We wind up in a room with all of the Knicks people.

Horace is more widely known after five years with the Bulls, distinguished easily by the white goggles he has worn for the past two seasons.

Brother Harvey has a $17 million contract. Horace asks Harvey what he would like to eat. Horace is the power forward, the prime character actor in two Chicago Bull championships, taking the ball off the backboard for superstars Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. What a moment!”  He also recognizes the important role of his new prescription goggles by claiming “I don’t think I’ll ever take them off again.

Whatever. Same house they grew up in. "All these muscle guys, with their teeth out, with scars on their cheeks. Horace moved along, on a straight line: Clemson standout, the Atlantic Coast Conference player of the year as a senior, the Bulls' No.

All Rights Reserved. We feel we should be considered as one of the best teams of all time… I’ve gone through a lot this season, and to cap it off this way was great. ", "I sent you $12,500. "I've got as many as you....", "You know I've got more trophies than you.". Pippen recalls the mentality of veterans going into the following season, saying “We had to stick to our routines, continue to train, and be ready for camp. Horace and Harvey. Knocked away by Grant! The Man in the GogglesWhen Horace was drafted by the Bulls, no one (including Horace) knew that he had a hard time seeing the ball. "The season is over, and I'm home," Harvey says. "I got it now.". ", "The only difference was that his Corvette was red," Harvey says. "Things come to you. ", "You need patience in this league," Horace says. No wonder their mom is smiling ", "Kill our mother's collard greens," Harvey says. Grant fondly remembers the last Finals win in the Chicago’s three-peat vividly, claiming “that may be one of my favorite games in my 17 seasons. Easy talk, natural, the sentences of one brother blending with the sentences of the other.

Did Tim Duncan quit as assistant coach for the Spurs because he misses being in the games as a player? They had none of the terrors of big-city living, the neighbors being quick to report any transgressions they spotted. ", "Never have clean clothes? Chicagoans celebrated their first ever Championship win at home by carrying the party from Chicago Stadium to the streets spanning around North Michigan Avenue. This put him at a much, much slower pace for the first time in his life. That's why I moved out, roomed with someone else the second semester.". "We'd never been anywhere," Horace says. Twins. Which was which?

The money's good, sure, but there's principle involved here, too. Horace went on to play 17 seasons in the NBA, winning four championship rings: three with the Chicago Bulls (1991, 92, 93) and one with the Los Angeles Lakers (2001), all with Coach Phil Jackson. "You'd have to sneak into the garden, real quiet, to get the ball. Through everything there was the constant confusion, the fare of all Haylcy Mills movies ever made about twins. They swept the Cleveland Cavaliers during the Semifinals to advance against the New York Knicks once again during the Eastern Conference Finals. Harvey does not agree with most of these assessments. When a verb is plural (Describes two or more things), it does NOT end with an "s". "Now we're in this huge college," Harvey says. No idea at all. Concerning the roster, Coach Jackson claimed, “We had to scramble. Grant won three NBA World Championships with the Bulls, and another with the Lakers...so 4 for Grant. Now, I want the ring. Harvey was redshirted. Chicago finished third in the Eastern Conference during regulation, but ended their season during the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the New York Knicks in seven games. It’s all over! Nowhere.". How many championships DO Grant and Cartwright have? After losing the first game by just two points, the Bulls won four consecutive games, taking the series in five. With the Suns up 98-96, Horace passed to teammate John Paxson, who remembers: “I got a clean look at it. One voice merges into another voice, no noticeable change in inflection or accent, the size of the order simply enlarged by a multiple of two. Trophies are on the floor. A Mutual RespectThroughout his career Horace maintained that gaining the respect of his fellow players, including Michael Jordan, was one of the highlights of his 17 seasons in the NBA. They are 27 years old, Horace first into this world by a nine-minute margin, which he has mentioned for most of his years as the reason that he is a little bigger, a little stronger, a little smarter and much better looking. I say, 'He's done a lot worse than that.' This is the hardest thing I’ve done in basketball.”. ", "Horace hung out with the bad guys," Harvey says. How do you think about the answers? His seasons have ended much sooner than Horace's seasons. After losing the first two games, the Bulls came back to win the next four and take the series. "They are not," Harvey says. For the longest time the twins thought nobody had seen them. ", "Everybody thought I was getting money under the table from the school or something," Harvey says. Not only was it the first championship win for Horace, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, but it was the first franchise win for the Chicago Bulls Organization as a whole. But those guys were determined to make it show and they stepped right up.” With five new players on the team, the Bulls accepted Steve Kerr, Pete Myers, Toni Kukoc, Bill Wennington and Corie Blount with open arms and great expectations.

The food was the same food at the same time. Horace suddenly was pleading with her not to hit his brother. Harvey's would stretch for five. "Two beef-and-cheddar sandwiches," Horace says to the speaker.

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