This will produce a second flat surface that is parallel to the first cut. In case your log is not to think in terms of dimension, you don’t need to worry about it at all. If the log is going to be milled into finished lumber with the saw mill, the next step is to turn the log 90º. You’ll see Brain there cutting wedges for me and placing them as I get further into the log. Then for a bit I’m using a 2” flattening bit and also a bit extender made by Infinity. But to be honest, even a small-sized chainsaw has the ability to cut a 10 inches limb. When working with a piece that has a slight twist in it, you first need to shim it up and keep it stable to flatten it. Make sure that the placement of the log and the chainsaw system is strong and stable. After getting the chain on and tighten down, I moved on to assembling the mill that goes around the chainsaw. It hooks up to a truck or car battery so I used the battery from the log snatching trailer to run it. For video sake, lets say it’s been two years and these are now dry and ready to be used to make something. Professionals and homeowners consider it as a reliable and safe instrument for milling the timber till that time. This allows me to keep my left hand on the throttle of the saw, and my right hand on the winch to advance or back off on the cut. Chainsaw Mill vs Bandsaw mill? Then something I put on mine but is optional is a winch. Then the last thing to attach is the winch’s anchor point. Other than the inexpensive cost of the chainsaw, you could also sell board after milling lumber, and you can use the money to cover the cost of extra chainsaw guide bars and chains as well as gas if you choose a gas engine. Every design is a little different from the other. Your chainsaw mill can simply turn them into useful pieces that are easy to deal with. Basically, a chainsaw mill lets you carve out usable lumber from otherwise wasted wood. Ear protection, especially if it’s a gas-powered chainsaw. Hello, Im wondering if there are any Chainsaw Mill pros out there that can offer me some good advice . Because the top of the logs is round and also uneven, rails provide a Slabbing rails are where the mill rides on as it makes the first cut. After all that assembly I was finally ready to get a log set on my stand and to start milling. And you can see here that once you start the saw and get the mill set on the rails, the winch cable goes from the reel to this anchor point then attaches back to the mill. Our team is putting maximum efforts to provide you the best functionalities. So anything milling related, the company has. I started off with the rails that will go ontop of my logs to give my mill a flat reference for the first cut. Chainsaw mills have been used for personal milling in remote areas such as Alaskan wilderness for around 60 years. It will make the log more secure to the ground. The router base moves along the sled then the sled moves along the rails. How about turning logs into boards or posts though? Portable sawmills such as chainsaw mills can be carried to logged places, allowing lumbering to be done in remote places. Throughout the process of ripping a log, your chainsaw is needed to be guided in a parallel line. To make the operation even more perfect, you can try adding some support to the top of the wooden log. Chainsaw mills are ideal for homeowners who mill lumber occasionally. On the second cut, the mill uses the surface you just created to support and guide it. Even if you don’t get into milling this sharpener is worth getting. Since I have a 24” bar I went with the 24” mill from Granberg. The only thing I had to do before making this cut was to adjust the depth of my mill to the slab thickness I wanted. Some of the many benefits of these type of mills are that they are their extreme portability and low cost. I 100% recommend it if you get into this. It uses the chainsaw blade and engine to do the work of cutting while you control feed wood through or move the saw on a rail in a safe efficient way. It also gives him the ability to make final cuts with a band saw or some other saw that takes a thinner kerf than a chainsaw. If you don’t have this extender and you just have the bit in your router, it’s really common for the bit to run out of throw and not get down far enough to hit your slab. This may be helpful in keeping the cut from collapsing on the chain and bar.

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