We generally do this about five times to give the ribs a thick coating. Simply taking the ribs out of the package and throwing them on the grill won't produce a lot of flavor, especially if the rib membrane is left on. There are several good "fire-starters" on the market that will not taint the meat, or impart potentially dangerous chemicals to the food. While good barbecue ribs are often made on a gas grill, the best piece of equipment to use is a charcoal grill. When the ribs are nearly done, it is time to slather on the barbecue sauce (if you intend to sauce your ribs). Build a charcoal fire on one side of grill, such that the coals are situated on only one … Now that our grill is ready, it’s time to get this rib cook-off going! After about an hour, remove the foil and return to the grill for 30 minutes to an hour. The bone will be a different temperature from the meat and to get an accurate read you will need to check the meat without getting the thermometer too close to the bone. Place the wrapped ribs back on the grill, checking the fire and the water pan. How Long Does It Take to Cook Ribs on the Grill? The paprika helps to build the right color for barbecue ribs. No part of the rib should be directly over the fire. I generally do this about five times to give the ribs a thick coating. If you’re leaving a thermometer inside while the meat cooks, place it next to the ribs before closing the lid. Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste, To prepare the ribs, place them facedown on. Gas vs Electric Smoker – Which One Should You Choose? Remove the membrane from the back of each rack of ribs. We’ve even included the recipe for a glaze that can be easily made from pantry staples, so you won’t have to rely on commercially prepared barbecue sauce (which can overwhelm the natural smoke flavor you’ve worked so hard to achieve). Otherwise the sauce will last a long time in the refrigerator. There is plenty of fat marbled into the meat to keep them moist while they cook. Remove from heat. Once trimmed, turn the ribs bone side up and remove the membrane that covers the bones. Fresh is always better, but either way, our barbecue beef rib recipe will work wonders. What is important is that the ribs are not set on top of each other. By layering on the sauce, you get a sticky surface on the ribs and not a thick wet coating. There is no need to add additional wood chunks at this time. But please don't buy the "instant light" of any brand! Dive in and enjoy! You want to compliment the flavors of your rub, and it is OK to use just the basic spices of the rub (with vinegar and water). After about another hour, wrap the ribs in a double layer of aluminum foil. The grill should be large enough that a rack of ribs can sit on half the cooking surface and have room around the edges for airflow and smoke. When the mixture becomes syrupy, add salt and black pepper to taste. Unlike direct grilling where you place food directly over the flame, indirect grilling involves placing food near the grill’s heat source. See Secret #2...Great Spices for more on this. The water will steam away slowly and you shouldn't need to add more water, but keep an eye on it. It also burns hotter, but this shouldn’t be a problem as long as your smoker’s adjustable air vents are in good working order. Of course, you can use, On August 11th, 2011, a 50-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. Making the best beef ribs on a charcoal grill requires a lot of advance preparation, but the process itself is largely hands-off, making this recipe a great choice for parties. Now we get to the final phase of our barbecue ribs on a charcoal grill. Instructions For Foil Wrapped Ribs: 1. For exceptional accuracy, we use and trust the CDN High Heat Oven Thermometer, and the Admetior Kitchen Oven Thermometer. Close the lid of the grill with the open vent placed over the ribs. The bone will be a different temperature from the meat and to get an accurate reading; you will need to check the meat without getting too close to the bone. The heat is kept low, and the ribs cooked slowly. Brush the glaze onto the ribs and cook for another 5 to 10 minutes. Close the grill lid, wait about five minutes for the sauce to cook onto the surface. The meat should still be soft and the surface browning. Baby Back Ribs will take about 4 hours. Once the ribs cooked for an hour, it is time to check on them. Wrap in aluminum foil, place in a brown paper bag and set aside if you cannot serve them immediately. What you want is a good, clean rack of ribs that is square and even. Top with fried onions and dill pickles, or sliced jalapeno peppers if you like a little extra heat! Place the rack of ribs on a large cutting board and set them on end, exposed bone end up. Serve with lots of napkins and the beverage of your choice. This cooks the ribs slower and preserves their tenderness and flavor. This final turn on the grill is going to give the ribs a drier surface so that you get some texture out of the bite.

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