It's also beautiful -- a gentle cascade of tiny nitrogen bubbles, and a thick, micro-foam like head give the drinker a positive impression before they ever take a sip. Here's a fun one with endless combinations. Because nitrogen is lighter than air, our hope is that applying the nitrogen though the bottom of the keg will help air escape via the safety valve. Nitro coffee is so hot right now - and with good reason. With all of that in mind now you can finally concentrate on making your own variations at home. I don’t know what the, uh, the appropriate thing with coffee is. A video posted by H+S Coffee Roasters (@hscoffee). But there was something more that we didn't know, so we did some digging and found out some facts. Those of you who experienced Farrell's Ice Cream parlor might remember the Green River' soda. 1. Now the challenge with using pure nitrogen is it doesn’t really dissolve into liquid very well and we need it to do that in order to get that sort of foamy mouth feel that we’re expecting from a Nitro cold brew. It puts back in what is often lacking in cold coffee - body and mouthfeel. Enter a piece of beer-brewing equipment: the wort chiller. If you're unclear on what it is, you're not alone. This was a tough choice since we didn't have a lot of money to spend on factory equipment. I didn’t have much luck finding this in the grocery stores, so I ended up buying this one online. It was a guarded secret that the owner of Cuvee Coffee in Austin Texas wanted to keep from everyone. But it doesn't have to end with the everyday blends you see out there. I just sort of measure it out. They will stay in here for about 15-20 hours. Signup to get first access to new releases, news, and the occasional special offer. I’m going to dial up the pressure in this regulator just to sort of 5 PSI every couple of minutes until I get to my target PSI, which is about 35 – 45 PSI. Fortunately I happen to have one of my fermentation chamber chest freezers here that’s a currently cold crashing one of my beers. Giant advantage. Ever heard the term nitro coffee before? I'm a huge fan of making fresh coffee in the morning, and for very good reason. And ever since I started with that first experience so many years ago, I would rather share my secrets. The cold brew is ready! You will get a beautiful, thick, creamy head if you paper filter for nitro coffee. UPDATE: We've updated this guide with our current method -- check it out right here! You need to have a medium to coarse grind. Speed - set and forget. The crisp flavor and robust smell are a jump start to any groggy morning. Just like every good chef keeps their secret recipe from getting out, Mike was not giving up his secret so easily. Likewise, when brewing our nitro coffee, we want to keep as much of that fingerprint intact. This helps preserve the flavors more, so you get all the flavors without losing anything. So we had to do a bunch of experimenting to solve this taste problem. There we go. The French Press has a built-in filter that pushes the grounds to the bottom of the vessel. Now, if you’ve not had true nitro cold brew, it’s very different from regular cold brew because you really get that creamy mouthfeel a much like you would with a nitro beer. But what makes nitro cold brew different is that it preserves the flavors of coffee more than the cold brew method does. As crazy as this will sound, this will help preserve the flavors for longer periods. The hot water filters through the vessel and drains into a second vessel underneath. Yet I did enough research with my friend, and I think we've figured out how to make the best recreation at home. Why stop there since only you know what tastes good. By now, most people are familiar with cold brew coffee, the brew method which brews coffee with cold water, fully immersed for 12 - 20 hours, depending upon recipe and taste preference. Here's exactly what we found. So after that, each Mason jar has yielded about two and a half pints of cold brew coffee. You can invite close friends for those lazy afternoons, or hot evenings without ever needing to go out to the coffee shop. You put the mixture into the fridge and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours. In the next section, I'll tell you more about what experiments we found that worked best. I do in two stages, starting off with my trusty brewers Civ. Then it can be poured. Unlike regular cold brew coffee, there was an ingredient that we didn't want in our coffee that was making it taste different. You need a second container and a fine kitchen filter screen. Heavy cascade, thick head. Or perhaps conventional liquors like Midori with a splash of ginger ale. The flash-chilling device we built took coffee from 195 to about 70 degrees across the duration of one batch (3L output). Nitrogen - 100% nitrogen is required. This method is very popular and makes the art of making coffee nearly scientific in many circles. After your coffee is filtered, it's ready to be transformed into nitro coffee. 4. add 5 cups of filtered water Since a micro-keg has gas inside after a cartridge is spent, you should always shake the keg before every use. There are many of these models on the market now, unlike the early days. Why not spice it up with some spiced rum instead? But the method is simple to follow. Any kind of clean filtered water is good, but I prefer a water filter that's attached to my kitchen sink. While they cost more up-front than investing into the whipped cream method, if you plan on doing this more than a handful of times you’ll be better off with splurging on a mini-keg brewer. 8. When you can see that no gas or air is escaping anymore, the keg is purged. Alternativity, a specialty brewing system like the At Home Mini-Keg is a better and more reliable solution that can hold more gas and coffee. When we were developing our nitro aspirations, we sought insight from a local brewmaster. With the lid screwed on, give it a bit of a shake, make sure that the water and the coffee are all combined. In this post, we walk you through it all. You need to add new cold brew coffee to the keg and screw on the lid, nice and snug. We carefully choose our coffees and roast them with the intent of bringing out the best of their inherent flavors. Now for those of you who are coffee purists, there is nothing wrong with being curious. When that’s done, sanitize the whole keg with some starsan. I’m having none of that. Devices like this allow for preservation and can be stored away in until you use it. Mini-Keg Instead of paying nearly 4 bucks for a nitro brew at Starbuck, why not start saving some money instead. Why not strain the content into an unbleached coffee filter and add that flavored milk to your coffee. So this will just pour the coffee through here, catching the grains. Shaking makes sure there's more evenly distributed froth to each glass that's poured. You can even make fluffy scrambled eggs and homemade butter! Please note, because of our altitude and a boiling point of about 198F, we use slightly lower brewing temps and ratios than SCAA standards, which are set at sea-level.

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