You INITIATE the movement with the intended muscle only. To start, stand with feet under hips, knees slightly bent, a dumbbell in each hand with arms by … This exercise will target the shoulders and in particular the Anterior or Front head of the deltoids. Now, Dumbbell Front Raises are  an exercise that most definitely benefit from what is technically called Biomechanially Optimized Form (sometimes called controlled loose form). I call these “micro-progressions” and are pretty much mandatory for all lifts that utilize a relatively low weight. actualy muscle tits lol, Mark, where does this fit in with the current Tht workout? Some joints in the human body just don’t operate very well at a certain range in the motion when totally isolated. Before you start the movement, allow your torso to fall forward a little. This is def a finisher move, so add to the end. Will it be better that way? Position the weights in front of your upper legs with your elbows slightly bent. He says, “I believe that THT training is the single best way to train for size and strength gains. He is CEO of MuscleHack and creator of THT training. oh cant wait for 4.1, 4.0 is already tits man! Without it you’ll move very little weight and the set will terminate way before true failure of deltoids. Do you think this adjustment changes the effect on the exercise? Wish it was a 5.0 but am really keen to see whatever updates you have provided. "", "", It works, it’s been proven by thousands, and it’s totally free.". // , Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Mark McManus is a trainer & author from Ireland. i have been starting volume 2 from the beginning and i love it … again. With that grip there is slight internal rotation of the humerus and causes a clicking sensation in my right shoulder on the way down. Maybe add at end of shoulder work-out, if/when I need to squeeze out any available energy I might have left , Can’t wait for THT4.1 either!! They target a different head so this would be in addition to them. The dumbbell front raise exercise is a great way to build shoulder size and strength, but it can be deceptively tough to perform the right way. It’s simple biomechanics and it is the way it is whether you like it or not. Anyone that tells you it is hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about. Front Raises are already in the exercise bank (last shoulder exercise as of Oct 1st 2012). This exercise will help you build strength and definition in the front and sides of your shoulder. The front lateral raise is a variation of the lateral raise which has the lifter move the weights forward in the raise (instead of to the sides or back). Now, go do your front raises with this form and I’ll be happy to hear about how much progress you’ve made in just 1 workout with this MuscleHack tweak. wrists are fully pronated. Click here to take you to the download page. Add a set or 2 of these to the end of your shoulder workout. The front raise strengthens primarily the shoulder (deltoids) but also works the upper chest muscles (pectorals). Hey Mark, I can’t do these with the overhand grip as you show in the video. It just feels more natural and more powerful due to my body actually moving in a natural form. @Eddie. You rock buddy. Will give a update soon. It will bring the biceps into play a little more. Your English is fine. Mark (on Facebook? Tam. "" Furthermore, unless I recommend optimized form in a movement, use normal strict form. You can start doing front raises with MAXIMAL effectiveness if you give me just 2 minutes to explain something important! @Eddie. I’ve used it in other workouts… Is it to be added to the exercise bank? But Seriously, Good article Mark & Thank You!!! Furthermore, you WILL plateau after a few months and be unable to make any further progress. Thanks in advance……. Raise your arm upwards (remember that slight bend at the elbow) up about 1/4 way of the range of motion before allowing your back to come into play and really optimizing this bad boy. Until THT 4.1 comes out, add a set or 2 of these to the end of your shoulder workout. { "", Grab dumbbells in both hands. Initiate the movement with just one arm while the other rests. Front Raises are best done in an alternating fashion. It’s the pecs, man! NOTE: Optimized form is NOT swinging. "@context" : "", This exercise may also be recommended for physical therapy when recovering from a shoulder in… Thanx bro!! I have found by using hammer grip front raises doesn’t cause this problem at all and I can go all out. Not immediately sure where I’m going to put this exercise, as am currently doing 3x barbell press, 3x dumbbell press, 3x cable lat raises.

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