Feb 22, 2020 - Explore Georgia Bizal's board "Harry Potter - Spells", followed by 494 people on Pinterest. The true essence of love is hidden in this world! Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! FFS. See more ideas about harry potter spells, harry potter, potter. Outside of the Unforgivable Curses, a vast majority of the spells in the Harry Potter lexicon are useful and muggles would love … May 7, 2020 - Shop Harry Potter Spell | Love Leaves Its Own Mark Hoodie created by harrypotter. I'm currently writing a fanfic and this really helps as a guide to what spells I need to use in specific scenes. Euri on May 17, 2019: Thank you so much! mrawesomess22 on May 17, 2019: this is the best it was super cool because my friends and I play Harry Potter so this was super useful thanks! The Harry Potter universe is one of the most vast, intriguing worlds in fantasy, full of detailed depictions about the life of wizards, magical creatures, and the foundations of the magical world. Romance fulfills all seven books, revealing the most unexpected sides of love. The blue-eyed boy played the teen version of Alan Rickman’s character, Professor Snape, as it was revealed he used to be in love with Harry’s mum Lily Potter. Really appreciate it. The only person that ever seems to use this feckin' spell is Hermione, to open locked doors. 6 - Alohomora. Love is the thing which inspires everybody, makes all people move on despite all problems and difficulties. One of the coolest aspects of it was the spells, each uniquely designed and showing off a cool effect via the simple Latin incantation with the flick of a wand. Wizards from Hogwarts have handfuls of spells at their disposal. Expecto Patronum. I love Harry Potter. Magic wands, strange spells, and unusual creatures aren’t the only things, attracting the attention of all “Harry Potter” readers. Obviously, this is the one we want most of all. Would love to be a dragon. He starred in a number of short films after the film’s 2011 release, including 2014’s Andys and In The Wake Of Sirens. Why the hell do Harry Potter fans love a spell that kills people? 10.

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