So, we use some real-time EEG analysis and different types of training, in-office training initially, where we train people to sort of change their brain waves, you know, change their brain state in the waking state. You don’t want a big barrier to getting healthy and well, which is a junky diet. I am a Father of 2 wonderful boys and husband to my beautiful wife. They get dysfunctions, it’s just different. David: Well, it is. I had some mentors there that were really into, you know, dealing with chronic complex internal disorders from a different way, you know, and it came from some of the old chiropractic nutrition sort of influence. And we call it classic fibromyalgia just to differentiate it as the fibromyalgia that has all of the classical characteristics and signs and symptoms of what the researchers are really talking about when they’re talking about fibromyalgia in a contemporary definition. Dr. Hedberg is the author of “The Complete Thyroid Health and Diet Guide.”. But just because you called it the wrong name and got it better, it doesn’t mean you cured the name that you…you know, the disease that you misnamed. As per physiotherapists, exercising routinely is vital to get rid of fibromyalgia. There was a lot of different stuff I felt coming in under that label. David: Tender points, actually. They, kind of, turn it inward, and this is how they manifest it. I mean, are you seeing a lot of adverse childhood experiences, or physical, emotional traumas? They don’t really do that much anymore. Medications: Some medications can be very helpful at not only managing pain but also to improve sleep. Dr. Hedberg: Right. If you eat junk, you’re gonna have junky outcomes. The other stuff, you know, we’ve talked about it sometimes in our algorithm as pseudofibromyalgia. But we started, kind of, getting together on this quest, and over time we became experts ourselves, not only by reading and teaching ourselves but by actually reaching out and meeting the world’s experts in fibromyalgia, and then we went on to, you know, do a lot of publishing, do some research, wrote lot of textbook chapters, things like that. So, you know, as you know doing a TSH isn’t enough or a TSH and maybe a total T4. But they tend to overprocess things, where, what would be light touch to a normal person or something that’s mildly painful would become very painful, or a light touch would be perceived as pain, even the wind blowing on them, right? Yeah. Maybe I have a thyroid issue, or a mitochondrial issue, or something else.”. And Dr. Brady is also the Director of the Human Nutrition Institute at the University of Bridgeport, as well as the Chief Medical Officer of Designs for Health and Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory. That’s the hypervigilance. But if it’s a middle aged women because she is gonna complain of fatigue, brain fog, achiness, some gut issues maybe commonly, they just slap the fibromyalgia diagnosis on them.

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