Children's Medicaid programs, including TP 40 for a pregnant teen under age 19, are not required to cooperate with child support requirements. After individuals are certified for TANF, they must send all child support payments received to the OAG Child Support Division. If the person is no longer claiming good cause, update the absent parent referral by removing the good cause indicator to allow the OAG to help the family get child support or medical support services for their children. Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law Rights. Only a family violence specialist can recommend good cause relating to family violence. Make an assessment referral to a family violence specialist using Part II of Form 1713 as explained in. Staff must explain that a person does not have to cooperate with child support or medical support requirements if they can prove that cooperation is not in the child's best interest. a TANF-SP EDG with a child in the household who is deprived due to the absence of a parent, an active TANF cash EDG and the individual and absent parent have reconciled and are in the home together, or. Some considered factors include, but are not limited to: Additionally, the court also takes a look at any factors that may be potentially harmful to the child, including but not limited to: Should the child involved in the case be over the age of 12, it is also possible for the court to consider the child’s preferences when it comes to the Texas child custody arrangement. Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Fiscal Management Services (E-411) researches and certifies the amounts and date on Form 1745, Report of Total Public Assistance Payments, for the OAG. 723 0 obj <>stream MAINTENANCE & CUSTODIAL SERVICES HANDBOOK Revised 8/2020 Page 2 of 15 These Directives are for Maintenance & Custodial Services employees that include the following Departments: Grounds, HVAC, Custodial, Electrical, Plumbing, Playground & Pest Control, and Carpentry. By filling out the Free Case Evaluation Form you will be contacted by an affiliated attorney from our company. Signing the application gives the OAG permission to receive and process any child or medical support payments made payable to the child. Once a Texas child custody agreement has been put into place, it is the general rule that it cannot be changed and that the order is legally binding. refer to A-2140, Full-Family Sanction, to impose a full-family sanction. If the custodial or noncustodial parents or employers have questions regarding child support payments, distribution, or withholdings, they should be referred to the local child support office or to 1-800-252-8014. #.3��5�Wţ�+�׈���56����n}�}�n@�D&��T�/*FAA/������̲�m�=�.��7����?ؽ[} [q��[�#��8��#�0�[&��D#jl���A8�ٶ �Ç���h}-ҿSܢ�u$t��i�������.X��2�]^Sv���` � the reason an individual cannot provide minimum information on an absent parent. provide information to the OAG and HHSC on all possible biological and/or legal parent(s); help the OAG establish paternity, if necessary; go to the OAG office or to court to sign papers or provide necessary information; and. See A-1142, Noncooperation Situations. �մ]���DAD�L�ΐ�/��O�YA8�����yA���\�%��+ l\]�PMr�˂ō�c �0z,���8���`�B+O �I9�f��,нL�,g���$�C���j�Z(���LJZ�U��r�m. After explaining Form H1712 to the person, staff: Once the family violence specialist makes a determination of good cause, the advisor sends Form H1713 to the local child support office and HHSC Family Violence Program (FVP) staff to report the final decision. legal proceedings for the child's adoption are pending before a court or a licensed or private social agency is helping the individual decide whether to keep the child or relinquish the child for adoption. Complete Part III of Form H1713 to indicate the good cause reason and determination date. If the household fails to cure the noncooperation before the last day of the second noncooperation month, they will need to reapply under pay for performance. Households may contact the OAG if they have questions or would like assistance in obtaining OAG services by calling 1-800-252-8014. Good Cause for Family Violence Option, A-1131.1. complete Part II and Part III of Form H1713; send a copy to the local child support office; and. Once the good cause claim has been established, re-evaluate the claim at each redetermination. sends HHSC the monthly interface file of child support collections for TANF recipients. Parents and caretaker relatives receiving TP 08 must cooperate in establishing medical support. The advisor must process a claim for the unreported income. Failure to cooperate with requirements results in the loss of medical coverage for the noncooperating adult. If the individual has good cause, the advisor should not impose a full-family sanction. Recipients may volunteer for child support services. When this happens, it can often cause a very heated and emotional battle in the courtroom to stop the custodial parent from moving a distance away with the child. Copyright © 2020 Legal Lead Solutions LLC. If you desire to move forward and establish an attorney client relationship with one of our affiliated attorneys, you do so at your own risk. 711 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<29ACAFA58760584D811077DBDDBC6465><9BACFEB4A669E142B9440B44B75D0282>]/Index[698 26]/Info 697 0 R/Length 72/Prev 414004/Root 699 0 R/Size 724/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream If the individual turns in child support payments to the local office, advisors must: Advisors must send Form H1701, Child Support, TANF Foster Care and TANF/Medicaid Case Information Exchange, including the amounts and months involved, to the OAG if the advisor becomes aware that the individual did not remit a child support payment. H����J�@��y�����s���� Advisors must explain to individuals that when the OAG pursues medical support, Texas courts also pursue a child support order. The OAG will receive the update automatically. Most noncustodial parents, like . We know you need support and we are here to help! Incest or Rape — a birth certificate or medical or law enforcement records indicating the circumstances surrounding the child's birth. HHSC keeps copies of Form H1706 and Form H1713 in the electronic case record. Advisors should follow policy in A-1140, Noncooperation with Child Support Program Requirements, to sanction the individual for noncooperation. Staff must explain and offer the family violence option at each application and redetermination. The specialist must be an employee of a family violence program that contracts with HHSC. Child Support, A-1326.2. Advisors must verify all good cause claims. Advisors must document the name and last known address of the legal and/or biological father of an unborn child if the mother receives TANF. In Texas child custody agreements where there is a primary custodial parent and a noncustodial parent with visitation, the issue of relocation can be a difficult one. An example of this is if parents cannot agree who will have the child on a specific holiday and the judge helps them make a fair decision. More COVID-19 information. The Child Support Division of the OAG notifies HHSC via a weekly interface when an individual fails to cooperate with child support or medical support.

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